Tuesday, September 30, 2008

to put it simply..

it sucks not knowing.
i'd rather be simply shut down
than just left in the unknown
it's like flirting with disaster

at the same time,
i still have hope
i'm wishing on a song
because the stars never work

critical thinking;
it could be just me
"your eyes look like jigsaw puzzles because they're relecting all this white paper! it looks cool!"
I want to break this hint of love
let's see if its real
see if this is real
break it in half,
then see if it's worth it
the beat pulsated throughout all of us, just sitting there.

"Here's all the facts," Felicity put down her bright yellow notebook and looked up at me.
"Why do we have to do this again?" I asked while flattening my bedspread before sitting down on it. Felicity had been writing lists and pages of point-form notes all about this. She was truly concerend, I suppose.
My antagonized eyes glimpsed into his, but only for a second. His eyes bore into mine, and they weren't cold as I expected. They weren't inviting in any way, but they were soft and kind.
just some stuff from my notebook.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

attempting a song

there's that moment
that one moment;
where you feel so free.
not confined, not held together;
breaking at the seams;
would you like to be free with me?
you're the only one;
the one who keeps me;
keeps me hanging on
to this life,
my love.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


y o u .
Y O U.

I just got a call from a unknown caller. I really do wish my phone had caller ID, then I could know who is calling me before I pick up. The guy sounded really nice. He even apologized for bothering me on a Saturday night. As if I could be doing anything productive.

I really want to write a song right now, but I'm not up to it. I can't seem to write anything happy. I can't even write much of anything, happy or sad. I wonder what is going on with me. I'm listening to nevershoutnever! right now. Oh wait, the song changed. Now I'm listening to Different Guy from Not Exactly Romeo. Check that out.

whenever there's something good that is happening, i'm happy
but then, somehow, i end up finding something and getting sad about the situation.

one song

one song.

One song that reminds you of your childhood
One song that makes you think of the future
Let's Dance to Joy Division-The Wombats
One song that makes you think of bad times
Dani California-Red Hot Chili Peppers
One song that makes you cry
I'll Cover You (Reprise)-Rent
One song that makes you want to dance
Nobody's Perfect-Hannah Montana
One song that you want to make a music video to
Why Does The Sun Shine-They Might Be Giants
One song that reminds you of you
She Had The World-Panic! At The Disco

There are some photograph things like this, but I made my own topics for this blog. Post your answers. I'll be excited to see them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever had a Blenderized Happy Meal?
No, but that would be full of awesome. And kind of sickening.
Why are you so skinny?
I'm not. My ribs just stick out. And I wish they didn't.
How old are you?
Old enough to blog.
Why do you like Harry Potter?
Because it is amazing, and the fandom is so cool.
What is a Nerdfighter?
Why are you reading this? Go google it.
What kind of phone do you have?
A Sony Ericsson Slidey pink one.
What is your favourite colour?
I like every colour equally. I can never decide.
Do you have a job?
My only job is to spread the love, yo.
Why do you use initials when you are talking about people?
So they don't get stalked. And so I don't get stalked. And so that their identities can remain a secret.
Are you going to ask him out?
No. Why?
What is your youtube channel?
youtube.com/redribbonsERIN. Link in the sidebar.
Do you have a twitter?
Link in the sidebar.
Don't you just hate when people ask youtubers to show their feet?
Yes! What is it with people and foot fetishes?
What are your thoughts on Twilight?
The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth's atmosphere is quite lovely.
Did you get your Hogwarts letter?
No. *tear*
Diet or Regular Coke?
I don't drink soda.

sunshine sparkage

I'm trying to write a song. Not a sad song, that's all I write. And that one techno song. I want to write a love song but I cannot make it happy. I can start out making it a happy-based song, but it just takes a turn. It always sounds ridiculous, like Edward Cullen.

There is something about putting things on my head that I enjoy. Nerdfighter-ish. I know. Today I have had a box of kleenex on my head, a jar of peanut butter, and my cell phone. You should try putting stuff on your head. It is fun.

Sorry, I just don't have much to talk about. I'm sick and I have nothing to do on this fine Saturday. There is so many things that I could be doing. Like going to Lush and buying cupcake face masks! Or love lettuce, or any other kind they have. Cupcake smells the best to me. I love chocolate. Once, I had chocolate body wash from bath and body works. It was really good. I also purchased a cinnamon bun scented one, and it was glorious. Heavenly, actually. I brought it on the jazz festival and being stupid, I left it in the bathroom when we left. It wasn't even half used.

So, I was just looking through old msn conversations. I set mine to save them in chat logs, but in grade 7 and 8 I liked to save them for some reason. I don't really know why. It made me kind of sad to read some of them(and then delete them, FREEDOM) because I lost one of my friends, and we talked a LOT. I just read one where one of my friends told me who he liked, and who he was going to ask to the dance. Those dances were lame. I was never asked, of course. I still danced. Except for that one in October of grade eight, I sat at the wall most of the time. It was upsetting. I don't want to think about it.
I just read a conversation that took place the afternoon after that dance. That is kind of creepy. My friend said "yeah well at least someone probably likes you. i won't ever be one in a couple. i'm a loser. like, hardcore". The ironic thing about that is that I found out someone liked me that year(but I just found out recently) and that he dated 2 or 3 people that year. Oh, middle school.
I just read another one. I can't bring myself to delete it.
I just read a conversation with this guy who liked my friend. He never seemed to like me. He probably only talked to be because I am her friend. It doesn't seem as if he were lying though. People are very layered.
I am sick.
But I am happy, so I don't feel like crap.
I'm happy because:
a-i love math and orlando bloom is coming over!
b-i'm going to a party tonight
c-i'm not telling you
d-i'm eating a doughnut
I wish I could say the answer is d. But it isn't.

