Saturday, September 27, 2008


y o u .
Y O U.

I just got a call from a unknown caller. I really do wish my phone had caller ID, then I could know who is calling me before I pick up. The guy sounded really nice. He even apologized for bothering me on a Saturday night. As if I could be doing anything productive.

I really want to write a song right now, but I'm not up to it. I can't seem to write anything happy. I can't even write much of anything, happy or sad. I wonder what is going on with me. I'm listening to nevershoutnever! right now. Oh wait, the song changed. Now I'm listening to Different Guy from Not Exactly Romeo. Check that out.

whenever there's something good that is happening, i'm happy
but then, somehow, i end up finding something and getting sad about the situation.

1 comment:

beverley said...

its because of your red head infatuation.
hah, idk.