Thursday, September 4, 2008

this is beyond silly

I feel kind of sorry for you. I mean, yeah, you aren't a poor hobo who lives on the street or anything, but I still feel bad for you. People always tell me things about their lives. I'm the secret-keeper, I dunno. So, like usual, I hear a bunch of new stuff, and I take it in.

I just feel sorry for you. Your life could be better, and now I see that. I feel so weird writing this. 1:26AM and white wine aren't so well together. Although, I barely had any. I don't like it all that much.


beverley said...

white wine sucks! haha. I had some on new Year's. Anyways, I wonder who you are talking about...

EM said...

i like this post erin.
really, i do.
but i don't know who you're talking about.