Tuesday, July 29, 2008



hey babe..

This is me today. Kind of.
I have a vnecked black tee, and white cuffed shorts. I have a silver bangle, but mine has a vintage look to it, and I have teal sunglasses, but they are a bit more blue than those, and look good on me. Haha. I have that cell phone, and I have a bit of that colour eyeshadow on, just because I was bored. I had an apple today. What fun. I haven't gone out today at all, but my purse matches the outfit. I am wearing two necklaces, layered. The first is longer and it has a key, a small chrome heart, some weird crystal looking thing, and two small beads. The next necklace has another key, and a heart charm. The heart charm says I ♥ Jacob. Ha! Take that, Edward obsessed lovers! Haha, just kidding, I am kind of flip flopping..right now I am Switzerland. To add some colour to my outfit, I have a navy blue sequinned headband on, and I couldn't find one on polyvore, so I did the best I could.
Cool beans.
Bev, http://a-bev-blog.blogspot.com is supposed to be coming over, but I have to wait until six. WHHHYYYY?
I am soooooo bloody bored.

one year ago, today.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=2HyoAOjYnk4 This video kind of reflects some of my feelings.
Sorry for posting this late,
I had it in my drafts, and I forgot to publish it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

the perks of being a wallflower

I recently (finally) read the perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It was FANTASTIC. I had been wanting to read it for a long time, and I finally found it at a library. I want to buy it, I could read it so many times. It is intense, and kind of graphic, but not in a way you would think. It is about being a teenager, and you can definetely feel the pain of the main character. If you haven't already read it, GO DO IT NOW.
Here are just a couple of quotes from the book that I wanted to post.

"I hate you."
"I love you."
"You're a freak, you know that? Everyone says so. They always have."
"I'm trying not to be."

"I feel infinite."

... And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

Patrick actually used to be popular before Sam bought him some good music.

I have decided that maybe I want to write when I grow up. I just don't know what I would write.

I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each other.

I really think that everyone should have watercolors, magnetic poetry, and a harmonica.

It's kind of like when you look at yourself in the mirror and you say your name. And it gets to a point where none of it seems real. Well, sometimes, I can do that, but I don't need an hour in front of a mirror. It just happens very fast, and things start to slip away. And I just open my eyes, and I see nothing. And then I start to breathe really hard trying to see something, but I can't. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it scares me.

I don't like my birthday. I don't like it at all.

I even made her a mix tape and left it at the grave. I hope you do not think that makes me weird.

Everyone else is either asleep or having sex. I've been watching cable television and eating jello.

I just wish that God or my parents or Sam or my sister or someone would just tell me what's wrong with me. Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense. To make this all go away. And disappear. I know that's wrong because it's my responsibility, and I know that things get worse before they get better because that's what my psychiatrist says, but this is a worse that feels too big.

Seriously, read it.

happy endings

I know a girl who loves to read. I love to read too. She has gone back to reading fan-fiction, and she came across this one story. It was a harry potter story, shipping draco and ginny. She was loving the story, and then she got to the end, and at the end draco is injured, and she was just thinking that he would have a recovery and everything would be all good after they kissed and stuff. But then, she read on, and in the last chapter, he dies. There wasn't much time to recover, she said, he just died and that was the end of the story.

She needs something else to help her get through it. She is perfectly fine with depressing stories, and she actually really enjoys darker literature. She was so upset by this story. There needs to be a bit of a happy ending to something, or else she can't deal.

Can you deal?

hello, my name is

Hello, my name is Erin, and I am not the most experienced performer.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I do not have the greatest singing voice.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I fail at ballet.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I am one of the guys.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I wish that I could still play the piano.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I have gone to drama camp.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I listen to wizard rock.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I have a musical family.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I am a nerdfighter.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I want to be in Dumbledore's Army.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I enjoy improv.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I love innuendos.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I haven't done drugs.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I am allergic to an odd assortment of things.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I love talking to my friends.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I want to make videos for YouTube.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I listen to mugglecast.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I like The Partridge Family.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I love to read.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I like mario kart.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I can be jealous of you. And probably will be.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I think you have the right to be jealous of me sometimes.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I don't have a style.
Hello, my name is Erin, and I want you to support me.
Hello, my name is Erin, and you don't know me.

e to the r to the i to the n

define my name!
who cares if a bunch of people have done this before, it's not like i'm stealing someone's idea, because it wasn't just one person who thought of it a long time ago.


4. Erin
Very beautiful and amaizng , and talented , loved my many and very trustworthy.
She is so Erin!

6. Erin
Erin is a female who has the body of a goddess and the brain of a genius. Men are drawn to her good looks and her awsome sense of humour. Out of all the females in the world its the Erins who rule.

guy: your just like Erin
girl: omg thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

7. Erin
An "Erin" is a trifling female who is scrubby, annoying, and less than average in the looks department. She likes to wear dirty, foam flip-flops with raggedy feet, and exposes her deformed stomach to many people. Most important, an Erin flirts shamelessly with married men, although she too has a boyfriend. She calls and texts peoples' husbands, and hangs up the phone when their wife calls back the number. When the wife confronts her, she calls the police because she is scared of getting injured. She then quits her job out of embarrassment and fear.

"An Erin is the last thing any classy female would want to be like."

8. Erin
The absolute most perfect girl in the world, and even her flaws are more beautiful than any other girl's perfections. She's the cutest thing on this earth =]

9. Erin
A girl who wears too much makeup. Has an obsession with Maroon 5. Has a mom who does nothing but clean dishes. Can't come up with a descent insult other than "Gypsy". But on the other hand, takes the best MySpace pictures ever. chyeah.

