Sunday, June 28, 2009

i didn't get much sleep last night

I leave for camp in a few minutes. I've been looking forward to camp ever since I got home from it last year. I will update you on my travels and fun times once I get home. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I only have to wait until Thursday for the day to come! All of you guys are lovely, and I'd like to thank you so much for reading and commenting. My father is now beckoning me to come into the car. IMC, here I come!

Tomorrow Morning-Jack Johnson
I'm Yours-Jason Mraz
Words That I Employ-Coach Said Not To
Risque-Cute Is What We Aim For
Makes Me Happy-Drake Bell
Sinai-Ghost Bees
Live For Loving You-Gloria Estefan
Baby, It's Fact-Hellogoodbye
Black Sand-Jenny Lewis
City Song-Mia Riddle

Friday, June 19, 2009

time for something sweet

My last day of school was yesterday, and I have one exam on Tuesday to do. Other than that, I'm done. I've done plenty of fun things this year, and I'm so excited for everything ahead of me. This weekend coming up is a busy one, and I promise to post a few photos from it. I am excited to wear dresses all weekend. Dresses are so much fun!

This school year I've gone to some parties, and I've bought new clothes. I found the coolest Spice Girls shirt, shown above. I love it! I wore it to my friend Rae's birthday party. This year I went to a jazz festival(first photo), and I had a good time, even though some pretty bad events occurred. I borrowed my friend Illana's floral dress to wear for one of those days, and it is such a pretty dress.

I was in my school's production of Seussical, and I played the Mayor's wife/Mrs. Mayor. I had a blast working with all my talented cast members, and of course the crew and directors who did so much! I'm in the yellow, if you were wondering.

Really, it was a great experience. I love musicals, and I could almost fill up my 4GB iPod with all of the musical soundtracks I have. I have so many memories from this year's musical, and I hope to be in more shows.

In my singing groups, we sang many songs. We sang: Mas Que Nada, Boy From New York City, Everybody Wants Ya, September, Centerpiece, A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, Longer, Birdland, Frim Fram Sauce, Shenandoah, Kom!, His Love Never Fails, Lacrymosa, Give Us Peace, Donkey Riding, Run Children Run, Reel A Bouche, Tango To Evora, Sicut Locutus Est,
Singabahabayo, Sing We And Chant It, Mairi's Wedding, Hlohonolofatsa, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?, Ne Sede Djemo, In Remembrance and Earth Song.

I spent lots of time doing Improvisation, and I got to know people through that. I did a few photo shoots with Rae, and she is brilliant, let me just say.

I got new video editing software, so hopefully, soon I will be able to post videos onto Youtube. So many of you have great blogs and other things, like Flickr accounts, Youtube accounts, ect. You really are amazing people and you have passion in what you do, which is something that I think is very important.

Performing is something that I love to do, and I value that I have chances to do what I love.

These are cute.

My birthday is coming up very soon, and I really want some things from here! Check it out!


deep in the hundred acre wood where Erin Meagan plays, you'll find the enchanted neighborhood of Erin's childhood days.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the things that make you smile

Erin Meagan makes wishes, writes on post-it notes, hangs tinsel from the ceiling in magical places, takes photographs, dresses up, collects sparkles, writes secret notes to her fairy friends, makes memories on swing sets, fills her belly with ice cream, picks daisies, hangs onto balloons, reads and creates homemade books, drinks lemonade in tea cups, loves cupcakes, blows glitter kisses, analyzes poetry, fills her days with music, dreams of Hogwarts, dances for the irresistible quality of loving life, uses improvisation, sings to starry-eyed strangers, sketches lacy drawings of umbrellas and snowflakes, adds sprinkles to doughnuts, spends hours in bookshops, cuddles with magical friends and dreamers, puts ribbons in her hair and dances in the rain, devours chocolate truffles and biscuits, sits on floral bedsheets and reads storybooks, believes in fantastical things, and sees your voice.
A few lovely bloggers asked if they could see some pictures from the photo shoot that I mentioned in the last post, and so here are two of them for you to see. If you want to see the others, go to Rae's blog ( and look around for them. She is a fabulous girl, and I'm excited to see her tomorrow again.

The most adorable teeshirts here. Especially the one that says: hello there how are you? i hope you are doing well if you are managing to read this then you are amazing and i love you more than anything else in the world.... :)

A very sweet site.

Solve Relationship Problems.

I loved playing this years back. So much fun playing Mash.

I recently had a big burst of performances for singing groups, and I just wanted to share a picture of one of the more casual performances with all of you. The girl on the end is Bev, who some of you may know from her illuminating blog (, and I am next to her. Emma (, is also in the photograph. We all make a fun jazz group.
Are any of you excited to see the Tony Awards?!
Have a great weekend!