Saturday, September 6, 2008

dysfunctional thoughts

'girls love a lovesick guy, until he gets too lovey or too sicky."-Paul Kropp as Maggie McPherson

a kiss is a culmination(google it) of feeling, not a starter or anything like that. it's better to just wait for the right moment instead of just kissing too soon. make sure you tilt your head to the right, and i cannot stress that enough. i'll bold it. MAKE SURE YOU TILT YOUR HEAD TO THE RIGHT. okay, i hope i got the point across there.

did you know that there is a lot of sensitive skin on a girl's(and possibly guy's, i'm not sure) upper lip? if not, now you know. so, uhh, yeah.

authentic compliments are way better than inauthentic ones, but if you are really incompetent, then the inauthentic ones will have to do. but try, at least.

i'm writing this because i have SO much experience, and I know about this stuff from a personal point of view.


EM said...

What you blog about makes me smile, Erin.

beverley said...