10. erin
An annoying girl that wears loads of makeup, sorta skinny, and has a HUGE head. It's like a fucking bobble-head on a flat-chested girl.

guy1: dude! that fucking Erin bumped her head into me while walking down the hallway

guy2: Holy shit, dude! Are you O.K.?

guy1: NO, i got fucking slammed into the locker, and she fell over because of her head's weight.

11. Erin
A short girl who will laugh at anything, annoying. Chews with their mouth open.

God that girl is annoying, what an erin.

15. erin
a slutfaced whore who's heart is full of love and compassion.

they all describe me very well.

reoccuring dreams

Last night, I was texting my friend. I was really tired, because the night before, I had gone to bed late, and then I ended up waking up at eight. So, while I was waiting for a reply, I fell asleep in my bed. How wonderful is that? I woke up at about 9:00AM so I decided to go back to bed. I checked my phone before I went to bed, and I had two text messages from my friend myles, who I fell asleep texting. I texted him back, and then went back to sleep. My dream was intense.
I'd had this dream before, but only when I wake up do I remember that I had previously dreamt it. There is a whole long beginning but I don't remember the whole thing. So after this whole long beginning, I will just tell you that I'm in a beachy(open) hotel, and everyone is in the main hallway thing/lobby for some reason. Some men walk out, and everyone is afraid of them. The room is pretty silent except for their footsteps. I don't know why I was afraid, but in the dream, I had reason to be afraid. They weren't scary like Marlene, but they were scary in a way that made the noise level drop so you could just hear their footsteps.

1. Scary like Marlene
Someone is so ugly, it is almost world famous.

The took one step past me, a family friend of mine, and my mother. We were lying on the ground. I don't really know why. It was a dream, after all. We all breathed a sigh of relief. We were al slightly sighling(sighing and smiling), and then the men take a step back, so that one of them is seriously less than a foot away from me, and they open this small black case that they are holding, but we failed to realize it before. The inside is a velvety royal blue colour, and sitting inside of it, is a silver pistol. The guy who was less than a foot away had it pointed right at my head, and trying not to show any movement, I crossed my fingers on my right hand. I won't tell you what my thought was, but I was like "Okay, I might die now, so I need to distract my mind with something good that could be my last thought." But then a group of females with guns did some gun dance thing behind us, and then the men walked away. After they were out of the room people got up from the floor, and catiously stepped away from the walls. My mom and I stood together, and she said something like "if they take anyone, it won't be me before those people," she points to a lady in a pink shirt with a bunch of jewelry and a shorter woman with a denim hat and a disney world shirt. It was really chaotic, and I saw some guy who I know. I found out earlier that he was on the good side, and all I remember is that he had a watch.

I began quickly pacing down the hall, when I saw my cousin. we were all standing along the walls or under things, all of us trying to hide. I don't understand why standing by the walls would help, but it made sense in the dream. My cousin was taking out his iPod, and I said, "You can't listen to your iPod, you need to be able to hear or else something could happen!" but being the person he was, he just put his headphones in and said "So?".

I then started to run. I wasn't staying at this hotel, I was staying in a motel with a pool, the same one as I stay at in clear lake every year. It was raining really hard, and I just ran, and I kept having to turn corners. I came by tons of places that had a resemblence to my clear lake vacation place, but it wasn't it. I was the only one outside that I could see, and I was fleeing with fear, I had no idea where I could find this place. I came down a sidewalk, the rain had subsided. I wanted to ask someone for help, and then I saw my grade six teacher, but she was drunk or something, and sitting with her friends. She was no help. Some guy who was sitting beside them watched as they refused me help, and he walked up to me. I realized I had my wet hair hanging in my face, and he was in a dry grey suit. He walked me down the sidewalk and said "Let's go take pictures of beautiful things," and I thought that was totally smart, especially for this situation that I was in. ( ??? ) I pointed to a shop window, and said "like that?" He looked at me, shook his head, and said, "No, that isn't beautiful". I thought it was wonderfully beautiful with the draping material hanging everywhere in warm colours.

I woke up after that, and I had two text messages, one from Janine and one from Bev. I've had this dream more than 3 times before, and everytime, at the gunpoint part, I think of the same thing. Not the EXACT same thing, but it is all in the same topic.

Have you ever had any reoccuring weird dreams?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the way 11:11 should have turned out

4. Fabtastic
Exceedingly fabulous and fantastic.

my day..mood

okay, correction.
my mood.
is that better?

my day

oh my goodness.
this is just inexplicable sadness.

don't know? check out.

I have been looking through my iTunes lately and I've realized that I have a lot of...well, random songs. I have all different types of genres, not like some people who just have one certain type of music(which I am surprised about because that is very difficult since there are many different types of music. Actually, now that I think about it, they'd probably have to have at least two different types of music, because even if they just have rap, there are different genres of hip hop type things, like krump and stuff. End bracket) and I love that about myself! Some days I play showtunes, some days I play wizard rock, and some days I play old tunes.

