Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hey babe..

This is me today. Kind of.
I have a vnecked black tee, and white cuffed shorts. I have a silver bangle, but mine has a vintage look to it, and I have teal sunglasses, but they are a bit more blue than those, and look good on me. Haha. I have that cell phone, and I have a bit of that colour eyeshadow on, just because I was bored. I had an apple today. What fun. I haven't gone out today at all, but my purse matches the outfit. I am wearing two necklaces, layered. The first is longer and it has a key, a small chrome heart, some weird crystal looking thing, and two small beads. The next necklace has another key, and a heart charm. The heart charm says I ♥ Jacob. Ha! Take that, Edward obsessed lovers! Haha, just kidding, I am kind of flip flopping..right now I am Switzerland. To add some colour to my outfit, I have a navy blue sequinned headband on, and I couldn't find one on polyvore, so I did the best I could.
Cool beans.
Bev, http://a-bev-blog.blogspot.com is supposed to be coming over, but I have to wait until six. WHHHYYYY?
I am soooooo bloody bored.

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beverley said...

Best Night of My Life.