Friday, July 25, 2008


Stereotyping is a huge deal in the world today. People stereotype others subconsciously, and some know exactly what they are thinking about. Your brain automatically applies stereotypes, if you know it or not. It is an ability built into your brain and you will have it from your birth until your death. Some people say that they do not stereotype, but that is a lie. They might not like to stereotype but they still do it, if they want to or not. I am going to use the book 'That was Then, This is Now" as an example.

In That was Then, This is Now, the guys stereotype the girls. They think that the pretty girls are the only ones worth dating and that the homely ones are not. Throughout the book, Bryon’s stereotyping habit lessens. He still thinks things that he should not be thinking, but he does not agree with some of the things that he thinks about. Bryon compares Cathy to the stereotype of girls and to girls that he had previously dated. He found that Cathy was not like the other girls and that she made the stereotype incorrect. The other guys however, are not like Bryon. In many places in the book they constantly say things about the girls that they are dating; and the ones that they broke up with. They state that girls are hot and the guys call them chicks, and with some research it is has been shown that girls don’t normally like to be called things like that.Cathy does not stereotype as much as most of the people in the book. Since she had not dated many guys, she hadn’t had the experience of the normal dating procedure. As a result, she sees things as they are, and not just in dating, but in life too. When Bryon saw Cathy for the first time in years, he noticed that she had changed and looked different. Before that, he said that she was a gawky girl and that she didn’t really fit in. Now Bryon thinks that she is a beautiful girl and that she might be worth dating. He noticed her looks before her personality, but after a while he saw through the looks and found her true self.
M&M stereotypes people but he does not always let people know it. He probably feels ashamed that he stereotypes, even though it is something built into your brain. However, he does not like to be stereotyped because he feels that it is rude to think that hippies are inferior. He feels that everyone is equal and that no one is better than anybody else. That is true.

Mark stereotyped in a different way than all of the others. The other characters in the book stereotyped in the same way as each other. On the other hand, Mark judges people by how they react to his own actions.
For example, when Bryon found out that Mark was a drug pusher, Bryon freaked out and called the cops. Mark stereotyped Bryon as a snitch and a tattle tale, because from what he saw that might be what it seemed like. Bryon actually was freaking out about it and he did tell on Mark, but that isn’t what Bryon is like all of the time. Most of the time, Bryon is a decent person and he thinks about what others are going to feel like before he does things. But from Mark’s eyes Bryon seemed like a whole new person even though he was the same person inside.
Even though they were barely in the book, the doctor’s attitudes caught my eye. The doctor that treated Mark and Bryon after they got beat up were very aggravated and annoyed with Mark and Bryon. He took one look at the two beat up boys and thought to himself that Mark and Bryon were two naughty boys. They probably also thought that they were possibly poor because they looked dirty and because of the way that they talked. It is true that Mark and Bryon do not like authority, but that doesn’t change that fact that the doctors discriminated against people fighting. Fighting isn’t a good thing, but if someone gets into the hospital because of a fight, the first thing out of the doctor’s mouth should be caring and gentle, not rude and aggressive. The doctors judged Mark and Bryon, and if they had been judged differently they would have been treated differently.

Stereotyping is everywhere. We see it in commercials, books, television shows, movies, and many more things. One is used to the many different forms of stereotyping and is used to stereotyping. Many stereotypes are overused, like being blonde makes you stupid, being a girl makes you unable to play sports, and that mom’s who stay at home clean non-stop. Whenever you eye sees something, your brain automatically stereotypes it. It could be a person, an object, even an outfit. A lot of the time, you do not like what you are thinking. Stereotyping is very useful, but it can also be hurtful. It is just something that you have to live with, but you need to take control over it. Something like stereotyping should never get out of hand.


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