Wednesday, September 17, 2008

italic issue

Hello again!
Sorry that I could not blog last night. My internet was down and I was trying to fix it from 3:45 to 5:45. My dad had to fix it, so I ended up getting on at 10:20 and I barely had anytime to do anything.

I was going to blog about the cast list for Seussical, which was posted yesterday, but quite frankly, there is so much non-existant drama that really does exist, and I'm not even involved with it, so I won't be blogging about this. Sorry. If you wanted to know though, I got my first part(besides Cyndra is High School Musical(LOL)).

I am wearing a EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE Horton Hears a Who shirt. I'm not full of my self at all, actually people just kept on complimenting it, so I decided to mention it. I am wearing a yellow headband that keeps on falling off, because my hair is in a ponytail. Fussy.

Tell me you love me! Now! now! now! I want to feel it, Give me your love now!

I am in computer multimedia class, again. Apparently, they just unveiled something really cool about technology saving the enviroment. GM just unveiled a Volt electric car! It saves on fuel, it isn't all electric, but it has two sides to it. If you run out of battery power, it switches to oil. It's only a half-half solution though, because although it wouldn't use up as much gas, the battery would have to be put in a landfill, along with all of the other crap we have there. Sigh.

The assignment that we just got is to create a logo that represents us. I still have no ideas, and it is now 2:10. I only have to wait 20 more minutes. Wow, our class is discussing CHEESE. I don't really enjoy cheese. But WHY are we talking about cheese? We talk about food every class. Now we are talking about yogurt. That is my least favourite food. It is so discusting. It makes me want to puke. No lie. Now we are talking about Karate Kid. 18 more minutes.

The song is Tell Me You Love Me by Frank Zappa!
I think I may like it.

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beverley said...

I love your witty comments. they make me giggle like an old man.