Friday, September 26, 2008


have a ball, have it all

do whatever
hit the wall, get the call
and you better pay
there's no other way

Sorry for the previous post, but i'm still frustrated with myself about it. Today was a pretty bad day to begin with. Gym was first thing, and we did volleyball for the last time. I am pretty bad at volleyball, and it didn't help that a bunch of football players(as if they are any good) (kidding) were standing right behind my team the whole time, taking up space and just being annoying. Some guy put his phone on vibrate and put behind my ear and made it vibrate while I was attempting to play, and it was just plain stupid. He didn't even know me. I was terrible at volleyball and I did about three or two good shots, and that's it. Math was after. Math was okay.

If love still counts for something

If love's the greatest gift;
then I'm already, I'm already rich

Lunch was okay. We played around on garageband, and made P's voice sound like a 6 year old girl. It was entertaining, to say the least. I was supposed to get help from J with my math at lunch, but no worries, I can (hopefully) do it. After lunch was computer multimedia, and on macromedia flash, I took about an hour to work on this project that we have to do involving a car driving across a street, and I FINALLY was at the second last step. The instructions said to click a certain thing and watch a preview of it. It was awesome, and it even made the sound when it was supposed to. I was very glad. I x-ed out of the window, and then realized that I had x-ed out of the entire program. I thought the preview had opened another window, but I guess not. I was in hysterics(okay, maybe not)and on the floor screaming(definetely not) and I was very upset about it. I hadn't clicked save because I was intently following the instructions and they never mentioned saving. All I had left to do was stop the motion, add the start button and publish it! I was so close! And now I have to start all over again next class. I'm still angry.

First round - shake the ground
I'm still standing
Stomp & kick 'til your shoes don't fit
I'm still stading
I made my way through the bitter nights
I'm letting go - I'm turning out the lights

My last class of the day was geography, and we started watching a movie about a tsunami, and it actually was pretty good, especially for a movie that we are watching in school. We still didn't finish it, and it was good to watch. Kind of graphic, but not really. After school I walked to the drama room for no reason at all and then I was standing with my friends inside of the building, right beside the door. I was holding my binder and then K walked up to me and asked(in the strangest way possible)"Is that a Hufflepuff sticker?" and proceeded to follow me as I weaved my way around my other friends, trying to get away from him. He snatched the binder from me and ran out the door, cackling. No, this is not an exaggeration. He really did cackle. M ran after him and got my binder back. That was nice. We went outside and J took S's hat and for about seven minutes we just fooled around. No, not like that. The car came and my cousin M and I ran to get the front. Of course he got there first. That's just because he didn't have to pick up a binder and make sure nothing spilt out of his silver purse, like me. I broke a nail picking up that binder.

I've started listening to Amy Diamond again. Pop songs are so darn catchy! The lyrics are from..hmm, let's see..
Welcome To The City
All The Money In The World
Don't Lose Any Sleep Over You
All of those are by Amy Diamond. None of them are her new songs, which unfortunately, I do not have. I have a couple actually, and I love them!

So all in all, my school day sucked. But then I got home and did my happy dance. Except I'm even sicker now. I am a tenor.
AGH. I used to be so jealous of amy diamond. People used to say we looked alike. I wish.

beeping car

I am very mad.
I just spent about an hour making this graphic flash thing in computer multimedia..

i want to hit myself with a metal bar.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


sweet nothings
incomplete, but sweet.
were you aware you passed my chair,
almost touching my shoulder?
fidelity, to a degree.

i'm scared.
but i like it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

never asked to any school dances

Someone left the door open at my house for a couple of minutes, and there are a bunch of bugs flying around. Mostly mosquitoes. Stupid Culicidae family.

What is your favourite drink from Starbucks. I love the Double Chocolatey Chip Frap. I think I have already mentioned that. It is SO good. Strawberries and Creme, pssh.

I love fruit! I also love to drink milk! I love to drink it more than I love to drink vodka. That's why this picture rocks! Look at those two jugs of milk and that watermelon and that pineapple and those strawberries and those blueberries and those raspberries..

I really hate having a sore throat. Especially when I have all of this singing to do. Yuck.

They think only people who talk like that watch this show. Well, I admit it. I watch this show. It's not like I plan out my day and remember when it is on and watch it. I just watch it if I am watching tv and notice that it is on. It's addicting. Grr.

Erin enjoys eating.

Doesn't that look appetizing? I think so.

So, I finally had pizza the other day. I've been waiting for this.

