Monday, September 15, 2008

one thousand kisses

Today was a LONG day. But I like long days.

This morning first thing was math. I like math. I may not be very good at it, but it is kind of fun. Maybe. We got assigned 50 questions, but then right at the end of class, our teacher said we had to at least go up to 40. So, I was pretty happy. I had left off at number 27, and I figured that I could finish it later. I had choir after that, and we are singing such fun songs! One of them is a gospel tune, and the other is just such a beautiful piece. I hope the guys don't sing too loud/rough/whatever so that it ruins it. Because it really is a delicate song.

At lunch there was a meeting for vocal jazzers, and so I went, and I am in the mixed(co-ed, male and female, mens and womens, boys and girls, guys and gals, hotties and superbombs, ect) vocal jazz group. This year is going to be very fun. I had geography after lunch and we had a test which I finished very quickly, like everybody else. We then had questions 1-10, and when I finished those, I did the rest of my math! No homework, yay! I also chatted a bit, but mostly at the end of class when everyone was putting away their stuff, because we aren't really allowed to talk that much at all.

My last class of the day was computer multimedia, and it is actually pretty easy. And the room is cold. I didn't do much in that class, other than stay cold, make a couple of png files, check my cell phone and talk. After the class was over I went to the band room, which is where the dance auditions for the musical were being held. I was so excited! Dance auditions are so fun. We did across the floor things, and then had to do freestyling. I wish I got a better song, because the song that I got wasn't good to dance to. The song that was played after was better, so I danced at the back with my friend A. We then learned a dance and it was fun. That's all I'm going to say.

We had callbacks after, and they were fun.

OH MY GOODNESS! I totally forgot! I have dance class tomorrow. I kind of don't want to go. I'm just not ready for it. MEEEEEEH.

I am watching a bunch of videos on youtube. I wish I could do my hair in better ways. I wish it was longer. Yeah, I know, coming from ME, longer hair.

I think that I should stop blogging. Sorry about my recent posts not being very interesting.


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Time to Get Fuzzy said...

"hotties and superbombs..."

I like this.