hometown glory-adele
this song is gorgeous, and whenever i listen to it, i can imagine a fantastic contemporary routine going along with it. i think it was on so you think you can dance.
because-across the universe
I like how the harmonies sound in this version more than the beatles'.
like father like son-aida
this song is from the musical 'aida' and it is one of my favourites. I also like my strongest suit.
if i ain't got you-alicia keys
this reminds me of the past. most songs make me think of what's to come.
dirty little secret-all-american rejects
it makes me think of john tucker must die, but it uplifts me, somehow.
poppin' champange-all time low
all i can say is LOVE.
stay my baby-amy diamond
this song makes me happy about my "summer love" that I don't have.
you're never fully dressed without a smile-annie
i love annie.
i could sing of your love forever-audio adrenaline
this makes me happy sad.
seize the day-avenged sevenfold
my friend played me this song one day, and at the time i liked sad songs.
it sucks to be me-avenue q
i can't even describe the awesome quality this song has. whenever someone is having a bad day, we sing this tune.
here comes the sun-the beatles
this song makes me happy, and it was featured in the parent trap, which is one of my favourite films(the lindsay lohan version).
thunder-boys like girls
the line 'your voice was the soundtrack of my summer' is fabulous.
cell block tango-chicago
sing!-a chorus line
this song makes me giggle. i love to sing along to it.
welcome-christina aguilera
she rocks. i saw her in concert. i was amazed.
the girl-city and colour
don't hate me, but city and colour just never interested me much. there was something about the sound that i did not like, but this song is just so good. the lyrics are the reason i like it.
then i woke up-clique girlz
who cares about the band name, this song equals PARTY AT MY HOUSE!
do you love me(now that i can dance)-the contours
this song is funny. i like it.
changes-david bowie
i just love it. there isn't really a reason. the beat, the voice, everything.
ego you-declan galbraith
this kid has a fantastic voice. chills.
my dad is rich-draco and the malfoys
i think that this is my favourite datm song. you should listen.
accident waiting to happen-drowsy chaperone
i like this song and 'show off'. they are amazing, you MUST hear them.
rock your soul-elisa
the title makes it sound like it would be a techno-type dance club song, but it is a brilliant song, and it isn't techno at all. this artist is really good, and i like her song called dancing.
giving him something he can feel-en vogue
i can't explain why i like this. i can't.
that's how you know-enchanted
this song is bloody BRILLIANT.
i'm a hiphop dancer, so these songs just make me want to dance.
8X10-fefe dobson
i saw her in concert, and met her afterwards. she was so nice! i love her music.
matchmaker, matchmaker-fiddler on the roof
this song has something about it, i don't know. i just sing it constantly around the house, and my mother and brother join in sometimes.
almost lover-a fine frenzy
this song is SO sad. it makes me sad. but it is wonderful.
i'm so sick-flyleaf
intense. i LOVE dancing to this.
drama club romance-forever the sickest kids
i don't know why.
like me-girlicious
YES. great for feeling powerful and also, great to dance to.
without love-hairspray
my favourite. i LOVE this song, especially the laryngitis line.
i got nerve-hannah montana
i love her songs. they just brighten up your day! i don't even care what other people say about hating her.(by her i mean miley, but also hannah montana)
stick it to dolores-harry and the potters
the line 'oh my god she looks like a frog' makes me laugh everytime.
invisible cities-hayley sales
this is beautiful.
this is a gorgeous song.
oh, it is love-hellogoodbye
this makes me happy. on some days it makes me sad. but mostly happy.
kiss kiss-holly valance
i heard this song first in hebrew(don't ask) but i just recently heard it in english. i love it.
see what i wanna see-idina menzel
she is amazing!
hide and seek-imogen heap
her music is just amazing.
i want you back-jackson 5
somebody to love-jefferson airplane
there's just something about this.
erin-joanna newsom
this song is...different. but it has my name, so i like it.
the fear you won't fall-joshua radin
a ballad that i enjoy.
damn girl-justin timberlake
the ONLY and i will say again, ONLY, song by him that i like. and only because its a great song to dance to.
i'd rather dance with you-kings of convenience
i hate men-kiss me, kate
this is so funny, i love it.
nerdfighterlike-lauren fairweather
nerdfighters are full of awesome, and so is this song. it is totally jokes.
positive-legally blonde the musical
it is just so uplifting!
LDN-Lily Allen
her music is so different, and I love her sound!
i just can't wait to be king-the lion king
i love the lion king. enough said.
hey juliet-LMNT
this song seriously can make you feel so good.
and she said..-lucas prata
she will be loved-maroon5
i like his voice.
i'm going down-mary j blige
i love to sing this. badly.
tiger lily-matchbook romance
for some reason, love songs make me sad, not happy. i guess i am a hauntingly romantic person.
all about you-mcfly
my friend http://haaleyhasablog.blogspot.com and i love it.
saftey dance-men without hats
best song ever. hands down. okay, well not really, but it is still pretty darn awesome.
everything-michael buble
his voice is great, and this song is just amazing.
grace kelly-mika
his music is so catchy and this song makes me want to dance.
goodbye-miley cyrus
you should check this song out. it isn't what people think miley cyrus would sing. they think she's the stereotypical pop star, but i just love this song.
katie-missy higgins
this song, and her song 'where i stood' are both lovely.
love will always-moby dick the musical
this song constantly gets stuck in my head. this musical is really unique, and funny. i like the song primitive and a man happens too.
ginny and me-the mudbloods
just listen.
house of wolves-my chemical romance
this song just makes me feel evil.
stop and stare-onerepublic
listen to this. my friend told me to and i love it.
when the day met the night-panic at the disco
i am totally loving their new cd, pretty odd. one song, she had the world, is about me. it must be.
i woke up in love this morning-the partridge family
this television show is amazing. thanks mom.
heartbreaker-pat benetar
i did a jazz dance to this once.
i don't need a man-the pussycat dolls
i HATE 'when i grow up', but this track is enpowering.
everybody needs somebody to love-the real group
this song is soooo chirpy and happy!
what you own-rent
if you haven't seen rent, you are really missing out.
rize score suite-rize
i did a krump routine to this, and it is so good. very intense.
anything's possible-seussical
my school is doing this musical next year, and this is one of my favourite songs from it!
le disko-shiny toy guns
i want a hippopotamus for christmas-shirley temple
i asked for one.
i got this down-simian mobile disco
this is such a dance song.
music is my boyfriend-skye sweetnam
this song is so fun to sing along to.
i'm not afraid of anything-songs for a new world
i'm thinking of using this song as an audition song.
wannabe-spice girls
i used to be a HUGE SG fan.
mama who bore me reprise-spring awakening
one of my favourite musicals. this song is INTENSE. my friends and i sing it a lot.
drama queen-switches
i love songs with the name drama in it, i've noticed.
trashin' the camp-tarzan
tarzan was never my favourite, but i love this one song a ton.
i'd lie-taylor swift
i sing this all the time, and i made a music video to it. i have yet to edit it.
istanbul-they might be giants
this song is so random, and i just love it. i say love a lot.
gimme gimme-thoroughly modern millie
i was thinking of doing this song for an audition. but i'm not sure because i think someone else might be using it. and she ROCKS my toy blocks.
www. girl-toybox
this song is amazing! and on youtube, kristina (italktosnakes) made a video to it, and she is so jokes!
get down hit the floor-twista ft. pitbull
again, a song that i enjoy dancing to.
sunday morning-undertone
this is a cover of maroon 5's sunday morning, and it is a vocal jazz version. i can't explain my undying love for this song.
snuff that girl-urinetown
i was in this, and it was one of the best experiences of my life!
liar liar (burn in hell)-the used
just take a listen.
boom boom boom i want you in my room-venga boys
soul sloshing-venus hum
the music video to this is PRO. and it is a good song for getting ready in the morning.
everything-the veronicas
what is this feeling-wicked
this song is WICKED. pun intended.
ease on down the road-the wiz
oh, good times.
i can make you dance-zapp
a laidback dance beat.