I went to the cemetary today. It was peaceful and serene. I haven't been there in a while. It was about time. I visited some people. Whenever I go to a cemetary, I always start thinking about spiritual stuff. Looking at all the graves doesn't make me cry or feel spooked or whatever other people think. But I was walking along a path and just looking around and reading gravestones, and there was this boy named Joe who died when he was nine. There are plenty of people who've died when they were younger, but this one just made me really sad.

I wonder what my gravestone will say. I want it to be memorable.

I don't want to seem down or anything, but I am. I don't know why exactly, but at about 10:20, I just changed my mood. It was weird. Tomorrow I'm going to be wearing a gold cardigan. That will be nice.

After the cemetary, I went and got a dipped chocolate cone. It was an eventful day.
I suppose I should finish this up and go upstairs now. And eat some Raisin Bran cereal. Wait! Why would I do that? I think I'm going insane.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the thing about love, is you never saw it coming

I was listening to music today. Just sitting there, listening to music. I started to think..

We all want someone to be with. We start out by getting that from our family. We live with them, we grow up with them, we are tied to them since the beginning. Soon after, we get it from our friends. And then for some reason, we start to think that we need to get that feeling, that intimacy, from a single someone else. We call that growing up. Falling in love. But really when you take the physical stuff out of it, what we really want is companionship. For whatever reason, we make that so hard to find. This kind of bothers me. Why does it only have to be about the physical stuff?
Also, whenever I'm in a store that is playing music, I walk to the beat. It really sucks if it is a slow song, because my walk is very graceful..too graceful for sneakers. And if it's a really catchy beat, I may accidentally do a body roll behind a rack of jeans.
Right now I am listening to Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake. I don't know why. I'm starting to bob my head and sing along. What's happening to me?! Now it's That's The Way I Like It by KC and the Sunshine Band. That's better.

diamonds are a girls best friend, but i prefer brownies.

I feel like i just found out that my favourite love song was written about a sandwich. okay, not really, but I just had to say it. I don't have much to do today, and I came up with something. BROWNIES! I know that I said earlier that I wanted a cake, but brownies will just have to do. Because I'm better at making brownies, damnit. That quote at the beginning was from 27 dresses, by the way.

125 mL, 1/2 cup butter
125 mL, 1/2 cup cocoa
250 mL, 1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 mL, 1/2 tsp. vanilla
125mL, 1/2 cup flour
125 mL, 1/2 cup chocolate chips or nuts
2 mL, 1/2 tsp. salt

bowl(microwave safe)
wooden spoon(or any type of mixing spoon)
measuring cups and spoons
8 inch square pan

1. Before doing anything, heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius(or 350 degrees fahrenheit). Grease your square pan that you will put thee brownies in after. After that, melt the butter either in the microwave or on the oven(with a saucepan). I use a microwave normally, because I don't trust myself to do the other. After it is melted, make sure it is in the big bowl where all of the ingredients will go.
2. Add the cocoa, and then stir. Add the sugar(yum) and stir again.
3. Add the eggs on at a time and stir after you put in each one. I don't think I have to mention not to put them in whole.
4. Add vanilla and stir/beat until it is blended all together. It will smell good now.
5. Add the flour, salt and then stir.
6. If you want to add anything else, this is the time to. Since I love super-sweet things, I add chocolate chips, but that is waaaaay too sweet for a lot of people I know. They prefer nuts.
7. Spread the batter(evenly!) in the pan(it should be greased!!!).
8. Bake for 20 minutes. Check to make sure it is baked, obviously. Let it cool for about 5-10 minutes before eating. If you want to serve it at a party or whatever, you should wait at least an hour before cutting it, just because it may fall apart 10 minutes after it comes out.

If you want, you can add icing or whatever you want on top, but if you are just really hungry and want to eat it right away, then do that! Mmmm. I'm hungry.

Friday, September 19, 2008

i still believe in you.

After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

My geo class was very quiet today. People were barely even whispering. My friend R started to play get down with me(a drama game) and we were dancing in our seats when someone looked back at us. I laughed. The person who sits in front of me was wearing a white shirt, and there was a black hair near the top of his shirt at the back. I was jus staring at it, and I was trying to will it to fall off. Obviously that did not work. I was so close to getting my pen to flick it off, but I didn't want to poke him or anything. When he was leaning back, I quickly dropped my pen and delicately grabbed the hair and dropped it onto my desk. My friend R blew it off of the desk. It definetely wasn't his hair.

If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Another funny thing that happened in geography today! R was talking to me and no one even touched her, and she half-fell off her chair. She caught herself with her left hand, but it was still funny. Some kid was walking by in the hallway and he yelled out "vroooommm!" and my whole class burst into laughter. Wow, I just realized that it doesn't sound funny when I write it out.

It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more. -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I am still craving chocolate cake. And some penne noodles with alfredo sauce, with some chicken, and maybe some cut up tomatoes. Oh, and some grilled chicken in the pasta too. That would be a good meal. I'd have ice tea with it, with a lemon. Or maybe lemonade? I also would enjoy having a gryffindor scarf. If I could get all of these things today, I would do my happy dance.

