Sunday, September 21, 2008

Erin enjoys eating.

Doesn't that look appetizing? I think so.

So, I finally had pizza the other day. I've been waiting for this.

I went to the cemetary today. It was peaceful and serene. I haven't been there in a while. It was about time. I visited some people. Whenever I go to a cemetary, I always start thinking about spiritual stuff. Looking at all the graves doesn't make me cry or feel spooked or whatever other people think. But I was walking along a path and just looking around and reading gravestones, and there was this boy named Joe who died when he was nine. There are plenty of people who've died when they were younger, but this one just made me really sad.

I wonder what my gravestone will say. I want it to be memorable.

I don't want to seem down or anything, but I am. I don't know why exactly, but at about 10:20, I just changed my mood. It was weird. Tomorrow I'm going to be wearing a gold cardigan. That will be nice.

After the cemetary, I went and got a dipped chocolate cone. It was an eventful day.
I suppose I should finish this up and go upstairs now. And eat some Raisin Bran cereal. Wait! Why would I do that? I think I'm going insane.

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