okay, so those are just a few songs from my iTunes that you should check out. Seriously. Do it. I love music. I have a showmance with it, except it is forever playing, so the showmance won't stop. I'm clever.


It is not so much that I don't listen. It is more just like...I don't want to know.
During math class, I pay attention and write down notes, but sometimes I just don't feel the need to listen because I understand it. Sometimes though, I'm not giving all of my body and soul to the board at the front of the room, so I miss a little. My friend always helps me when we get our work, so it is all good.

My math teacher had to go and get surgery. She was gone for about three or four weeks. The sub we got was one of the nicest people ever, and I liked her way of teachhing. That is..
a) until she told us that she was really a man
b) until we found out that we actually had a sub teaching us grade 4 math
c) until trig
d) all of the above

Oh, how I wish I could choose d, all of the above. But, no. It was trig. I just, didn't get it. I mean, I understood most of it, but there was something that I just didn't understand. I don't even want to start thinking about it, I'm too tired and my head will hurt.

My friends offered to help me, but they never got around to it before exam time. Thanks. Just kidding, my friend rock my chalk off of the driveway. One of my friends actually attempted to help me over msn. It didn't work out very well.

Come exam time, I was pretty much prepared for everything, except not trig. But that wasn't the whole exam.

I ended up BOMBING it.

But I still passed the class.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

a random man

Have you ever had someone call you, and you would pick it up and not know who it is? Yes, I know there is such thing as caller ID, but maybe your mom picked up the phone and handed it to you or something. Well, I was talking to my friend, and I decided that the next time a guy calls someone's house, they should do something like this. I will bold the lines that I would say.

"uhh...its _____"
"no its not"
"you are a MAN"
"im _____"
"its ME"
"oh wow."
"I swear, you arent who you think you are"
"umm what"
"you arent _____"
"yes i am"
"no . and you are DEFINETELY not _____"
"i know. i'm _____"
"i'm _____."
"i'm going to call your friend _____ about this. bye"

that is pretty much what i'm going to do next time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

the sisterhood of the travelling pants

I have recently begun re-reading a book entitled The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. I decided to read the book after seeing the movie based on the book. I thought that the book was much better, as it explored the emotions much deeper than the movie.

In the beginning of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, the character Carmen Lowell sets up the story. She tells us about how the four girls: Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby were best friends since birth. She also tells us how she got the pants. Carmen bought the pants at a second-hand store because she just felt like buying something. She didn’t even try them on. I thought that it was cool how the pants just came into the story being just some random object, and how they evolved into something much more.

The story begins when we find out that the four best friends are all going different places in the summer. Carmen is going to South Carolina to visit her dad, Lena is going to Greece with her sister, Bridget is going to a soccer camp in Baja, and Tibby is staying home making a documentary. The girls decide to share the pants because after they all tried them on, they find that they fit each of them perfectly. Each of the girls has a totally different body type, which is why the pants fitting all of them is magical. They make a list of rules about the pants and they send them to each other after a two week period of having them. I thought that it was interesting that the girls each got them twice, because you could see them with the pants more than once.

On page 27, Tibby is thinking about how she could judge her happiness by her guinea pig, Mimi. I thought that was an interesting concept. If she was happy she would feel sorry for Mimi, but if she was sad, she would be jealous of the guinea pig. The great thing about that was that people actually do think this way. A lot of time in books, emotions aren’t true to how people actually feel them. When I was reading this book I felt as though I was connected to the four girls because I realized I was a bit like each of them.

I love how each of the girls have totally different styles and personalities, but they are still best friends. Lena is the shy and artistic one, Bridget is the glamour jock, Tibby is the rebel and Carmen is the drama queen. I think that many people who read this could relate a bit to each of them, which is why these books may appeal to many readers.

Lena meets a boy named Kostos in Greece. All of the people in Oia love him and Lena just doesn’t like him. Her grandmother tried setting them up, but Lena hates to be set up so she started to make sure they were never somewhere together. I thought that if I were Lena I would definitely think that it wasn’t romantic, since her grandmother set her up with Kostos.

At the all girls’ soccer camp, Bridget falls in love with a coach named Eric. He is too old for her but she goes after him anyways. I think that everyone is sort of watching out for Bridget when they read the book. They know that she is always running with reckless emotion and sometimes that isn’t a good thing. Bridget’s mother died, so sometimes her emotions get tangled and she gets depressed. I thought that it was so sad about her mother, but I thought it was really good of Bridget to still allow herself to love and be loved, even though she suffered a great loss in life.

