Friday, September 26, 2008


have a ball, have it all

do whatever
hit the wall, get the call
and you better pay
there's no other way

Sorry for the previous post, but i'm still frustrated with myself about it. Today was a pretty bad day to begin with. Gym was first thing, and we did volleyball for the last time. I am pretty bad at volleyball, and it didn't help that a bunch of football players(as if they are any good) (kidding) were standing right behind my team the whole time, taking up space and just being annoying. Some guy put his phone on vibrate and put behind my ear and made it vibrate while I was attempting to play, and it was just plain stupid. He didn't even know me. I was terrible at volleyball and I did about three or two good shots, and that's it. Math was after. Math was okay.

If love still counts for something

If love's the greatest gift;
then I'm already, I'm already rich

Lunch was okay. We played around on garageband, and made P's voice sound like a 6 year old girl. It was entertaining, to say the least. I was supposed to get help from J with my math at lunch, but no worries, I can (hopefully) do it. After lunch was computer multimedia, and on macromedia flash, I took about an hour to work on this project that we have to do involving a car driving across a street, and I FINALLY was at the second last step. The instructions said to click a certain thing and watch a preview of it. It was awesome, and it even made the sound when it was supposed to. I was very glad. I x-ed out of the window, and then realized that I had x-ed out of the entire program. I thought the preview had opened another window, but I guess not. I was in hysterics(okay, maybe not)and on the floor screaming(definetely not) and I was very upset about it. I hadn't clicked save because I was intently following the instructions and they never mentioned saving. All I had left to do was stop the motion, add the start button and publish it! I was so close! And now I have to start all over again next class. I'm still angry.

First round - shake the ground
I'm still standing
Stomp & kick 'til your shoes don't fit
I'm still stading
I made my way through the bitter nights
I'm letting go - I'm turning out the lights

My last class of the day was geography, and we started watching a movie about a tsunami, and it actually was pretty good, especially for a movie that we are watching in school. We still didn't finish it, and it was good to watch. Kind of graphic, but not really. After school I walked to the drama room for no reason at all and then I was standing with my friends inside of the building, right beside the door. I was holding my binder and then K walked up to me and asked(in the strangest way possible)"Is that a Hufflepuff sticker?" and proceeded to follow me as I weaved my way around my other friends, trying to get away from him. He snatched the binder from me and ran out the door, cackling. No, this is not an exaggeration. He really did cackle. M ran after him and got my binder back. That was nice. We went outside and J took S's hat and for about seven minutes we just fooled around. No, not like that. The car came and my cousin M and I ran to get the front. Of course he got there first. That's just because he didn't have to pick up a binder and make sure nothing spilt out of his silver purse, like me. I broke a nail picking up that binder.

I've started listening to Amy Diamond again. Pop songs are so darn catchy! The lyrics are from..hmm, let's see..
Welcome To The City
All The Money In The World
Don't Lose Any Sleep Over You
All of those are by Amy Diamond. None of them are her new songs, which unfortunately, I do not have. I have a couple actually, and I love them!

So all in all, my school day sucked. But then I got home and did my happy dance. Except I'm even sicker now. I am a tenor.
AGH. I used to be so jealous of amy diamond. People used to say we looked alike. I wish.


Time to Get Fuzzy said...

I think you guys do sorta look alike.

beverley said...

you do look alike!