Friday, July 25, 2008

a child?

I have had SO much fun trying to annoy my parents. Okay, well not "annoy" persay, but do fun things that will make them laugh or scoff at my youthful sense of humour.

1. I woke up at seven in the morning, and began to sing, "Every morning when I wake up, I have a new song to sing, my children, Every morning when I wake up, I have a new song to sing" and it was one of my favourite things of the week.

2. I put on Miley Cyrus' "See You Again" and put it as loud as I could, and then I ran around the house dancing and singing the song.

3. I got out of my seat at dinner and got onto the floor and began to swim when my mom told me to go and get water. Not funny, but it was fun.
4. I have laughed and talked in many different myself.

5. I drank out of a glass the wrong way, and then said "I have a drinking problem".
6. I had a conversation with a grain of rice. And got my brother involved. At a restaurant.

7. While out for ice cream, I took my ice cream cone, stuck it on my head(it did stick) and said "I'm a lovely unicorn!". I got some of my friends and cousins to join in, and we were quite a crowd.

8. I say lumos whenever I turn on a light.

I love it.

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beverley said...

amazing! I wish I would have seen the unicorn bit! :)