Sunday, July 27, 2008

don't know? check out.

I have been looking through my iTunes lately and I've realized that I have a lot of...well, random songs. I have all different types of genres, not like some people who just have one certain type of music(which I am surprised about because that is very difficult since there are many different types of music. Actually, now that I think about it, they'd probably have to have at least two different types of music, because even if they just have rap, there are different genres of hip hop type things, like krump and stuff. End bracket) and I love that about myself! Some days I play showtunes, some days I play wizard rock, and some days I play old tunes.

hometown glory-adele
this song is gorgeous, and whenever i listen to it, i can imagine a fantastic contemporary routine going along with it. i think it was on so you think you can dance.
because-across the universe
I like how the harmonies sound in this version more than the beatles'.
like father like son-aida
this song is from the musical 'aida' and it is one of my favourites. I also like my strongest suit.
if i ain't got you-alicia keys
this reminds me of the past. most songs make me think of what's to come.
dirty little secret-all-american rejects
it makes me think of john tucker must die, but it uplifts me, somehow.
poppin' champange-all time low
all i can say is LOVE.
stay my baby-amy diamond
this song makes me happy about my "summer love" that I don't have.
you're never fully dressed without a smile-annie
i love annie.
i could sing of your love forever-audio adrenaline
this makes me happy sad.
seize the day-avenged sevenfold
my friend played me this song one day, and at the time i liked sad songs.
it sucks to be me-avenue q
i can't even describe the awesome quality this song has. whenever someone is having a bad day, we sing this tune.
here comes the sun-the beatles
this song makes me happy, and it was featured in the parent trap, which is one of my favourite films(the lindsay lohan version).
thunder-boys like girls
the line 'your voice was the soundtrack of my summer' is fabulous.
cell block tango-chicago
sing!-a chorus line
this song makes me giggle. i love to sing along to it.
welcome-christina aguilera
she rocks. i saw her in concert. i was amazed.
the girl-city and colour
don't hate me, but city and colour just never interested me much. there was something about the sound that i did not like, but this song is just so good. the lyrics are the reason i like it.
then i woke up-clique girlz
who cares about the band name, this song equals PARTY AT MY HOUSE!
do you love me(now that i can dance)-the contours
this song is funny. i like it.
changes-david bowie
i just love it. there isn't really a reason. the beat, the voice, everything.
ego you-declan galbraith
this kid has a fantastic voice. chills.
my dad is rich-draco and the malfoys
i think that this is my favourite datm song. you should listen.
accident waiting to happen-drowsy chaperone
i like this song and 'show off'. they are amazing, you MUST hear them.
rock your soul-elisa
the title makes it sound like it would be a techno-type dance club song, but it is a brilliant song, and it isn't techno at all. this artist is really good, and i like her song called dancing.
giving him something he can feel-en vogue
i can't explain why i like this. i can't.
that's how you know-enchanted
this song is bloody BRILLIANT.
i'm a hiphop dancer, so these songs just make me want to dance.
8X10-fefe dobson
i saw her in concert, and met her afterwards. she was so nice! i love her music.
matchmaker, matchmaker-fiddler on the roof
this song has something about it, i don't know. i just sing it constantly around the house, and my mother and brother join in sometimes.
almost lover-a fine frenzy
this song is SO sad. it makes me sad. but it is wonderful.
i'm so sick-flyleaf
intense. i LOVE dancing to this.
drama club romance-forever the sickest kids
i don't know why.
like me-girlicious
YES. great for feeling powerful and also, great to dance to.
without love-hairspray
my favourite. i LOVE this song, especially the laryngitis line.
i got nerve-hannah montana
i love her songs. they just brighten up your day! i don't even care what other people say about hating her.(by her i mean miley, but also hannah montana)
stick it to dolores-harry and the potters
the line 'oh my god she looks like a frog' makes me laugh everytime.
invisible cities-hayley sales
this is beautiful.
this is a gorgeous song.
oh, it is love-hellogoodbye
this makes me happy. on some days it makes me sad. but mostly happy.
kiss kiss-holly valance
i heard this song first in hebrew(don't ask) but i just recently heard it in english. i love it.
see what i wanna see-idina menzel
she is amazing!
hide and seek-imogen heap
her music is just amazing.
i want you back-jackson 5
somebody to love-jefferson airplane
there's just something about this.
erin-joanna newsom
this song is...different. but it has my name, so i like it.
