Monday, July 28, 2008

reoccuring dreams

Last night, I was texting my friend. I was really tired, because the night before, I had gone to bed late, and then I ended up waking up at eight. So, while I was waiting for a reply, I fell asleep in my bed. How wonderful is that? I woke up at about 9:00AM so I decided to go back to bed. I checked my phone before I went to bed, and I had two text messages from my friend myles, who I fell asleep texting. I texted him back, and then went back to sleep. My dream was intense.
I'd had this dream before, but only when I wake up do I remember that I had previously dreamt it. There is a whole long beginning but I don't remember the whole thing. So after this whole long beginning, I will just tell you that I'm in a beachy(open) hotel, and everyone is in the main hallway thing/lobby for some reason. Some men walk out, and everyone is afraid of them. The room is pretty silent except for their footsteps. I don't know why I was afraid, but in the dream, I had reason to be afraid. They weren't scary like Marlene, but they were scary in a way that made the noise level drop so you could just hear their footsteps.

1. Scary like Marlene
Someone is so ugly, it is almost world famous.

The took one step past me, a family friend of mine, and my mother. We were lying on the ground. I don't really know why. It was a dream, after all. We all breathed a sigh of relief. We were al slightly sighling(sighing and smiling), and then the men take a step back, so that one of them is seriously less than a foot away from me, and they open this small black case that they are holding, but we failed to realize it before. The inside is a velvety royal blue colour, and sitting inside of it, is a silver pistol. The guy who was less than a foot away had it pointed right at my head, and trying not to show any movement, I crossed my fingers on my right hand. I won't tell you what my thought was, but I was like "Okay, I might die now, so I need to distract my mind with something good that could be my last thought." But then a group of females with guns did some gun dance thing behind us, and then the men walked away. After they were out of the room people got up from the floor, and catiously stepped away from the walls. My mom and I stood together, and she said something like "if they take anyone, it won't be me before those people," she points to a lady in a pink shirt with a bunch of jewelry and a shorter woman with a denim hat and a disney world shirt. It was really chaotic, and I saw some guy who I know. I found out earlier that he was on the good side, and all I remember is that he had a watch.

I began quickly pacing down the hall, when I saw my cousin. we were all standing along the walls or under things, all of us trying to hide. I don't understand why standing by the walls would help, but it made sense in the dream. My cousin was taking out his iPod, and I said, "You can't listen to your iPod, you need to be able to hear or else something could happen!" but being the person he was, he just put his headphones in and said "So?".

I then started to run. I wasn't staying at this hotel, I was staying in a motel with a pool, the same one as I stay at in clear lake every year. It was raining really hard, and I just ran, and I kept having to turn corners. I came by tons of places that had a resemblence to my clear lake vacation place, but it wasn't it. I was the only one outside that I could see, and I was fleeing with fear, I had no idea where I could find this place. I came down a sidewalk, the rain had subsided. I wanted to ask someone for help, and then I saw my grade six teacher, but she was drunk or something, and sitting with her friends. She was no help. Some guy who was sitting beside them watched as they refused me help, and he walked up to me. I realized I had my wet hair hanging in my face, and he was in a dry grey suit. He walked me down the sidewalk and said "Let's go take pictures of beautiful things," and I thought that was totally smart, especially for this situation that I was in. ( ??? ) I pointed to a shop window, and said "like that?" He looked at me, shook his head, and said, "No, that isn't beautiful". I thought it was wonderfully beautiful with the draping material hanging everywhere in warm colours.

I woke up after that, and I had two text messages, one from Janine and one from Bev. I've had this dream more than 3 times before, and everytime, at the gunpoint part, I think of the same thing. Not the EXACT same thing, but it is all in the same topic.

Have you ever had any reoccuring weird dreams?

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beverley said...

I've had dreams where I was like: "I've had this dream before" (in the dream), but it was actually the first time I dreamt it.