So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be. -Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I am in Computer Multimedia, yet again. I should be working on my logo, but I cannot think of a title for my Harry Potter Merchandise store! Any ideas? Thoughts? Leave them in the comments for me. If you think of anything else that reminds you of me(doesn't have to be a Harry Potter Merchandise store), anything at all, tell me in the comments too. I really appreciate it :)

“Not everyone has a sob story, Charlie, and even if they do, it’s no excuse.” -Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

You know what I enjoy? I like to go on font sites, and just look at all of the fonts on there. Sometimes I try them out, and write my name. Maybe it's just me, but it is ridiculously entertaining. Just like some people I know.

It is 3:07 and class is over at 3:30. It is the WEEKEND soon! Maybe I will go out for dinner and get my SWEET meal. I am also craving pizza. If I ate everything I craved, I would hypothetically be obese. Except that wouldn't happen, because I can't eat that much all at once.

Today, during lunch, I was in the choir room with some friends, and Bev replied to a text message that I had sent earlier. At the time, Jherome had my phone, so I told him to answer. About 10 minutes later, he called her and was saying the funniest things, and Bev hung up on him about 4 times. It was priceless. I wish I filmed it, but I couldn't because he was using my phone, which is where my camera is.

3:13, fifteen minutes left. I think I should try(and fail) to make a logo.

A Soulful Individual

P.S. Some kid in my class just blasted 'Just Dance'. And then 'Forever' (Chris Brown)..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

grab my head, please.

I love watching movies. Going to the movie theatre is so fun, and watching movies on television or at home is great too. I also like the popcorn and drinks. I love entertainment and food, like most people. When I go to a movie theater, I like to sit in the middle(almost exactly middle, if i can get it)of the theater, and a few rows closer to the back than to the front. To me, it is the best place to sit when seeing a movie.

I don't like to eat oreos, but Fudgee O's are good. I never knew that it was spelt that way. I had to check on google. Yeah, I know, shhh. When I eat Fudgee O's, I can't just eat one. That is ridiculous..to me, anyways. You need at least two, but normally I will eat four or five, because I like them that much. I put them in the microwave and warm them up so that the cookie is just a bit warm, and that the middle stuffing is warm and melty and fabulous. Then, I take off the tops of two cookies, and take the two other halves with the icing on them, and put them together. The amount of delight I get while eating this particular food item is a grand amount.

When I was younger, I used to think that the people on my posters(all Harry Potter characters) could see me. I thought that there were cameras on the eyeballs and the camera transferred the video to a secret base where people(the actual photographed person, in this case, daniel radcliffe or rupert grint) could see me, and what I was doing. I praticed my english accent a lot, just in case they would let a Canadian be in the movies, because my accent was so good. It was awkward when I changed, because I didn't know where to face without being "seen".

I saw two girls walking down the street(sidewalk, actually) today, and I saw them from the back, and I liked their hair, so I looked when we passed them to see if their hair looked as good in the front as it did in the back. They had the most AWESOME outfits I had seen all day, besides mine of course. Just kidding. But they were very well dressed, and they were wearing sunglasses, and they just looked very put together, as if they found a set on polyvore.com and copied the look exactly. It made me say "they are cool", and Bev agreed with me.

I like the word nostalgic.

In gym today, I was hit in the head with two balls at the same time. Surprisingly, I did not feel a thing, and Emma was laughing quite hard, because I didn't even pay attention to the fact that two volleyballs just were thrown at my head. I swear, I didn't feel anything.

Sometimes, or wait, that's wrong. ALMOST ALL THE TIME, people are swearing about their lives, or saying they hate their lives, when deep down, they have to be thankful for their life, because they are living! Sometimes I say “I hate my life” and I always have to immediately say to myself that I am lying, and my life is good, because I always think of people who have got it worse, and have more things bothering them than a boy, or homework, or the internet being down.

I get water at restaurants a lot, and I barely ever drink it. If I do take a sip, it is normally because I am very bored and have nothing better to do, or because my mom told me that it tastes like dishsoap. My water always goes to waste.

I have to go up and down stairs for my classes at school. It may be just me, but I feel as though the steps are closer together than an average staircase. I feel like my steps are too small as I walk up the stairs. Sometimes, I skip a stair, and just do every odd step. People sometimes give me weird looks though.

A lot of the time, when I am trying to fall asleep, I imagine there is someone lying there with me, when, in fact, it is just my pillow or something. Sometimes I just lay there thinking(like most people) and sometimes I just lay there wishing that my pillow or whatever it is that I am lying with is a person. I don't know if it ever will be.

Those are just some things that I decided to share with you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i am a twitter critter

The new episode of mugglecast was posted, #158-Looking Into The Future, and I love it! I miss the weekly shows, but I think that what they chose to do was the right choice. Before I get into anything, I want to annouce that I have a twitter! Check the side of the blog for a link! Stalk me!

I was on mugglenet a while ago, and I read that Eric Skull got to go and see the Half-Blood Prince screening. I was SO excited, and I read his review. It sounds like it is going to be a good movie, which is great, because I want it to be worth the wait. The movie, if you didn't already know, is delayed. It was going to be coming out on November 21, but now it is coming out in July 2009. Alan Horn, the President and Chief Operating Officer of Warner Bros, made a statement, and it didn't really do much for me. I've accepted that all we can do is wait, so I'm not signing any petitions or anything. I'll just see it when it comes out. I'm excited though, because Eric said that it was awesome.

