Monday, August 31, 2009

jump jive and wail

Thank you so much for the replies to my question! Sammi-Lise, I also like the sequin trend. Lottie, that preppy look is so much fun! Jocelynne, sweater dresses are so nice, as well as fall florals, blazers, and leather jackets too! I like dressing up, it is lots of fun!

My lovely friends and I were at Mitsu's house yesterday, and we made delicious smoothies. We also decided that we were going to create our alter egos. Here is some info about mine.

My name is Gretchen Heather Ann Coach. Some people call me Gretch, as well as kiddo, but that's mostly by my dad. My birthday is December 21, 1996, and I am age 13 and going into grade 8. My parents are is Chad Zachary Coach and Nicola Ezmeralda Zimmerman-Coach. My dad is a life coach, and my mother is a womens' volleyball coach. Kind of ironic, hey? I am high-upper middle class. My 17 year old sister is Lindsay Rose Zimmerman Coach. I have an adorable golden retriever named Willy. I am dating a prepubescent, short & pudgy boy named Mark (with a “K”!) Bailey. My style is jumpers, knee socks, mary-janes, ruffles, lip gloss, and pink. My guilty pleasures are banana pudding, High School Musical, & charm bracelets.

Raez ( is Priscilla Ava Marie Dôuche, but call her Zaria.
Mitsu ( is Samantha Pakwa Inkleburton, call her Sammie.
Rona is Sophie Kwoogh Kotunowicz.

Gala Darling ( made a new post on her website, and it inspired me to post some pictures. I love these interiors.

"so extremely true can a heart fall deep into the hands of another. fall so quickly and land so carefully. by someone who holds the key to unlock all sorts of woes and cares and thoughts and turn them all into fluffy cotton wool and wish it away up to the clouds. up where they stay. never to be seen. and down upon the green daisy covered grass, lay nothing but perfection and happy stars and excitement bubbles.she sits under the shady tree daydreaming of adventures to come. of words to say and things to feel."-the girl with the huge imagination, and the tea drinking english rose, lottie. (

You're My One And Only True Love-Seduction
Paper(Hot Sax Version)-Explode Into Colors
Dirty Little Secret-All-American Rejects
Makes Me Happy-Drake Bell
Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood-St. Vincent
Just Add Water-Nice Guys Finish First
3 Little Words-Frankmusik
The Lady Is A Vamp-Spice Girls
The Freaks, Nerds & Romantics-Bouncing Souls
Twist and Shout-The Beatles
Fuck You-Lily Allen
My Name Is Love-Amy Diamond
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat-The Partridge Family
Harry-A Very Potter Musical
My Favourite Things-Connie Talbot

I went on a trip recently, and I bought a few things. Now my room has new friends, like: a yellow and grey striped tube jersey dress, a red zip up, as well as a purple one; a white teeshirt with paint splatters and fish on it(very artsy), blonde hair extensions, lip gloss that tastes like creamsicles, sweet pea body spray, floral sunglasses, a checked skirt in pinks and purples, purple acid wash jeans, yellow and white nail polish, white nail art nail polish, a composition book like Harriet M. Welsch has in Harriet The Spy, the cutest underwear and high school musical socks. I also bought two movies, Step Up and The Clique. Have any of you seen The Clique, or read the books? Who would you be? People tell me I'd be Massie, but not mean like she is. I think Kristen is cool, and Layne too.

I really want to get to know some of you more. So, I'm going to have a few questions for you guys to answer(all out of choice, you don't have to!) and you can post them below in the comments!

Where is one place where you've felt your heart belongs?

Who do you look up to, or, who inspires you?

If you could be anyone for a day who would you be?

If anyone could sing you a song, what would it be and who would it be?

Would you hold a strangers hand if they asked you to?

If you had to choose, the sky or the sea?

I hope you get lots of inspiration from my blog post. But mostly, just from the world in general. Lately, inspiration has been key in my life. It's time for me to make a anniversary card for my grandparents, so I hope to hear from you, and goodbye!

P.S. School is soon. And I still don't have audition songs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

lettres d'amour
She takes amazing photographs, you really should check other ones out, and comment!
I also have a flickr account, the link is on the sidebar of my blog!
A Current Obsession of Mine.
"Be careful what you wear to bed at night, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."
Darren Criss has so much talent, and I'm in awe!
I want to see Cherrybomb so badly! Rupert Grint is AMAZING.

8x10-Fefe Dobson
Won't She Be Surprised-The Bicycles
Träume-Francoise Hardy
Ties-The Momeraths
Symphony 1 In The Barrel Of A Gun-Emily Wells
Sun Giant-Fleet Foxes
Seaside-The Kooks
Scenic World-Beirut
Mr Sandman-The Puppini Sisters
Melody-Erin McKeown
Little Boxes-The Submarines
Let's Get Together-The Go-Go's
Cigarettes-Russian Red
Let's Lay Together-The Isley Brothers
Shy Kind of Guy-Gogol Bordello

What are some back-to-school trends, outfits, or looks you are into? I'd love hearing from you!