Tuesday, September 30, 2008

to put it simply..

it sucks not knowing.
i'd rather be simply shut down
than just left in the unknown
it's like flirting with disaster

at the same time,
i still have hope
i'm wishing on a song
because the stars never work

critical thinking;
it could be just me
"your eyes look like jigsaw puzzles because they're relecting all this white paper! it looks cool!"
I want to break this hint of love
let's see if its real
see if this is real
break it in half,
then see if it's worth it
the beat pulsated throughout all of us, just sitting there.

"Here's all the facts," Felicity put down her bright yellow notebook and looked up at me.
"Why do we have to do this again?" I asked while flattening my bedspread before sitting down on it. Felicity had been writing lists and pages of point-form notes all about this. She was truly concerend, I suppose.
My antagonized eyes glimpsed into his, but only for a second. His eyes bore into mine, and they weren't cold as I expected. They weren't inviting in any way, but they were soft and kind.
just some stuff from my notebook.


beverley said...

what I don't get was that she was in her room, but he was there? because she flattened her bedspread and he was there, unless they were sipposed to be in her room.

erin meagan said...

ACK. it took out all of my spaces.
those are like, 5 different things.

Anonymous said...

Those muffins look really amazing, and it has nothing to do with your blog, but they are quite interesting.