Is it bad to eat 6 cookies and a bag of popcorn in the span of 10 minutes?

I started re-reading Twilight. Edward makes me laugh. He is ridiculous.

The JKR and RDR 'verdict is finally in'. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that sucks for you, because I don't want to write a novel about this. If you really want to know, google it. Google helps. A lot. But anyways, Rowling FTW!

I'm having a chicken burger for dinner. Yum. I went to starbucks today and I got my usual, a Double Chocolaty Chip Frap. If you are my number one fan, and you want to stalk me(like penelope taint on the amanda show), then this information may be interesting to you. Anyways, after I finished my drink, my stomach was growling, and it was odd because I didn't feel like I was hungry.

I had such a good dance class the other day. Be expecting more posts about that soon! I am going to go eat dinner. FOOOOOOD.



italic issue

Hello again!
Sorry that I could not blog last night. My internet was down and I was trying to fix it from 3:45 to 5:45. My dad had to fix it, so I ended up getting on at 10:20 and I barely had anytime to do anything.

I was going to blog about the cast list for Seussical, which was posted yesterday, but quite frankly, there is so much non-existant drama that really does exist, and I'm not even involved with it, so I won't be blogging about this. Sorry. If you wanted to know though, I got my first part(besides Cyndra is High School Musical(LOL)).

I am wearing a EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE Horton Hears a Who shirt. I'm not full of my self at all, actually people just kept on complimenting it, so I decided to mention it. I am wearing a yellow headband that keeps on falling off, because my hair is in a ponytail. Fussy.

Tell me you love me! Now! now! now! I want to feel it, Give me your love now!

I am in computer multimedia class, again. Apparently, they just unveiled something really cool about technology saving the enviroment. GM just unveiled a Volt electric car! It saves on fuel, it isn't all electric, but it has two sides to it. If you run out of battery power, it switches to oil. It's only a half-half solution though, because although it wouldn't use up as much gas, the battery would have to be put in a landfill, along with all of the other crap we have there. Sigh.

The assignment that we just got is to create a logo that represents us. I still have no ideas, and it is now 2:10. I only have to wait 20 more minutes. Wow, our class is discussing CHEESE. I don't really enjoy cheese. But WHY are we talking about cheese? We talk about food every class. Now we are talking about yogurt. That is my least favourite food. It is so discusting. It makes me want to puke. No lie. Now we are talking about Karate Kid. 18 more minutes.

The song is Tell Me You Love Me by Frank Zappa!
I think I may like it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello Bloggers and readers! How are you? Right now I am sitting in computer class, and I was like 'hmm..I'll write a blog entry!"
So yeah.

Today was picture day. I did such a ridiculous smile, it was hilarious. I hope my mom keeps it and gives it out to everybody. Then I will see my expression of insanity everywhere I go! This morning, the first thing I had was gym. I thought that we were going to have gym first and then be all sweaty and look gross in our pictures, but it ended up that we didn't even do gym, we just spent the whole class observing picture taking. Well, mostly just talking. At least we missed a day of volleyball. My arms still hurt.

The class I had after 'gym' was pre calculus math. We talked about the questions we got yesterday, and did a couple of them on the whiteboard. I am starting to understand what we are doing now. We got some questions, and I finished it up quickly. Our teacher then told the people who hadn't gotten their pictures taken to go to the gym and stand in line for the pictures. A bunch of people left, and since I had finished my work, I went to the gym with S, who needed to get her photo taken, and T tagged along. The lines were SOOOOO long, and so I visited with my friend A who was in the line, but then I left because I had a chamber choir meeting. I am so excited for chamber choir. It is going to be amazing. We are singing with the orchestra and with a bunch of other high school's chamber choirs too. Oh, man, this year is going to be so fun.

Right now I am in computer class, and I just did an assignment to make some object on Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004. It's kind of easy. At least, once you get the hang of it. It is 1:21, and this class is over at 2:10 or something like that. Joy.

The cast list is posted today for our school musical, Seussical. It is going to be pretty fun, I'm so happy to be a part of it. Last year was a blast. Vocal Jazz is also starting up. That is also going to be amazing. It's in the morning though..
My outfit today(so what if I’m not one of those awesome fashion bloggers? I can still describe my fantastic threads!) is kind of dull. I still like it though. My picture had a grey background (I wanted purple) and I probably look so bland in my picture, since I am grey. And white. And black. The top that I am wearing is a long t-shirt with two pockets, and the print on the top is a diagonal plaid. It is white and black with cap-sleeves. I knew that I was going to be FREEZING today, since my school is cold. Or at least I think so. I took a pink cardigan that I wear too much(I can’t help it, I love it!) and wore black tights(probably my trademark. Or is my trademark wearing matching clothes?) with my almost converse. They say dance on them. I am also wearing MAKEUP! People are surprised when they realize that I wear makeup. Sorry if I don’t wear a pound of unnecessary foundation and smear on lipgloss and act like a four year old and take a black sharpie and draw lines on my eyelids. Even if I wanted to look like I just stepped off the stage from Cats The Musical, I am too tired to attempt murder on my face in the mornings.

