Saturday, September 13, 2008

i got life!

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

Hello everyone, how are you? Today is Saturday, September 13, 2008. I just came back from a Starbucks run. I was sitting there with my friend Bev, and she said something that may have been a little bit odd for the older ladies behind us to hear. It was funny. At least we didn't get kicked out, like Bev's mother thought we did. Our tradition is to go to the dollar store after getting our wonderful drinks. The store is quite lovely, I enjoy it. I always find something funny there. Today I saw a flowered bra. Like, one of those hawaiian ones, you know? I wanted to buy one, just because they are so cool. I'd dance around my house wearing it.

I am going out for dinner tonight, and I'm going with two other families. I like them, they are awesome! I went out for dinner last night, and I got a grilled chicken casear salad. I get that pretty much everywhere I go. It's either that or pasta or pizza. Mostly the salad though. I find it quite tasty. I've gained my lost weight from the summer back. I feel so proud.

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins
Cuz your heart has a lack of color and we should've known
That we'd grow up sooner or later cuz we wasted all our free time alone

Well, I am going to leave soon for dinner. One more thing: don't you hate when there's something that someone isn't telling you?

The songs were the immigrant song by led zeppelin and rainbow veins by owl city. they are both on the playlist on this blog, actually.

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beverley said...

ooooh, I like the rainbow veins lyrics.

and yes, I HATE it when someone isn't telling me something. But doesn't everybody? I mean, who would enjoy that?