Saturday, September 27, 2008

sunshine sparkage

I'm trying to write a song. Not a sad song, that's all I write. And that one techno song. I want to write a love song but I cannot make it happy. I can start out making it a happy-based song, but it just takes a turn. It always sounds ridiculous, like Edward Cullen.

There is something about putting things on my head that I enjoy. Nerdfighter-ish. I know. Today I have had a box of kleenex on my head, a jar of peanut butter, and my cell phone. You should try putting stuff on your head. It is fun.

Sorry, I just don't have much to talk about. I'm sick and I have nothing to do on this fine Saturday. There is so many things that I could be doing. Like going to Lush and buying cupcake face masks! Or love lettuce, or any other kind they have. Cupcake smells the best to me. I love chocolate. Once, I had chocolate body wash from bath and body works. It was really good. I also purchased a cinnamon bun scented one, and it was glorious. Heavenly, actually. I brought it on the jazz festival and being stupid, I left it in the bathroom when we left. It wasn't even half used.

So, I was just looking through old msn conversations. I set mine to save them in chat logs, but in grade 7 and 8 I liked to save them for some reason. I don't really know why. It made me kind of sad to read some of them(and then delete them, FREEDOM) because I lost one of my friends, and we talked a LOT. I just read one where one of my friends told me who he liked, and who he was going to ask to the dance. Those dances were lame. I was never asked, of course. I still danced. Except for that one in October of grade eight, I sat at the wall most of the time. It was upsetting. I don't want to think about it.
I just read a conversation that took place the afternoon after that dance. That is kind of creepy. My friend said "yeah well at least someone probably likes you. i won't ever be one in a couple. i'm a loser. like, hardcore". The ironic thing about that is that I found out someone liked me that year(but I just found out recently) and that he dated 2 or 3 people that year. Oh, middle school.
I just read another one. I can't bring myself to delete it.
I just read a conversation with this guy who liked my friend. He never seemed to like me. He probably only talked to be because I am her friend. It doesn't seem as if he were lying though. People are very layered.
I am sick.
But I am happy, so I don't feel like crap.
I'm happy because:
a-i love math and orlando bloom is coming over!
b-i'm going to a party tonight
c-i'm not telling you
d-i'm eating a doughnut
I wish I could say the answer is d. But it isn't.