Carmen found out that her dad is getting married to a woman named Lydia, who has two kids, named Krista and Paul. When Carmen finds out that her dad is getting married, she is in shock. I couldn’t believe that her dad didn’t tell her until then. She sees him about twice a year, and he didn’t even bother to call her about his wedding plans later in August. I felt so sorry for Carmen because she was expecting a summer full of fun with just her and her father, but instead got a summer with people she didn’t know, and a father she didn’t trust anymore.

Tibby started working at the store Wallman’s. She is very depressed because her friends left her for the summer. While working a shift, she hears a crash and sees a girl faint. She was rushed to the hospital And Tibby came along for the ride in the ambulance to make sure the girl wasn’t scared when she woke up. Tibby later meets the girl again and finds out her name is Bailey. Bailey is one of my favourite characters in the book. She is so full of life and is such a good kid. She sees beyond looks and she finds good in everyone. Bailey has leukemia, which is cancer of the blood. I love how Bailey seems to stay so strong when she could lose her life.

Every character in this book has different qualities that you see in people everywhere. Each character is unique and they are nothing like any characters in other books. From Carmen to Lena’s grandmother, there is one thing that is prominent in almost every character. You see their love for something. Lena has a love for art, and Bridget has a love for running. The most important thing is that they all love each other. I really am enjoying reading The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and I would recommend this book to basically everybody I know, because it shows value and emotions. It is such a good book!

In the end, all of the girls came back together and talked about their summer. I thought it was cool because they spent all of their lives together and now they have a whole chapter in their lives that the other girls didn’t know about. This book was really good and I think that many people would like to read it. I think girls would like it more, but some guys may like it. I love this series! The books are great and they make you feel as if you know the characters. The characters are genuine and that is what I like about them. This isn’t one of those books where there is the popular girl, the uncool one and all that. This is a original series with original people. I found this book amazing, and I would recommend you to read it.


One of my favourite books is Carrie by Stephen King. I decided to read it over again, and write a bit about it. You should definetely check out the book.

The plot of Carrie was outrageous and crazy, but somehow, Stephen King led us to believe that something like what happened to Carrie could actually happen. As you get further into the novel, you get more engrossed in the story. At that point, you can believe anything that it says in the book. Thinking about it later, I highly doubt that something like this has ever happened. What was good about the book was that it wasn’t totally unbelievable, but it wasn’t something that you would ever witness in your entire life. If someone in the world were actually telekinetic, they probably wouldn’t have the same life as Carrie’s. Even so, the story is so descriptive and believable, that you can imagine it in your head while you are reading about it, or even thinking about it. If some things in the novel were toned down a bit, it still could have been believable. Carrie has a great plot and even if some parts aren’t so believable, it still makes you shiver as if it could happen.

I thought that it was interesting how the book was written. Usually, books are written from the main characters view, or the third person. This book was written using many forms. Stephen King wrote in third person when it was Carrie or Susan thinking and/or talking. He also used it when Chris was talking. The slightly out of the ordinary part is how Mr. King wrote the book using pages from books written about Carrie. Imagine Carrie being real. It would be a big story, so people would write things about it. Some examples of the “books” he uses are The Shadow Exploded and My Name is Susan Snell.
The story was taken from many different views. There was Carrie’s, Susan’s, Margaret’s, Tommy’s, Chris’ and many more. The story was told from so many points of view, and that is a good thing because you get to hear the story through different eyes. If the story was just told by one person, let’s say, the book just wouldn’t be the same. I personally do not think that it would be boring, but less exciting than how it is now.

Carrie White was a shy and quiet girl. During school hours, she did not talk much, and she kept to herself. At home, Carrie’s momma had all the power, so Carrie didn’t speak up too often. If Carrie was not quiet or shy, she wouldn’t be made fun of as much, because she would have been able to stand up for herself. She also wouldn’t have been able to speak up against her momma. Carrie was also very imaginative. Carrie did amazing things with her mind that she couldn’t do without imagination. If Carrie wasn’t very imaginative, she wouldn’t have been able to think of so many things that would have gotten her angry. She imagined people thinking things about her, so if she wasn’t so imaginative, the whole mess would have never happened. Carrie thought of revenge and without her great imagination, the book would have been boring.

I would highly recommend Carrie for people that are around twelve years old and up. There are thematic elements in the book that could be disturbing to younger readers, so therefore, it may not be suitable for people of all ages. I would recommend Carrie because I think that the story is very powerful and it is also quite interesting. It is one of those books and you just can’t put down. Carrie is very real, but also has things that aren’t so real involved. This is a good book for people who don’t always expect a happy ending at the end of the story. Carrie will haunt whoever reads this book for the rest of their lives. Her thrilling story captures hearts of people around the world who care for her. If only she knew how many people cared.

best day of my life

The day I met my best friend Jenna was a very normal day. It just ended up turning into a huge thing. It was pretty fun, and I think you should know about it. Here is the story.

I walked into the brightly lit classroom with my mom, not knowing that this was going to turn out as the best day of my life. I slowly walked over to one of the many round tables and sat down on a small orange chair. My mom and dad followed closely behind me and stood on either sides of my chair. A pretty woman walked over and shook my parents’ hands. She said hello and to follow her so that she could show my family all of the wonderful things in the classroom.

We walked by the carpeted area that was surrounded by books. Although I loved the Language Arts, I didn’t feel like reading that day. We continued on to the toys section. I could see a couple of boys playing with blocks and two girls sorting shiny silver keys. I recognised one of the boys as my cousin Myles. I waved hello to him and he waved back. I thought about him being the same age as me. Maybe he would be in my class in kindergarten this year.

