Sunday, January 25, 2009

apology; maybe accepted.

I haven't posted in a week, and that is for a few reasons:
3-Dance Class
4-My Mind

If I don't post now, I'm not sure when the next time this week will be. I have a math exam on Monday, and a Geography exam on Wednesday. I may be having a tea party on Thursday, and then over the weekend I'm going to be pretty busy with rehersals and seeing one of my best friends who I haven't seen in quite some time. Oh, and thank you to everyone so much for the comments! Last post so far has 20 comments, which is the most comments that I've ever received! I really enjoy reading your comments, and all of your blogs, so thank you, again.
Just some quick photos of hair that I wish I could have. Either found on weheartit, or just saved into my picture folder from a while ago.

Do you remember when I said a month ago that my friends Tatiana and Madison had made me a book? Well they actually made me two, and these are pictures of the second one. Isn't it just darling? And don't I look adorable? I wish my hair could be like that!

Hanna Beth. Miss Hanna Beth. If you know of her, you probably know of her as a scene queen. That's not even why I like her style/look. Sometimes her makeup is a bit much, but what else would you expect from a scene queen? We are both close to the same height, and I think that it is cool that she gets modelling jobs and such with her height. My friend Stefanie told me that we look similar..but I'm not too sure about that. We are about 5 years apart too. What do you think(for those of you who know me personally, you probably will know a little bit better)? I'm going to post some pictures of her.


I love the dress that she is wearing to pieces! I just wish I could have it in my closet! I'm not crazy about her shoes, but I like the accessories she's wearing with the dress. And cmon, CUPCAKES!?


The keychains on her phone are INSANE!


This is a more chic, laid-back outfit, and I love her hair, which she also has in the next picture.


I must learn how to do my hair like this! I think that it looks so awesome!


This dress is magical! And her hair is gorgeous there, extensions or not, it doesn't make a difference to me.


This is more classy, and less colourful than what she normally wears. The makeup is neutral too. Oh, and again, her hair is amazing.


I don't have a link to the other pictures from this shoot, sorry, but in other shots you could probably see the dress a bit better. This dress is fabulous, and the headband really adds something. I don't know if she looks like me though.


This makes me smile. I love the shelf in the background!


Her and her friend both just look good. I like Hanna's headband, and normally I'm not a huge fan of those headbands.


I love this picture, and I love her shirt. Her hair looks so cute!

I had a dream sometime this past week, and it included a lot of things. The things that stood out the most was a waterslide, a strange bird, ice cream, a drama teacher and two friends that I have recently befriended. When you dream about being on or seeing a waterslide, it can suggest that you are being swept away by your emotions. It could also mean that you are going with the flow of things without any resistance. When you have a dream that has deformed or odd birds, it can be indicating that you have a unique perspective on romance and love. It can also represent a lack of understanding in 'affairs of the heart'. To see or eat ice cream in a dream represents pleasure and satisfaction in your life. It shows savouring the moment and enjoying it. It also indicates good luck and success in love. Seeing a teacher in a dream can mean that you are seeking advice, or approval. Seeing friends in a dream signifies parts of your personality that you have tried to bash, but are now ready to accept and incorporate into your life. It can also mean that there will be good news. That is a lot of different meanings for a lot of different things. The scary thing is, they actually make sense to my life right now. Does things like that ever happen to you? Freaky.

I should be going now, because I have a lot of studying to do, which really does suck. First, I think I'll get some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and maybe some easy listening music. If any of you have exams, I hope that they go well for you, and me as well.


LITTLE J said...

I dance too! I love the first hairstyle you posted, I wish my hair was still long enough for me to do it like that. Good luck with your exams :)


yay, our book!
uuuuuuuuuuuuh exams.

La Fée said...

Oh so inspiring! I love the first hairstyle, your friend's pink lacy dress, the curls on the girl in the satiny dress, all of it!!

Lilpixie said...

I Love those pictures of hanna beth especially the first one! I love the pics of the rooms that inspire you you have amazing taste in pictures

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love all those photos!
and i was just looking at your last post, which i seemed to miss, and the rooms are all so lovely.

good luck with your exams!

<3 lise

Belle said...

I now have some major hair envy. lol. Good luck on your exams.

Lains said...

Your blog is so bright and sunshiny, I love it! Your playlist also put a smile on my face.

LITTLE J said...

I just re-read what you said about dreams, and I looked up a dream analysis thing. My findings were actually pretty freaky, too. It was all so true.

She's Dressing Up said...

Ahhh love the hair pics, I wish I had long hair now haha!
Hanna Beth is so pretty!

chloe said...

oh my goodness, erin, such an adorable post! isn't it so fun to get tons of comments! you totally deserve it.
i love pics of beautiful hair. mine is long but somehow not long enough. and hannah beth is cute, but i think you're cuter :) judging from those photos of you, you look like you could be a model. are you not tall enough? have you tried?
anyway, love this post. and i would DIE for that pink lacy dress!

Twiggy Mod said...

Alreeeeet beut?

How could you possible want any6 other hair than your own after you told me yours is moss style without effort!!!!

But I adore those plaits int he first pic there beautiful xxx

in company with sparkles said...

I love the adorable sister-like hair braiding of the two girls. What a fun picture idea.
A friend who just got married wore her hair in a style similar to the one you liked of Hanna Beth's. It is worn so effortlessly but looks hard to do!

chloe said...

of course you should do my fashionista tag, erin! i would love if you did!

Anonymous said...

go on erin!study hard!
i love all of those pictures,cant point a finger to my fave
that book is so adorable!

LILY-SAGE said...

the first picture of braids is wonderful! and so is number 4 the braid into the side it.

the book ur friends made is adorable, and i love love hannah beth's pink dress!! i want it! very much so, it is gorgeous.

thank you for ur lovely comment!
Lily <3

LML said...

i want to braid my hair like the first picture!

La Femme Chic said...

The book your friends made is so cute! I love it!
P.S. I've tagged you.

Cory K. said...

love the photos. love the post,
& you have a great blog! (;

jessica said...

that first photo of hanna beth is awesome, i love her entire outfit !

& as if your friends made you a book, that's so cute .


Gloria C. said...

Now I'm jealous too :o
I haven't had a tea party in so long!

You should include these darlings in your tea party!

LITTLE J said...

For obvious reasons, I've given you the Fabulous Blog award. Come and check it out on my new post. :)

Kaila said...

I gave you an award! check out my blog for the details. (:

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love love that cute book! its wonderful :)

Slanelle said...

i love th efirst hair pic, with all the braids!! and i love hanna beth ;)

Tina said...

oh these looks are so so gorgeous!