Your Favourite Blogger Named Erin Meagan Who Blogs on seeyourvoice.blogspot.com

P.S. Yeah, I know, there are SO many bloggers with that name on this URL.
P.P.S.I am currently working on a new layout. I forgot how to work blogger, so it is half up right now, but don’t worry, it will be fixed soon. I think that I should go now.

Monday, September 15, 2008

one thousand kisses

Today was a LONG day. But I like long days.

This morning first thing was math. I like math. I may not be very good at it, but it is kind of fun. Maybe. We got assigned 50 questions, but then right at the end of class, our teacher said we had to at least go up to 40. So, I was pretty happy. I had left off at number 27, and I figured that I could finish it later. I had choir after that, and we are singing such fun songs! One of them is a gospel tune, and the other is just such a beautiful piece. I hope the guys don't sing too loud/rough/whatever so that it ruins it. Because it really is a delicate song.

At lunch there was a meeting for vocal jazzers, and so I went, and I am in the mixed(co-ed, male and female, mens and womens, boys and girls, guys and gals, hotties and superbombs, ect) vocal jazz group. This year is going to be very fun. I had geography after lunch and we had a test which I finished very quickly, like everybody else. We then had questions 1-10, and when I finished those, I did the rest of my math! No homework, yay! I also chatted a bit, but mostly at the end of class when everyone was putting away their stuff, because we aren't really allowed to talk that much at all.

My last class of the day was computer multimedia, and it is actually pretty easy. And the room is cold. I didn't do much in that class, other than stay cold, make a couple of png files, check my cell phone and talk. After the class was over I went to the band room, which is where the dance auditions for the musical were being held. I was so excited! Dance auditions are so fun. We did across the floor things, and then had to do freestyling. I wish I got a better song, because the song that I got wasn't good to dance to. The song that was played after was better, so I danced at the back with my friend A. We then learned a dance and it was fun. That's all I'm going to say.

We had callbacks after, and they were fun.

OH MY GOODNESS! I totally forgot! I have dance class tomorrow. I kind of don't want to go. I'm just not ready for it. MEEEEEEH.

I am watching a bunch of videos on youtube. I wish I could do my hair in better ways. I wish it was longer. Yeah, I know, coming from ME, longer hair.

I think that I should stop blogging. Sorry about my recent posts not being very interesting.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

risky themes and explicit songs

Yeah, another blog post. I'm sitting here at 1:30, not tired(lie) and talking to my friend J on msn. My friend is in the other room watching television or sleeping. I don't really know. She was tired. I am very confused right now.

Everyone always tells me that I think low of myself, and that is probably true. When my friends say stuff like "you are awesome!" and stuff like that, of course that makes me a tad happier. It's just that it is always my friends saying that. No one ever thinks of me as more than a friend. And I love being a friend. It is amazing. But for once, can I be more? Never in my life have I been more, and I want to know if what i'm waiting for is actually good. I don't want a movie ending type thing, or a fairytale story to happen with one of those weird prince guys. The prince usually either looks weird or has a weird name. Or is just a weird guy. But whatever. I don't want that. I want something REAL. I've read SO many books, it feels like I've experienced so much more than I actually have. For instance, if I read a book about a person with an eating disorder and read all about their struggles and such, it makes me feel like I've gone through that. My life is pretty boring, plain, good, and simple compared to some people's lives that I read about. Ficton or non-fiction. Sometimes, I feel like all of the things that I've read about feel like things that I've gone through, and I take that into my everyday life. I'm more sensitive about topics that characters were sensitive about. It is a really weird thing. I have been through many things, but reading books makes me feel like I've been through so much more.

When it comes down to it, I haven't really experienced much of anything. I haven't experienced a first kiss, but I've read through them millions of times, so it feels kind of like I have. Or maybe the reading just makes me want things more?

Picture day is on Tuesday. My friend just reminded me. I haven't even handed in the form to my mom, let alone filled it out. I think I should get a purple background, just because those ones are awesome. Everyone always makes a big deal out of picture day, what they are wearing, how their hair is, makeup, ect. I don't even smile nicely in pictures, so after the first one and the retake, I'm all pictured out. Can't they let me do something else instead of just sitting there smiling? Won't they let me do a cute squished up face? My mom would like those better than the stupid ones from last year. Here's the story: I took the original picture home and my mom thought that it was a bad picture. So, I go in for retakes and take a second picture. It got sent to my house, and my mom took one look at it and decided that it too, was a bad photograph of my face. She didn't send it back in time, so we were stuck with a bunch of pictures of me that were half-decent. She gave them out to some people anyways, but others still have my grade seven picture up on their refrigerator. My hair was half-blonde and my necklaces were tangled.

Is there anything in your life that you are horrified of? You are so scared wanting it, because you are terrified that you will never get it?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

why did i say that?

i'm just deleting a bunch of files because my C drive doesn't have much space left on it. Again.

this icon makes me laugh.

this one is so sweet. and right now, it is the complete opposite of what I am thinking.

it makes you look twice, doesn't it?

if only..

this was amazing. i love that commercial. HILARIOUS.
When i get a nudge on msn, it plays without love from hairspray. It plays the part where Link says "It's like getting my big break and laryngitis". That is the best part of the entire song, I would say. I just love it. This blog post is pretty dry and boring. I haven't gotten many comments lately. Whatever, my blog sucks right now.

i got life!