the fear you won't fall-joshua radin
a ballad that i enjoy.
damn girl-justin timberlake
the ONLY and i will say again, ONLY, song by him that i like. and only because its a great song to dance to.
i'd rather dance with you-kings of convenience
i hate men-kiss me, kate
this is so funny, i love it.
nerdfighterlike-lauren fairweather
nerdfighters are full of awesome, and so is this song. it is totally jokes.
positive-legally blonde the musical
it is just so uplifting!
LDN-Lily Allen
her music is so different, and I love her sound!
i just can't wait to be king-the lion king
i love the lion king. enough said.
hey juliet-LMNT
this song seriously can make you feel so good.
and she said..-lucas prata
she will be loved-maroon5
i like his voice.
i'm going down-mary j blige
i love to sing this. badly.
tiger lily-matchbook romance
for some reason, love songs make me sad, not happy. i guess i am a hauntingly romantic person.
all about you-mcfly
my friend and i love it.
saftey dance-men without hats
best song ever. hands down. okay, well not really, but it is still pretty darn awesome.
everything-michael buble
his voice is great, and this song is just amazing.
grace kelly-mika
his music is so catchy and this song makes me want to dance.
goodbye-miley cyrus
you should check this song out. it isn't what people think miley cyrus would sing. they think she's the stereotypical pop star, but i just love this song.
katie-missy higgins
this song, and her song 'where i stood' are both lovely.
love will always-moby dick the musical
this song constantly gets stuck in my head. this musical is really unique, and funny. i like the song primitive and a man happens too.
ginny and me-the mudbloods
just listen.
house of wolves-my chemical romance
this song just makes me feel evil.
stop and stare-onerepublic
listen to this. my friend told me to and i love it.
when the day met the night-panic at the disco
i am totally loving their new cd, pretty odd. one song, she had the world, is about me. it must be.
i woke up in love this morning-the partridge family
this television show is amazing. thanks mom.
heartbreaker-pat benetar
i did a jazz dance to this once.
i don't need a man-the pussycat dolls
i HATE 'when i grow up', but this track is enpowering.
everybody needs somebody to love-the real group
this song is soooo chirpy and happy!
what you own-rent
if you haven't seen rent, you are really missing out.
rize score suite-rize
i did a krump routine to this, and it is so good. very intense.
anything's possible-seussical
my school is doing this musical next year, and this is one of my favourite songs from it!
le disko-shiny toy guns
i want a hippopotamus for christmas-shirley temple
i asked for one.
i got this down-simian mobile disco
this is such a dance song.
music is my boyfriend-skye sweetnam
this song is so fun to sing along to.
i'm not afraid of anything-songs for a new world
i'm thinking of using this song as an audition song.
wannabe-spice girls
i used to be a HUGE SG fan.
mama who bore me reprise-spring awakening
one of my favourite musicals. this song is INTENSE. my friends and i sing it a lot.
drama queen-switches
i love songs with the name drama in it, i've noticed.
trashin' the camp-tarzan
tarzan was never my favourite, but i love this one song a ton.
i'd lie-taylor swift
i sing this all the time, and i made a music video to it. i have yet to edit it.
istanbul-they might be giants
this song is so random, and i just love it. i say love a lot.
gimme gimme-thoroughly modern millie
i was thinking of doing this song for an audition. but i'm not sure because i think someone else might be using it. and she ROCKS my toy blocks.
www. girl-toybox
this song is amazing! and on youtube, kristina (italktosnakes) made a video to it, and she is so jokes!
get down hit the floor-twista ft. pitbull
again, a song that i enjoy dancing to.
sunday morning-undertone
this is a cover of maroon 5's sunday morning, and it is a vocal jazz version. i can't explain my undying love for this song.
snuff that girl-urinetown
i was in this, and it was one of the best experiences of my life!
liar liar (burn in hell)-the used
just take a listen.
boom boom boom i want you in my room-venga boys
soul sloshing-venus hum
the music video to this is PRO. and it is a good song for getting ready in the morning.
everything-the veronicas
what is this feeling-wicked
this song is WICKED. pun intended.
ease on down the road-the wiz
oh, good times.
i can make you dance-zapp
a laidback dance beat.

okay, so those are just a few songs from my iTunes that you should check out. Seriously. Do it. I love music. I have a showmance with it, except it is forever playing, so the showmance won't stop. I'm clever.


beverley said...

cool! but wasn't I the one who showed you McFly? if not, then that's weird. I used to be obsessed. I still love them.

erin says: said...

No, I liked mcfly a bit before, but I listened to more of their songs after you showed me their cover to umbrella.