Sunday, January 25, 2009

apology; maybe accepted.

I haven't posted in a week, and that is for a few reasons:
3-Dance Class
4-My Mind

If I don't post now, I'm not sure when the next time this week will be. I have a math exam on Monday, and a Geography exam on Wednesday. I may be having a tea party on Thursday, and then over the weekend I'm going to be pretty busy with rehersals and seeing one of my best friends who I haven't seen in quite some time. Oh, and thank you to everyone so much for the comments! Last post so far has 20 comments, which is the most comments that I've ever received! I really enjoy reading your comments, and all of your blogs, so thank you, again.
Just some quick photos of hair that I wish I could have. Either found on weheartit, or just saved into my picture folder from a while ago.

Do you remember when I said a month ago that my friends Tatiana and Madison had made me a book? Well they actually made me two, and these are pictures of the second one. Isn't it just darling? And don't I look adorable? I wish my hair could be like that!

Hanna Beth. Miss Hanna Beth. If you know of her, you probably know of her as a scene queen. That's not even why I like her style/look. Sometimes her makeup is a bit much, but what else would you expect from a scene queen? We are both close to the same height, and I think that it is cool that she gets modelling jobs and such with her height. My friend Stefanie told me that we look similar..but I'm not too sure about that. We are about 5 years apart too. What do you think(for those of you who know me personally, you probably will know a little bit better)? I'm going to post some pictures of her.


I love the dress that she is wearing to pieces! I just wish I could have it in my closet! I'm not crazy about her shoes, but I like the accessories she's wearing with the dress. And cmon, CUPCAKES!?


The keychains on her phone are INSANE!


This is a more chic, laid-back outfit, and I love her hair, which she also has in the next picture.


I must learn how to do my hair like this! I think that it looks so awesome!


This dress is magical! And her hair is gorgeous there, extensions or not, it doesn't make a difference to me.


This is more classy, and less colourful than what she normally wears. The makeup is neutral too. Oh, and again, her hair is amazing.


I don't have a link to the other pictures from this shoot, sorry, but in other shots you could probably see the dress a bit better. This dress is fabulous, and the headband really adds something. I don't know if she looks like me though.


This makes me smile. I love the shelf in the background!


Her and her friend both just look good. I like Hanna's headband, and normally I'm not a huge fan of those headbands.


I love this picture, and I love her shirt. Her hair looks so cute!

I had a dream sometime this past week, and it included a lot of things. The things that stood out the most was a waterslide, a strange bird, ice cream, a drama teacher and two friends that I have recently befriended. When you dream about being on or seeing a waterslide, it can suggest that you are being swept away by your emotions. It could also mean that you are going with the flow of things without any resistance. When you have a dream that has deformed or odd birds, it can be indicating that you have a unique perspective on romance and love. It can also represent a lack of understanding in 'affairs of the heart'. To see or eat ice cream in a dream represents pleasure and satisfaction in your life. It shows savouring the moment and enjoying it. It also indicates good luck and success in love. Seeing a teacher in a dream can mean that you are seeking advice, or approval. Seeing friends in a dream signifies parts of your personality that you have tried to bash, but are now ready to accept and incorporate into your life. It can also mean that there will be good news. That is a lot of different meanings for a lot of different things. The scary thing is, they actually make sense to my life right now. Does things like that ever happen to you? Freaky.

I should be going now, because I have a lot of studying to do, which really does suck. First, I think I'll get some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and maybe some easy listening music. If any of you have exams, I hope that they go well for you, and me as well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

today is a very good day

So far, I'm having a good day. Some of you may be able to guess why, but the reason for my gladness doesn't really matter. Maybe I'll tell you why later. Haha, I'm being such a tease. Something really cool happened last night. Cool is not even close to being the right word, but it will have to do. I was in my room texting a few people, and then I walked over to my bed and plopped down. The word plopped reminds me of elementary school and my friend Jenna, so I try to use it whenever I can. Anyways, when I sat there on the bed, I noticed something really strange. The air all of a sudden had a blast of sparkage soaring through the air, and it was almost as if it were magic causing this to happen. Of course, it was just the air flow from when I sat down on my bed. You see, I have a glass of glitter in my bedroom(or fairy dust, you never know) and I forgot to put the piece of material over top of it, in case of spillage. So there was glitter flying everywhere in my room, making everything shimmer, and then I saw that it was 11:11, and that made the moment even more magical. I hope my wish comes true.

I'm going to now post a bunch of pictures(kind of inspired by Tiffany, kind of just because it came to mind) of rooms that inspire me/that i want/that i wish i had/that are awesome. I also got a photo tag and I promise to do it soon!