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

Hello everyone, how are you? Today is Saturday, September 13, 2008. I just came back from a Starbucks run. I was sitting there with my friend Bev, and she said something that may have been a little bit odd for the older ladies behind us to hear. It was funny. At least we didn't get kicked out, like Bev's mother thought we did. Our tradition is to go to the dollar store after getting our wonderful drinks. The store is quite lovely, I enjoy it. I always find something funny there. Today I saw a flowered bra. Like, one of those hawaiian ones, you know? I wanted to buy one, just because they are so cool. I'd dance around my house wearing it.

I am going out for dinner tonight, and I'm going with two other families. I like them, they are awesome! I went out for dinner last night, and I got a grilled chicken casear salad. I get that pretty much everywhere I go. It's either that or pasta or pizza. Mostly the salad though. I find it quite tasty. I've gained my lost weight from the summer back. I feel so proud.

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins
Cuz your heart has a lack of color and we should've known
That we'd grow up sooner or later cuz we wasted all our free time alone

Well, I am going to leave soon for dinner. One more thing: don't you hate when there's something that someone isn't telling you?

The songs were the immigrant song by led zeppelin and rainbow veins by owl city. they are both on the playlist on this blog, actually.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad.
Don't you ever wish your dreams would come true? I do. But enough of that. It is the weekend, FINALLY! and this is my 81st post! I think. I am not going to see J because shes too cool and made other plans since I didn't get back to her fast enough. Whatever. Maybe I'll just watch Quest for Camelot with my friend, I. She likes that movie a lot, and maybe a little bit too much. Haha, just kidding. But I don't enjoy the movie like she does.

I've been recently watching hannah1721 on youtube. I don't remember how I came across her channel, but I like her videos! Search her!

I would explain more, but I don't want to write a novel. It would be too slow paced and boring for normal people.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

admit it..you did.

"It's kind of awful..it's kind of awful the way that twilight and miley cyrus are awful though, in which, you know, they are still really entertaining and i still love them, but they're awful..."
-hayleyghoover on fiveawesomegirls

Wow, that quote was great. So, quick catch up blog thing.. doesn't it bother you when people don't believe you when you are telling the truth? At this moment, two people aren't believing something that is clearly right. Why would I have done something like that?

Anyways, tomorrow is friday, and then the weekend! I am hoping too see my friend J this weekend, and another plus to that(if it happens) is that I will FINALLY recieve my notebook. I left it there over the summer, and never got it back. I've bought two and I am almost done the red one, and the other one..well, I am attemping to only use it for school-related things, so it isn't filling up as fast as my notebooks usually do.

I just felt the top of my left foot, and it was very smooth. How..interesting. YEAH! So, today I had callbacks. They were fun, I've never been to a callback before, so it was a fun experience. I am just so excited for the musical!

It is getting cold too fast! I am always shivering! I need a hug! I think I am going to go now and attempt to eat something before I go to bed, because I won't have time for breakfast tomorrow morning. I like how no one can tell if I am wearing makeup or not. It is kind of unusual, because shouldn't people be able to tell? Whatever. Oh, and everyone, I did NOT kiss anyone today. Whoever thinks I did is very confused and probably needs to read some Harry Potter and realize that I am in fact NOT Lavender Brown, no matter how much I look like her or act(???) like her. Thank you.

Erin Meagan.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

maybe he's just good at hiding it

most kiss-able
most confident

Those are my weaknesses. What a cool person I am!
So, today I got home feeling pretty energetic, and it is now about 10:00, and I keep yawning! I shouldn't even be that tired, I only got out of bed at around 8:15. My throat is still sore! It is making me quite mad. This blog post will probably suck, and quite frankly, I do not care. It is very spontaneous, and I just need to blog. Not one of those awesome blogs where you discuss an important topic or something, one of those really long, like, 8 minute vlogs on youtube, where the vlogger says um and there are more silent moments than there are actual words.

Right now I am reading a book called My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews, who is such a great author! I got into her books a couple of years ago, and now I just keep reading them!

I have the weirdest dreams. My last one was a blur, but I've had that dream a couple of times now. Safeway? Cookies? Running? Chaos? Weird.

I think that I am good at pretending that I am happy and content. I hope that it is working.

I can't handle this anymore. My head is killing me, and I think i'm just overwhelmed with information or lack of information.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


it's an unexplainable kind of love
not like, love.
not mutual attraction,
just love.

my poem

The rest of the time it's just ridiculous.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

dysfunctional thoughts

'girls love a lovesick guy, until he gets too lovey or too sicky."-Paul Kropp as Maggie McPherson

a kiss is a culmination(google it) of feeling, not a starter or anything like that. it's better to just wait for the right moment instead of just kissing too soon. make sure you tilt your head to the right, and i cannot stress that enough. i'll bold it. MAKE SURE YOU TILT YOUR HEAD TO THE RIGHT. okay, i hope i got the point across there.

did you know that there is a lot of sensitive skin on a girl's(and possibly guy's, i'm not sure) upper lip? if not, now you know. so, uhh, yeah.

authentic compliments are way better than inauthentic ones, but if you are really incompetent, then the inauthentic ones will have to do. but try, at least.

i'm writing this because i have SO much experience, and I know about this stuff from a personal point of view.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

this is beyond silly

I feel kind of sorry for you. I mean, yeah, you aren't a poor hobo who lives on the street or anything, but I still feel bad for you. People always tell me things about their lives. I'm the secret-keeper, I dunno. So, like usual, I hear a bunch of new stuff, and I take it in.