While I wondered about that, the woman and my mom started to talk. I picked up a few words and it seemed as if they were talking about me. I stood up and tugged on my mom’s arm. She looked down and greeted me. I asked the lady who she was. She laughed a soft, tinkly laugh and told me her name. Her name was Ms. R and she was going to be my kindergarten teacher. She had silky, dark brown hair and she was very smiley. She seemed as if she would make a very good kindergarten teacher. I looked around the classroom. There were about six tables set around half of the room. The other half was filled with games, toys and fun. I asked her to show me some of the activities that I could participate in while my mom and dad talked to her about my kindergarten year.

As she guided me over to the corner with some of the other girls sorting keys, I shook my head. I didn’t want to sort keys with those girls with the nice skirts, or the girl with the purple dress on. It is not that they didn’t look nice, it is just that I didn’t feel like sorting keys. I mean what’s the point? Who actually wants to sort keys in their spare time? I sure didn’t want to. I searched the room for something to do other than play with blocks and sort keys.

I saw a shelf full of picture books. I laughed silently; I was already ahead in the Language Arts. Some titles caught my eye as I scanned the shelf of books. The Two Little Monsters, Love you forever and Monster Stew. At the time, I did not know that The Two Little Monsters would be my favourite book in that classroom. I turned away from the books for a split second and saw a girl wearing a pink headband. She looked a little bit quiet, but had the air of a confident person at the same time. I looked back towards the books. There wasn’t anything that I felt like reading at the moment. I suddenly twisted my head around as I heard Ms. Rosenberg ask if any of us wanted to paint on the other easel with the girl who had just walked in. I raised my hand, not so sure what I was getting into. Ms. R pointed her finger at me and asked what my name was. I told her that my name was Erin, and she exclaimed “Of course!”

I slowly walked over to the art easel and tucked a short strand of my blonde-brown hair behind my ear. It came out right away. I stepped over a random child’s leg that was in the way of my path towards the art easels. I finally reached my destination. I looked at the girl. She had brown curly hair, glasses, and big green eyes. She told me that her name was Jenna. I told her my name and we smiled at each other. We asked each other if we wanted to start painting and we said it at the same time. We both giggled and turned towards the easel. Ms. R handed us an egg carton with each individual cut-out filled with paint. I decided that I would like to paint a big smiley face with rainbow features. I was going to use a lot of red. Ms. R gave us each a fresh sheet of paper and warmly let us begin our paintings.

As I reached over to dip my paintbrush the red paint, the gooey substance almost dripped off of it and onto the floor. Fortunately, it just missed the floor and dropped on my paper instead. Oh well, I thought. At least now I know where my line will go over. The girl named Jenna and I continued to paint. After a few silent and awkward moments we started to talk. We asked each other about our parents and about our paintings. Just as soon as we were starting to have a good time, I reached over to get more red paint. This time it trickled off of the brush, and onto Jenna’s headband. I gasped; maybe she would be mad at me. She looked at me and I looked at her with a worried look on my face. She made a small grin and went back to her painting. A minute later I heard a soft giggle. I looked around and saw that nothing was funny. Then I looked down at my shirt. There was a splotch of green paint on the left sleeve. I started giggling softly, just like Jenna. Soon our giggling turned into laughter. Not a long time after that we were in uncontrollable hysterics. We were laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. We were smiling so much that it hurt. Our faces were so scrunched up that our eyes started to tear. Our parents came over to see what happened. Thankfully, they didn’t notice the red blob on Jenna, or the green splotch on me. They calmed us down however, and we decided to go back to our paintings.

Evidently we weren’t quite over our laughing fit. We weren’t completely done having fun just yet. Moments later, there was orange liquid flying through the air, purple zooming towards Jenna’s painting and blue on the floor. We were at the stage of not being able to talk because we were laughing so much. The funniest thing about it was that the parents had no clue what was going on. They were just sitting there, on those little, orange chairs, not having any idea of what we were doing. For minutes we were throwing paint at each other, all of the colours of the rainbow. There were Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Purples, Pinks, Browns and Blacks all over our clothes. You could not tell that I was wearing a red t-shirt or that Jenna was wearing a pink headband. We were drenched in paint. It felt good actually. It wasn’t just the paint that felt good, it was the feeling that I had just made a friend. That friend was standing before me covered head to toe in paint.

I knew that the parents had seen us the moment I heard Jenna’s mom exclaim “Oh-no!” and when I saw my mom’s eyes widen. The mom’s rushed over to us hurriedly, and the dads took their time getting up from the tiny chairs.

Our parents starting lecturing us on the importance of respectable behaviour and such. Jenna and I were too busy looking down giggling to listen one hundred percent, but our parents thought that we were looking down in shame. My mom seemed to be really mad, but later I found out what she really thought. She could not believe what we had done. She “couldn’t possibly imagine what possessed us to do such a thing”, and thought that it was sort of funny at the same time. Throughout the whole scheme, my teacher was laughing her head off at us. We made a very good first impression, if I must say.

After we said good bye to everyone there, we went back home. I had to sit on many plastic bags in the car so that I would not get the seat dirty. We drove home in complete silence. Well, other than the sound of the radio, tuned into 99.9 Bob FM. The ride home was full of 80’s music. When the car pulled into the driveway I started to fidget. I was careful not to get the seat dirty as I struggled to undo the seat-belt. Luckily, my dad came and opened the car door that was beside me. He helped me get out and looked amused. I wondered why.