I had a dream today. One of the bigger concepts of it was a plane ride. That indicates searching for freedom, adventure, and reaching for higher levels of success. As weird as this may sound, my dream also included eggs, which could mean that something new is about to happen in my life. It indicates possibilities opening up and inner potentials.
Something interesting for me to think about.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

two poems

stubble, a happy medium of rough and smooth,
he grazes my shoulder and that's all I require
no purpose, not really.
fascinating myself with the whole of him.
sitting at my vanity, i know about insanity,
this can't be it.
bare, on the outside
exposed, but deserving
do i dare impress?
will he express?
feelings; ruthless.
I always saw this as inconceivable
but now my serene mind has a specific destiny
at least for now.
authentic words, spoken in fifths
we relish in our glory
practically bursting at the seams,
chivalry is blossoming,
frolicking seems natural.
delicate defines all emotion
anxious excitement fills our pulsating veins
could this be it?
the words written down almost a forbidden power
as we speak in fifths and cursive tongues.
Immediately the warmth is replaced with longing,
my acapella mind without one to complete it.
again, I think of my carousel of colours, my whirlwind of a classic orchestra.
do you?
Wincing at a gaunt expression, I'm sitting there again.
sitting at my vanity, I know about insanity,
this can't be it.

Cobalt Crescents
just a gesture.
it's all I need from you to make this illusion of a fool.
sightseeing in Paris
you are calling my name
I can think of very few things that could reduce my juvenile grin.
we sit at a table,
one and a half feet apart,
there's a connection, is there not?
the crescents in your eyes make it impossible to refuse this oasis of panoramic entertainment.
we eat biscotti,
it's 2:35,
at a small estate of obscene tomorrows.
Hesitation creeps up on me and I suppress the urge,
your effortless attempt with a chromatic fashion works great.
just great.
We secretly yearn for frivolous casualties
as we sit, edging closer.
Our charisma and chemistry ricochets all around
Enchanted, as he tells his tales.
we stand to leave,
this stranger with cobalt eyes,
and I gasp.
"tomorrow," is all he says
and I meditate to those words as I walk away,
to morr ow
to morr ow

Those were two poems that I have written(both in geography class, I may add).
please feel free to leave comments with constructive criticism, or any comments at all about them.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

city kid

I know that I don't normally put up photos of my face on my blog, I think I have never done that, actually. The thing is, I kind of NEEDED TO. Rae at did a photoshoot and I was her model. Doesn't it look like my name could be Svetlana in the first two shots? Rae is such a talented photographer, I felt so privileged that she had asked me to model for her. It was TONS of fun, and I actually really like modelling. Go visit her blog while I go to my first dance class of the night. It will be fun, I promise.
P.S. Now you all know what I look like..ish.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

you give me butterflies and sometimes even dragonflies

if i could fill my world with glittery sugarlumps and dainty china-sets..
if i could colour the stars multicoloured and tie-dye the grassy fields..
if i could bake the most wonderful cupcakes with icing mixed by fairies in small honeysuckle cottages..
if could spread love like peanut butter and never break..
if i could live with lovely woodnymphs in the secrecy of my own home, in the bright fuzzy lights of the city..
would i?
-a poem by me.

I was reading a bunch of blogs and I checked to see if there were any new posts on my friend, Ellie's blog. I read the most recent one and I LOVED her poem. She doesn't get a ton of readers, and I really think that she deserves some comments, so get yourselves over to her blog!

Those three photos were taken by April Lilly, a photographer from Michigan. I like her photos! They may not show up correctly, and be cut off or something, because my blog does that to photos sometimes. Google her though, she's pretty cool.
There were some questions posted on and I am going to answer them here.
Is there something about yourself or you do that make you feel great?
I love to dance and write. Dancing also releases endorphins, which make me happier.
Something that make you feel slightly smug?
Actually, I don't really know any, to tell the truth.
Something you feel you're great at?
I think I'm pretty good at doing anything I'm passionate about. But only doing it to my best, not other people's standards.
Is there something you're the best at?
Probably not.
Is there something you're the worst at?
Something involving drawing or picking up heavy things.
What do you love about each?
That I can try!
The most wonderful Tiffany at tagged ME to do a tag, and so I'm very excited to do it! I love getting tagged.
The Rules
1. First, state the rules.
2. State four talents that you happen to possess.
3. State four random facts about yourself.
4. Tag four other bloggers and state why you tagged them.

