Friday, July 25, 2008

best day of my life

The day I met my best friend Jenna was a very normal day. It just ended up turning into a huge thing. It was pretty fun, and I think you should know about it. Here is the story.

I walked into the brightly lit classroom with my mom, not knowing that this was going to turn out as the best day of my life. I slowly walked over to one of the many round tables and sat down on a small orange chair. My mom and dad followed closely behind me and stood on either sides of my chair. A pretty woman walked over and shook my parents’ hands. She said hello and to follow her so that she could show my family all of the wonderful things in the classroom.

We walked by the carpeted area that was surrounded by books. Although I loved the Language Arts, I didn’t feel like reading that day. We continued on to the toys section. I could see a couple of boys playing with blocks and two girls sorting shiny silver keys. I recognised one of the boys as my cousin Myles. I waved hello to him and he waved back. I thought about him being the same age as me. Maybe he would be in my class in kindergarten this year.

While I wondered about that, the woman and my mom started to talk. I picked up a few words and it seemed as if they were talking about me. I stood up and tugged on my mom’s arm. She looked down and greeted me. I asked the lady who she was. She laughed a soft, tinkly laugh and told me her name. Her name was Ms. R and she was going to be my kindergarten teacher. She had silky, dark brown hair and she was very smiley. She seemed as if she would make a very good kindergarten teacher. I looked around the classroom. There were about six tables set around half of the room. The other half was filled with games, toys and fun. I asked her to show me some of the activities that I could participate in while my mom and dad talked to her about my kindergarten year.

As she guided me over to the corner with some of the other girls sorting keys, I shook my head. I didn’t want to sort keys with those girls with the nice skirts, or the girl with the purple dress on. It is not that they didn’t look nice, it is just that I didn’t feel like sorting keys. I mean what’s the point? Who actually wants to sort keys in their spare time? I sure didn’t want to. I searched the room for something to do other than play with blocks and sort keys.

I saw a shelf full of picture books. I laughed silently; I was already ahead in the Language Arts. Some titles caught my eye as I scanned the shelf of books. The Two Little Monsters, Love you forever and Monster Stew. At the time, I did not know that The Two Little Monsters would be my favourite book in that classroom. I turned away from the books for a split second and saw a girl wearing a pink headband. She looked a little bit quiet, but had the air of a confident person at the same time. I looked back towards the books. There wasn’t anything that I felt like reading at the moment. I suddenly twisted my head around as I heard Ms. Rosenberg ask if any of us wanted to paint on the other easel with the girl who had just walked in. I raised my hand, not so sure what I was getting into. Ms. R pointed her finger at me and asked what my name was. I told her that my name was Erin, and she exclaimed “Of course!”

I slowly walked over to the art easel and tucked a short strand of my blonde-brown hair behind my ear. It came out right away. I stepped over a random child’s leg that was in the way of my path towards the art easels. I finally reached my destination. I looked at the girl. She had brown curly hair, glasses, and big green eyes. She told me that her name was Jenna. I told her my name and we smiled at each other. We asked each other if we wanted to start painting and we said it at the same time. We both giggled and turned towards the easel. Ms. R handed us an egg carton with each individual cut-out filled with paint. I decided that I would like to paint a big smiley face with rainbow features. I was going to use a lot of red. Ms. R gave us each a fresh sheet of paper and warmly let us begin our paintings.

As I reached over to dip my paintbrush the red paint, the gooey substance almost dripped off of it and onto the floor. Fortunately, it just missed the floor and dropped on my paper instead. Oh well, I thought. At least now I know where my line will go over. The girl named Jenna and I continued to paint. After a few silent and awkward moments we started to talk. We asked each other about our parents and about our paintings. Just as soon as we were starting to have a good time, I reached over to get more red paint. This time it trickled off of the brush, and onto Jenna’s headband. I gasped; maybe she would be mad at me. She looked at me and I looked at her with a worried look on my face. She made a small grin and went back to her painting. A minute later I heard a soft giggle. I looked around and saw that nothing was funny. Then I looked down at my shirt. There was a splotch of green paint on the left sleeve. I started giggling softly, just like Jenna. Soon our giggling turned into laughter. Not a long time after that we were in uncontrollable hysterics. We were laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. We were smiling so much that it hurt. Our faces were so scrunched up that our eyes started to tear. Our parents came over to see what happened. Thankfully, they didn’t notice the red blob on Jenna, or the green splotch on me. They calmed us down however, and we decided to go back to our paintings.

Evidently we weren’t quite over our laughing fit. We weren’t completely done having fun just yet. Moments later, there was orange liquid flying through the air, purple zooming towards Jenna’s painting and blue on the floor. We were at the stage of not being able to talk because we were laughing so much. The funniest thing about it was that the parents had no clue what was going on. They were just sitting there, on those little, orange chairs, not having any idea of what we were doing. For minutes we were throwing paint at each other, all of the colours of the rainbow. There were Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, Purples, Pinks, Browns and Blacks all over our clothes. You could not tell that I was wearing a red t-shirt or that Jenna was wearing a pink headband. We were drenched in paint. It felt good actually. It wasn’t just the paint that felt good, it was the feeling that I had just made a friend. That friend was standing before me covered head to toe in paint.

I knew that the parents had seen us the moment I heard Jenna’s mom exclaim “Oh-no!” and when I saw my mom’s eyes widen. The mom’s rushed over to us hurriedly, and the dads took their time getting up from the tiny chairs.

Our parents starting lecturing us on the importance of respectable behaviour and such. Jenna and I were too busy looking down giggling to listen one hundred percent, but our parents thought that we were looking down in shame. My mom seemed to be really mad, but later I found out what she really thought. She could not believe what we had done. She “couldn’t possibly imagine what possessed us to do such a thing”, and thought that it was sort of funny at the same time. Throughout the whole scheme, my teacher was laughing her head off at us. We made a very good first impression, if I must say.

After we said good bye to everyone there, we went back home. I had to sit on many plastic bags in the car so that I would not get the seat dirty. We drove home in complete silence. Well, other than the sound of the radio, tuned into 99.9 Bob FM. The ride home was full of 80’s music. When the car pulled into the driveway I started to fidget. I was careful not to get the seat dirty as I struggled to undo the seat-belt. Luckily, my dad came and opened the car door that was beside me. He helped me get out and looked amused. I wondered why.

Right as I stepped into the house my mom made me make sure my feet were clean. After many accusations, I was allowed in. I had to go straight into the bathtub, clothes and all. Immediately after I hopped in, the water turned blood red. Then it started to change into a murky brown. After my clothes were washed, I took them off and wrapped myself in a towel. My mom quickly came running. She didn’t want me to use the towel because of my face. I turned towards the mirror and stared in shock. Who was that girl with the smudge of blue underneath her right eye? Who was this girl who had pink paint smeared all over her forehead? I finally knew why my dad looked amused when he let me out of the car. After all, I was funny looking with all of that paint on my face. I recalled the girl who’s name was Jenna. I tried to imagine her face. I suddenly got a clear picture in my mind. She had paint smeared all over her face too. Now I didn’t seem to look so funny, in spite of my painted face. It wasn’t just a painted face though. It was the face of a girl who had just found her best friend. Call me weird, but it seemed as though she was in the mirror, staring back at me. Of course though, she wasn’t. That is just me being silly and making things up. However, a couple of minutes later, in another bathroom mirror, there was a girl. She was staring in the mirror, as if seeing someone else in it.

Okay, I may have made up the mirror thing. It is kind of movie like. But the rest of it is true.

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beverley said...

how do you remember all that?!
all I remember was that we sang the alphabet! haha!
awesome story though!