Right as I stepped into the house my mom made me make sure my feet were clean. After many accusations, I was allowed in. I had to go straight into the bathtub, clothes and all. Immediately after I hopped in, the water turned blood red. Then it started to change into a murky brown. After my clothes were washed, I took them off and wrapped myself in a towel. My mom quickly came running. She didn’t want me to use the towel because of my face. I turned towards the mirror and stared in shock. Who was that girl with the smudge of blue underneath her right eye? Who was this girl who had pink paint smeared all over her forehead? I finally knew why my dad looked amused when he let me out of the car. After all, I was funny looking with all of that paint on my face. I recalled the girl who’s name was Jenna. I tried to imagine her face. I suddenly got a clear picture in my mind. She had paint smeared all over her face too. Now I didn’t seem to look so funny, in spite of my painted face. It wasn’t just a painted face though. It was the face of a girl who had just found her best friend. Call me weird, but it seemed as though she was in the mirror, staring back at me. Of course though, she wasn’t. That is just me being silly and making things up. However, a couple of minutes later, in another bathroom mirror, there was a girl. She was staring in the mirror, as if seeing someone else in it.

Okay, I may have made up the mirror thing. It is kind of movie like. But the rest of it is true.


Stereotyping is a huge deal in the world today. People stereotype others subconsciously, and some know exactly what they are thinking about. Your brain automatically applies stereotypes, if you know it or not. It is an ability built into your brain and you will have it from your birth until your death. Some people say that they do not stereotype, but that is a lie. They might not like to stereotype but they still do it, if they want to or not. I am going to use the book 'That was Then, This is Now" as an example.

In That was Then, This is Now, the guys stereotype the girls. They think that the pretty girls are the only ones worth dating and that the homely ones are not. Throughout the book, Bryon’s stereotyping habit lessens. He still thinks things that he should not be thinking, but he does not agree with some of the things that he thinks about. Bryon compares Cathy to the stereotype of girls and to girls that he had previously dated. He found that Cathy was not like the other girls and that she made the stereotype incorrect. The other guys however, are not like Bryon. In many places in the book they constantly say things about the girls that they are dating; and the ones that they broke up with. They state that girls are hot and the guys call them chicks, and with some research it is has been shown that girls don’t normally like to be called things like that.Cathy does not stereotype as much as most of the people in the book. Since she had not dated many guys, she hadn’t had the experience of the normal dating procedure. As a result, she sees things as they are, and not just in dating, but in life too. When Bryon saw Cathy for the first time in years, he noticed that she had changed and looked different. Before that, he said that she was a gawky girl and that she didn’t really fit in. Now Bryon thinks that she is a beautiful girl and that she might be worth dating. He noticed her looks before her personality, but after a while he saw through the looks and found her true self.
M&M stereotypes people but he does not always let people know it. He probably feels ashamed that he stereotypes, even though it is something built into your brain. However, he does not like to be stereotyped because he feels that it is rude to think that hippies are inferior. He feels that everyone is equal and that no one is better than anybody else. That is true.

Mark stereotyped in a different way than all of the others. The other characters in the book stereotyped in the same way as each other. On the other hand, Mark judges people by how they react to his own actions.
For example, when Bryon found out that Mark was a drug pusher, Bryon freaked out and called the cops. Mark stereotyped Bryon as a snitch and a tattle tale, because from what he saw that might be what it seemed like. Bryon actually was freaking out about it and he did tell on Mark, but that isn’t what Bryon is like all of the time. Most of the time, Bryon is a decent person and he thinks about what others are going to feel like before he does things. But from Mark’s eyes Bryon seemed like a whole new person even though he was the same person inside.
Even though they were barely in the book, the doctor’s attitudes caught my eye. The doctor that treated Mark and Bryon after they got beat up were very aggravated and annoyed with Mark and Bryon. He took one look at the two beat up boys and thought to himself that Mark and Bryon were two naughty boys. They probably also thought that they were possibly poor because they looked dirty and because of the way that they talked. It is true that Mark and Bryon do not like authority, but that doesn’t change that fact that the doctors discriminated against people fighting. Fighting isn’t a good thing, but if someone gets into the hospital because of a fight, the first thing out of the doctor’s mouth should be caring and gentle, not rude and aggressive. The doctors judged Mark and Bryon, and if they had been judged differently they would have been treated differently.

Stereotyping is everywhere. We see it in commercials, books, television shows, movies, and many more things. One is used to the many different forms of stereotyping and is used to stereotyping. Many stereotypes are overused, like being blonde makes you stupid, being a girl makes you unable to play sports, and that mom’s who stay at home clean non-stop. Whenever you eye sees something, your brain automatically stereotypes it. It could be a person, an object, even an outfit. A lot of the time, you do not like what you are thinking. Stereotyping is very useful, but it can also be hurtful. It is just something that you have to live with, but you need to take control over it. Something like stereotyping should never get out of hand.


The cloning process is cut down into steps. First, you take a cell from an animal or human. Then you grow it into an embryo of 100 cells. The third thing that you do is remove genes from cells. Lastly, you put in new genes of whatever you wish to make.

There is a cloning controversy. The question is: Is an embryo of 100 cells a human life?One answer is yes it is a human life, and destroying it is the same as killing. The other answer is no, it doesn’t have characteristics of life, it only has the potential. I'm not totally sure about what I think.

Reproductive Cloning is a copy of an animal, a human and even a plant.

In 1997 the first mammal was cloned. It was a sheep named Dolly. It took 227 attempts to try and create dolly and only one success. Dolly was suffering from premature aging and arthritis.

In 2001 there was the first cloned human. It was only 6 cells.

Building a Better Chicken
Black Feathered chickens grow fast and they are very meaty. The problem is that they do not lay enough eggs. The White feathered chickens lay lots of eggs. They highjacked an egg from a white feathered chicken. They injected cells from a black feathered chicken. They produced a chimera, which is one animal composed of two different cell lines. The chicks were colour coded. If there was more black fur on the chick it would be meatier.

In 1999 people set out to clone a Gower. It was too rare to take eggs from and they didn’t want to take the chance. They took a cow egg and replaced the genes with a Gower’s genes. The embryo was planted into the cow. Nine months later, the Gower was born. Unfortunately, two days later, the Gower became ill from a bacterial infection. The Gower died one day later.

