Thursday, September 4, 2008

five things

thanks to for this awesome idea!

1. fiveawesomegirls

These (pun not intended) five awesome girls are amazing! They were inspired by vlogbrothers(John and Hank Green, DUH) and they have great videos.


They all also have individual channels, which I suggest you subscribe to, as well as fiveawesomegirls and vlogbrothers. Youtube them! They make every day AWESOME.

2. my phone!

I have nothing much to say. I like this. Mine is pink. Yes, pink.
My background is full of awesome, and my phone plays music. And the volume is good.

3. writing poems

i just can't stop. i heard some guy say that he hated poetry, because it means different things to everyone, but i think that the beauty in poetry is exactly that.

4. seussical

it's a musical. it is amazing! right now, i cannot stop listening to the people versus horton the elephant! it is just very catchy and super creative! my school is doing it this year, so yay!

5. the fifth thing that i like, well. i don't think i'll tell you just yet.