Sunday, July 27, 2008


It is not so much that I don't listen. It is more just like...I don't want to know.
During math class, I pay attention and write down notes, but sometimes I just don't feel the need to listen because I understand it. Sometimes though, I'm not giving all of my body and soul to the board at the front of the room, so I miss a little. My friend always helps me when we get our work, so it is all good.

My math teacher had to go and get surgery. She was gone for about three or four weeks. The sub we got was one of the nicest people ever, and I liked her way of teachhing. That is..
a) until she told us that she was really a man
b) until we found out that we actually had a sub teaching us grade 4 math
c) until trig
d) all of the above

Oh, how I wish I could choose d, all of the above. But, no. It was trig. I just, didn't get it. I mean, I understood most of it, but there was something that I just didn't understand. I don't even want to start thinking about it, I'm too tired and my head will hurt.

My friends offered to help me, but they never got around to it before exam time. Thanks. Just kidding, my friend rock my chalk off of the driveway. One of my friends actually attempted to help me over msn. It didn't work out very well.

Come exam time, I was pretty much prepared for everything, except not trig. But that wasn't the whole exam.

I ended up BOMBING it.

But I still passed the class.