Therapeutic Cloning is creating body parts, organs, and tissues. We can use Therapeutic Cloning to treat diseases such as parkinsonism, diabetes, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Andrea Gordon is a woman of twenty-eight years of age. She had her blood pressure checked and it was 210 over 109. The normal one is 120 over 80. She had a kidney failure. She needs a kidney by forty. She got a kidney from her Aunt Donna. They were a tissue match. The kidney worked. She had to take immunosuppressant drugs which had poor side effects. Two years and eight months later Andrea had an ear infection. To fight the ear infection, she had to stop taking the drugs that she needed to take. Her body rejected the kidney. She had dialyses 5 times a day, seven days a week. She is hoping for a cloned kidney to help her.

They tested a miniature cloned kidney under a cow’s skin. The kidney cells were 3 months old. The kidney produced urine and it was not rejected.

PPL therapeutics is cloning pigs. What they need to do is remove the gene that produces the sugar that coats the heart. They implant 150 single cells into the genetically modified embryos. About five of them come to term. We are getting one step closer to having pigs’ organs acceptable to humans.

Cloning is becoming more and more intense and we are getting closer and closer to being able to clone completely without any mistakes. Cloning is in the near future.

a child?

I have had SO much fun trying to annoy my parents. Okay, well not "annoy" persay, but do fun things that will make them laugh or scoff at my youthful sense of humour.

1. I woke up at seven in the morning, and began to sing, "Every morning when I wake up, I have a new song to sing, my children, Every morning when I wake up, I have a new song to sing" and it was one of my favourite things of the week.

2. I put on Miley Cyrus' "See You Again" and put it as loud as I could, and then I ran around the house dancing and singing the song.

3. I got out of my seat at dinner and got onto the floor and began to swim when my mom told me to go and get water. Not funny, but it was fun.
4. I have laughed and talked in many different voices...to myself.

5. I drank out of a glass the wrong way, and then said "I have a drinking problem".
6. I had a conversation with a grain of rice. And got my brother involved. At a restaurant.

7. While out for ice cream, I took my ice cream cone, stuck it on my head(it did stick) and said "I'm a lovely unicorn!". I got some of my friends and cousins to join in, and we were quite a crowd.

8. I say lumos whenever I turn on a light.

I love it.

Harry Potter

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise. Books, movies, everything. I always see lists about Harry Potter fans like:
1. You Know You Are Addicted to Harry Potter When...
2. Harry Potter Geeks
3. Things That Prove You Are Obsessed
5. Reasons I Like Harry Potter More Than You
6. Harry Potter Isn't Even Cool And This Proves That It Isn't

Stuff like that.

I always use the term HP and I expect everyone to know what I'm talking about. I mean, Harry Potter is a huge franchise, and has a huge fandom, so shouldn't most people know what HP is? Or at least be able to figure it out?

I've had dreams including characters from the books. When the first few movies came out, I had many dreams, most of them including Harry, Hermione, Ron and Voldemort. I had a diary with a picture of Harry on it, and in it Iwrote:

P.S. Please come back to my dreams tonight because I like hanging out with you guys.

I am SO cool. I wanted my letter and when I didn't get it at the age of eleven, I was very disappointed. I thought about it a lot, and my conclusion was that I didn't get it because I live in Canada.

Wizard Rock(WRock) is probably the coolest thing on my iPod, besides my musicals. If you don't know what wizard rock is, I won't tell you. I have something to tell you guys. I have been crushed on since I was in grade five by this creation. A ton of people adore my lover, and i'm sorry, but he's mine. Yeah. I said it. I'll let him explain wizard rock to you.

1. wizard rock
A genre of music that is based solely around J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The movement started with the band Harry and the Potters, and branched out from there. The goal of wizard rock is to express the love for J.K. Rowling's books through music.
You can find wizard rock bands such as Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, and The Whomping Willows on Myspace.

2. wizard rock
An indie music movement in which people write and perform songs inspired by the Harry Potter book series. It is a growing fandom within a fandom, with hundreds of bands around the world, many of whom tour and produce CDs. Wizard rock began as a Myspace phenomenon, but it is receiving recognition as a legitimate genre that spans all styles of music.
Harry and the Potters are often considered to be the "fathers of wizard rock."

1. wrock
a genre of music defined not by musical sound but lyrical content about j.k. rowling's "harry potter" series.
"we support wrocking and rowling" - the wizard rockumentary

Yes. The urbandictionary is in love with me. Obviously. You haven't realized that yet? Anyways, that is what wizard rock is. More about Harry Potter later.


learning lines

I am one of the worst people for learning lines. I practice, I read them over and over and over and over again, but I just can never remember all of my lines. I love lists, by the way, so you better get used to me making lists.

1. Say It Out Loud
You are going to be performing it out loud, so why shouldn't you practice it out loud. I mean, sometimes you can practice by just reading, but saying it out loud is more practical.

2. Other People
When you have lines, you have to remember that there are lines before it, so you need to know your cues. What good is it if you memorize your lines and then you don't know when to say them?

3. Blocking
If you already know your blocking, practice your lines with the blocking. It actually helps a lot, because if you, let's say, stand up at one point, you have a better chance of remembering the line with the action, instead of having the two split up.

4. Writing
If you have nothing to do during class or something, write your lines from memory(if you can) or with some help from the script. If you write it out a lot, or even type it, it will stick in your memory. It helps me, a bit, at least.


cotton candy, yet silk-like,
billowing out, dangerously near
the life of outcasts as we are.
shadows, but are they shadows?
or are they proof
that our world needs to focus
on fixing
refreshing itself.

i've been thinking..

if you get a compliment from someone you admire about something you don't admire, do you begin to admire it, because the person you admire admires something about you, who from your perspective, has many other things to admire, or do you not pay attention and admire the person without thinking about what they admire?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


words that I enjoy.