Thursday, September 4, 2008

school has begun

Tomorrow I am going to school, and it will be my third day. I found some fill-out survey on facebook, and I decided that I was going to fill it out. I barely ever fill these things out. But this one is an exception. The only thing is, I slightly changed it around. It is TOTALLY interesting.

Did you like your homeroom?
I liked the teacher, although some of the kids in the class are not my favourite. I am not saying that I dislike them, but I wish I had more of my friends in my homeroom.
Who is your locker by?
My friend R and I don't even remember who is on the other side. But I'm sharing my locker with my friend I.
See any hot guys?
Of course.
What did you have 4th period?
Computer Multimedia or Geo.
Who sits behind you in 4th period?
In geo, it is some kid that I don't know, and everyone moves around in computers, so it is hard to answer for this one.
What did you wear?
On the first day? I don't even remember anymore. I didn't plan it, so it isn't permanently stuck in my mind.
Who did you sit with at lunch?
I don't normally sit at lunch. I was in the choir room on the first day with some awesome people, and then today I walked to starbucks with Bev and I.
Did you get lost?
Of course not.
How did you get to and from school?
M's dad drove there and L's mom picked up.
Meet anyone new?
Yes. Well, I've met her before, but only once. I am excited to meet the new grade niners who are joining the musical!
Was lunch good?
I suppose so.
What grade did you go to?
Tenth grade.
Do you like it?
I'm just really tired right now.
Is the person you like in any of your classes?
Yes, but the reason I like this question is because it isnt specific to which classes, so now the sole two people who don't know will never know!
Does anyone in any of your classes like you?
Probably. I'm just that hot.
Do you have a favourite teacher yet?
Not one, but I have teachers that are AWESOME(drama and choir)
Do you miss your teachers from last year?
Not really. I mean, they are still here.
Are you playing any sports this year or are you in any clubs?
No sports, and i'm joining improv once again.
Is your boyfriend in any of your classes?
I was going to make the joke that music is my boyfriend, and so then music is with me everywhere, but that joke was dumb. So I will just say that yes, my boyfriend is in all of my classes.(???)
Are any of your ex's in any of your classes?
EVERY SINGLE CLASS!!!!! It is actually so annoying.

You know, a few of these answers make a lot of sense. Because I am very hot, I have ex's and because I have a boyfriend.

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