1. I am pretty good with computers, especially for someone my age. Most people think that they are very good with computers, but in reality, all they do is use facebook, msn, aim, ect. HTML is fun!
2. I guess I'll say dancing as this next one.
3. Talking!
4. Improv? Is that a talent that I posess? If you know me personally, tell me in the comments.

1. I am going to a birthday party today, and I am giving the birthday girl a sponge to 'soak up all of the goodness'.
2. The song on my iTunes that has the most plays is Mama Who Bore Me Reprise from Spring Awakening.
3. I am currently wearing a black and white striped v-neck sweater! It's comfy!
4. My father is on a trip!

Instead of tagging four people, I'm going to tag whoever would like to do this, because it's quite fun!

I am going to be putting a link to my account on the sidebar. I get almost all of the photos I post on here from that site. Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

had and sappy

Guess what! I got back from my trip a day late because of the weather! The only good thing about that is that I bought a couple of other things on the extra day. I am hoping to post some pictures of the things I bought very soon, if my camera decides to like me again. Before I left to go on my trip, I went to a book store and I saw a really interesting book. I suggest you click this link and check it out.

My Playlist
Goodbye Love-RENT
Number One-Skye Sweetnam
Anyone Else But You-The Moldy Peaches
Sunday Morning-Maroon 5
The Girl-City and Colour
If We Were A Movie- Hannah Montana
Save Your Scissors-City and Colour
Hot Shot-Vive La Fete
I Thought I Saw Your Face Today- She & Him
My New Philosophy-You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

golden skies,
your warmth surrounds me
in such a way
that the air begins to shimmer.

how thrilling it can be
like a foreign tongue
new experiences

i say 'nothing'
i mean 'everything'.

you need to listen
hear the radio,
the cheering of the general public,
the clanking of heartbeats
matching the beat of the drum
almost perfectly.
are you sure?
are you sure you want to keep this up?
are you sure this uniform suits you?

stop to think
stop to blink
stop to plan
stop to dream.
start to think
start to stare
start to plan
start to live.

it's as if you are a different person.
the math added up right.
the graph made sense.
the equations worked out.
why is this such a shock?
a better question would be:
why am i witnessing the shock instead of experiencing it?
have you ever wondered how one can feel so detached to the struggles for one they are so attached to? or, were attached to? it's an interesting concept, isn't it?
does analyzing feelings make one more strong, emotionally? or does it just depend on other things?
nonsense never made as much sense.

His hair was the colour of sand and he grinned as he watched something to do with baseball on the television. He turned to his friend sitting on his left and said something. At that moment, I saw that his nose was straight and not too big or too small. Feature-wise, noses are important to me. His eyes were the colour of mocha, at least it seemed like they were from the table that I was sitting at. He took a bite of his sub and I saw a pickle fall out. Pickles are amazing, so now I KNEW he was amazing. He chewed and looked around and noticed me staring at him. I felt myself turn warm, but I knew I wasn't blushing, because I never turn red. His eyes(mocha, I'm almost sure of it) gazed into mine and we held our eyes together, until he was the first to look away(but I was the first to blink, so it all evens out, right?). He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He checked it and then looked longingly at an empty space in the food court. Why couldn't he be looking at me? Him and his friend(who had a Sioux hat on) looked in the same direction at the same time, but I didn't find that weird, since I noticed his fabulous, angular jawline. His Sioux-hatted friend looked at him and nudged him, and then he took a bite of his sub. Two minutes later, his eyes caught mine and I simply could not look away. He started to clear the table up and him and his friend stood up. His friend looked at me and grinned and then bent down to tie his shoe. They picked up their drinks and walked away. That was my lovely day at the mall. (this is partly fictional)

I was sitting in a big comfy chair in the mall when a voice to my left said, "How do you stay so small?". At first I didn't realize that he was speaking to me, but then I looked up and he was waiting for a reply. I said that I wasn't quite sure, I just am naturally like this. He then went on to talk to me about how his sister is always on a bunch of diets, and she never seemed to eat enough. This guy was probably a middle-aged dude, and I'm still in high school. How old did he think I was? I told him that I eat more than enough(most days) and that in a few minutes my mother and I were going to meet and get a few cookies. The conversation ended soon after, and then when I got up to find my mother, I noticed that he was asleep.

Chloe, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! It is such an honour that you awarded me both of these fantastic awards! I love your blog!
I am going to give BOTH of these awards to the wonderous, because she totally deserves it!
School starts tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to going back. I hope to make another post very soon including my purchases and such. Oh, and YOU. Thanks.