Thursday, September 4, 2008

August 30, 2008 Central Time

Victoria, my mother, loved to party back in her day. She'd kill me if she heard me say that. She'd think I was saying that she was old.

So anyways, today we were out at the beach, and I was just sitting there, in the sand, while my two brothers were in the water. Rafting? I do not recall. My mom called my dad and asked what was taking him so long, and..
Well, long story short, my dad bought some alcohol for a party that they were having later at night, a kind of get together, I guess.

So after I cleaned out my bag from the beach, I went downstairs. My parents friends were already there, as well as my younger older(it makes sense) brother's girlfriend, Kayley. I ran back upstairs and changed into an American Eagle dress. It's purple. And HOT. Haha, just kidding.

There was pizza for dinner, but it was pepperoni, which I hate! Why can't they get plain, old, regular cheese like the Rest of the World?! My parents are insane, but I love my family.

I went into our 'game room' and my two brothers were there with Kayley. They seemed to be playing pool, but with golf balls. Weird.

Kayley whispered to us that she brought some alcohol from upstairs. I was expecting a cup full, but this was like a TANK! She then got a call on her motorola (don't ask, I just remember) and then left. My brothers are so popular, and they are my idols in a way, even though I am a girl.

I just remember drinking it and thinking it tasted bad, but my brothers do this stuff at the clubs all the time, so it should be nothing. I bet a bunch of my friends have gotten drunk before. Right?

It is now a day later and my head is killing me. I feel weird and I'm dizzy too. It's August 31, 2008, Central Time.



beverley said...

you are insane.
don't believe any of this, people.

erin says: said...

i like to write.