I just feel sorry for you. Your life could be better, and now I see that. I feel so weird writing this. 1:26AM and white wine aren't so well together. Although, I barely had any. I don't like it all that much.

August 30, 2008 Central Time

Victoria, my mother, loved to party back in her day. She'd kill me if she heard me say that. She'd think I was saying that she was old.

So anyways, today we were out at the beach, and I was just sitting there, in the sand, while my two brothers were in the water. Rafting? I do not recall. My mom called my dad and asked what was taking him so long, and..
Well, long story short, my dad bought some alcohol for a party that they were having later at night, a kind of get together, I guess.

So after I cleaned out my bag from the beach, I went downstairs. My parents friends were already there, as well as my younger older(it makes sense) brother's girlfriend, Kayley. I ran back upstairs and changed into an American Eagle dress. It's purple. And HOT. Haha, just kidding.

There was pizza for dinner, but it was pepperoni, which I hate! Why can't they get plain, old, regular cheese like the Rest of the World?! My parents are insane, but I love my family.

I went into our 'game room' and my two brothers were there with Kayley. They seemed to be playing pool, but with golf balls. Weird.

Kayley whispered to us that she brought some alcohol from upstairs. I was expecting a cup full, but this was like a TANK! She then got a call on her motorola (don't ask, I just remember) and then left. My brothers are so popular, and they are my idols in a way, even though I am a girl.

I just remember drinking it and thinking it tasted bad, but my brothers do this stuff at the clubs all the time, so it should be nothing. I bet a bunch of my friends have gotten drunk before. Right?

It is now a day later and my head is killing me. I feel weird and I'm dizzy too. It's August 31, 2008, Central Time.


school has begun

Tomorrow I am going to school, and it will be my third day. I found some fill-out survey on facebook, and I decided that I was going to fill it out. I barely ever fill these things out. But this one is an exception. The only thing is, I slightly changed it around. It is TOTALLY interesting.

Did you like your homeroom?
I liked the teacher, although some of the kids in the class are not my favourite. I am not saying that I dislike them, but I wish I had more of my friends in my homeroom.
Who is your locker by?
My friend R and I don't even remember who is on the other side. But I'm sharing my locker with my friend I.
See any hot guys?
Of course.
What did you have 4th period?
Computer Multimedia or Geo.
Who sits behind you in 4th period?
In geo, it is some kid that I don't know, and everyone moves around in computers, so it is hard to answer for this one.
What did you wear?
On the first day? I don't even remember anymore. I didn't plan it, so it isn't permanently stuck in my mind.
Who did you sit with at lunch?
I don't normally sit at lunch. I was in the choir room on the first day with some awesome people, and then today I walked to starbucks with Bev and I.
Did you get lost?
Of course not.
How did you get to and from school?
M's dad drove there and L's mom picked up.
Meet anyone new?
Yes. Well, I've met her before, but only once. I am excited to meet the new grade niners who are joining the musical!
Was lunch good?
I suppose so.
What grade did you go to?
Tenth grade.
Do you like it?
I'm just really tired right now.
Is the person you like in any of your classes?
Yes, but the reason I like this question is because it isnt specific to which classes, so now the sole two people who don't know will never know!
Does anyone in any of your classes like you?
Probably. I'm just that hot.
Do you have a favourite teacher yet?
Not one, but I have teachers that are AWESOME(drama and choir)
Do you miss your teachers from last year?
Not really. I mean, they are still here.
Are you playing any sports this year or are you in any clubs?
No sports, and i'm joining improv once again.
Is your boyfriend in any of your classes?
I was going to make the joke that music is my boyfriend, and so then music is with me everywhere, but that joke was dumb. So I will just say that yes, my boyfriend is in all of my classes.(???)
Are any of your ex's in any of your classes?
EVERY SINGLE CLASS!!!!! It is actually so annoying.

You know, a few of these answers make a lot of sense. Because I am very hot, I have ex's and because I have a boyfriend.

five things

thanks to http://a-bev-blog.blogspot.com/ for this awesome idea!

1. fiveawesomegirls

These (pun not intended) five awesome girls are amazing! They were inspired by vlogbrothers(John and Hank Green, DUH) and they have great videos.


They all also have individual channels, which I suggest you subscribe to, as well as fiveawesomegirls and vlogbrothers. Youtube them! They make every day AWESOME.

2. my phone!

I have nothing much to say. I like this. Mine is pink. Yes, pink.
My background is full of awesome, and my phone plays music. And the volume is good.

3. writing poems

i just can't stop. i heard some guy say that he hated poetry, because it means different things to everyone, but i think that the beauty in poetry is exactly that.

4. seussical

it's a musical. it is amazing! right now, i cannot stop listening to the people versus horton the elephant! it is just very catchy and super creative! my school is doing it this year, so yay!

5. the fifth thing that i like, well. i don't think i'll tell you just yet.