Thursday, September 11, 2008

admit did.

"It's kind of's kind of awful the way that twilight and miley cyrus are awful though, in which, you know, they are still really entertaining and i still love them, but they're awful..."
-hayleyghoover on fiveawesomegirls

Wow, that quote was great. So, quick catch up blog thing.. doesn't it bother you when people don't believe you when you are telling the truth? At this moment, two people aren't believing something that is clearly right. Why would I have done something like that?

Anyways, tomorrow is friday, and then the weekend! I am hoping too see my friend J this weekend, and another plus to that(if it happens) is that I will FINALLY recieve my notebook. I left it there over the summer, and never got it back. I've bought two and I am almost done the red one, and the other one..well, I am attemping to only use it for school-related things, so it isn't filling up as fast as my notebooks usually do.

I just felt the top of my left foot, and it was very smooth. How..interesting. YEAH! So, today I had callbacks. They were fun, I've never been to a callback before, so it was a fun experience. I am just so excited for the musical!

It is getting cold too fast! I am always shivering! I need a hug! I think I am going to go now and attempt to eat something before I go to bed, because I won't have time for breakfast tomorrow morning. I like how no one can tell if I am wearing makeup or not. It is kind of unusual, because shouldn't people be able to tell? Whatever. Oh, and everyone, I did NOT kiss anyone today. Whoever thinks I did is very confused and probably needs to read some Harry Potter and realize that I am in fact NOT Lavender Brown, no matter how much I look like her or act(???) like her. Thank you.

Erin Meagan.

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beverley said...

your blog posts thrill me in ways cheese on young children never can.
love, me.