Sunday, January 4, 2009

had and sappy

Guess what! I got back from my trip a day late because of the weather! The only good thing about that is that I bought a couple of other things on the extra day. I am hoping to post some pictures of the things I bought very soon, if my camera decides to like me again. Before I left to go on my trip, I went to a book store and I saw a really interesting book. I suggest you click this link and check it out.

My Playlist
Goodbye Love-RENT
Number One-Skye Sweetnam
Anyone Else But You-The Moldy Peaches
Sunday Morning-Maroon 5
The Girl-City and Colour
If We Were A Movie- Hannah Montana
Save Your Scissors-City and Colour
Hot Shot-Vive La Fete
I Thought I Saw Your Face Today- She & Him
My New Philosophy-You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

golden skies,
your warmth surrounds me
in such a way
that the air begins to shimmer.

how thrilling it can be
like a foreign tongue
new experiences

i say 'nothing'
i mean 'everything'.

you need to listen
hear the radio,
the cheering of the general public,
the clanking of heartbeats
matching the beat of the drum
almost perfectly.
are you sure?
are you sure you want to keep this up?
are you sure this uniform suits you?

stop to think
stop to blink
stop to plan
stop to dream.
start to think
start to stare
start to plan
start to live.

it's as if you are a different person.
the math added up right.
the graph made sense.
the equations worked out.
why is this such a shock?
a better question would be:
why am i witnessing the shock instead of experiencing it?
have you ever wondered how one can feel so detached to the struggles for one they are so attached to? or, were attached to? it's an interesting concept, isn't it?
does analyzing feelings make one more strong, emotionally? or does it just depend on other things?
nonsense never made as much sense.

His hair was the colour of sand and he grinned as he watched something to do with baseball on the television. He turned to his friend sitting on his left and said something. At that moment, I saw that his nose was straight and not too big or too small. Feature-wise, noses are important to me. His eyes were the colour of mocha, at least it seemed like they were from the table that I was sitting at. He took a bite of his sub and I saw a pickle fall out. Pickles are amazing, so now I KNEW he was amazing. He chewed and looked around and noticed me staring at him. I felt myself turn warm, but I knew I wasn't blushing, because I never turn red. His eyes(mocha, I'm almost sure of it) gazed into mine and we held our eyes together, until he was the first to look away(but I was the first to blink, so it all evens out, right?). He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He checked it and then looked longingly at an empty space in the food court. Why couldn't he be looking at me? Him and his friend(who had a Sioux hat on) looked in the same direction at the same time, but I didn't find that weird, since I noticed his fabulous, angular jawline. His Sioux-hatted friend looked at him and nudged him, and then he took a bite of his sub. Two minutes later, his eyes caught mine and I simply could not look away. He started to clear the table up and him and his friend stood up. His friend looked at me and grinned and then bent down to tie his shoe. They picked up their drinks and walked away. That was my lovely day at the mall. (this is partly fictional)

I was sitting in a big comfy chair in the mall when a voice to my left said, "How do you stay so small?". At first I didn't realize that he was speaking to me, but then I looked up and he was waiting for a reply. I said that I wasn't quite sure, I just am naturally like this. He then went on to talk to me about how his sister is always on a bunch of diets, and she never seemed to eat enough. This guy was probably a middle-aged dude, and I'm still in high school. How old did he think I was? I told him that I eat more than enough(most days) and that in a few minutes my mother and I were going to meet and get a few cookies. The conversation ended soon after, and then when I got up to find my mother, I noticed that he was asleep.

Chloe, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU! It is such an honour that you awarded me both of these fantastic awards! I love your blog!
I am going to give BOTH of these awards to the wonderous, because she totally deserves it!
School starts tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to going back. I hope to make another post very soon including my purchases and such. Oh, and YOU. Thanks.


Haley said...

comment comment comment :)

LML said...

i reallylike all these photos!

love she and him ;)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

well done on the awards!
i lvoe the way you use words and photos together! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your awards ! They are very much deserved. I love this post, because the pictures are fantastic, and I like the story about the guy in the foodcourt, it's very sweet.

Thank you for your comment on mine, I really do think you should do a favourites post. And yeah, I remember when Marianas Trench was big a little while back. I liked them a bit before that time and just recently rediscovered their newer songs.

Hope you are well !

in company with sparkles said...

Thank you =) I like that one too. It's from some lyrics by Relient K - I can't remember which song though!

I love the first picture you posted and the song by the Moldy Peaches. Such a cute song!

chloe said...

another wonderful post, sweetest girl! it made me so happy to award you...

Twiggy Mod said...


You have an amazinggg blog i've deffo fallen for it.

Happy new year sweets.

loves twigs x

Sarah Von said...

Gorgeous photos, lady! And moreover, gorgeous blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I indeed mean you :)that is if you want to do the tag. I usually do that when I pass on tags, because I don't like to leave people out. I just make them to everyone (:

If you'd like to do the tag, then consider yourself tagged :)

BlueRing said...

Hello deary,
I am so very sorry to not be have been able to comment on your other posts, since I have mentioned before, there is a major flood in my life at the current moment. Before however it was more of a homework flood, not it is my vacation time so I was trying to not go on the computer or watch any TV since I did not wish to waste my time in such a way. So, I am truly sorry to not have been able to reply to your comments, which by the way are so very nice.

Hopefully you are not too had or sappy, but more of the normal happy. Truly sad if you were too sad, though conmpletly understandable seeing ashow your break has ended so I can understand that.

What a wonderful posts this is. The little fiction story is just amazing and it had me laughing and giggling, which was ot all that great since I am at the libery on a public computer and probably look like a weirdo whilst doing so.
So where exactly did you get this from? Some other site, a book, magazine, or maybe from the genious imaginitive brain? Where ever it was born in, or found in, it is pretty good anyways. The way they catch her emotions are so right on. She is a pretty funny charcter, and that is for sure.
You said it was half fiction, meaning maybe you can relate to her and have had someone ask you how you stay so small or have met a guy at the mall in such a way. That would be pretty funnym, he first, and awesome to the second maybe.

By the way, your pictures are amazing, and the one with the blue glasses...awesome!
You do indeed deserve those awards, because your blog is pretty cool. Also, seeing as how you are an awesome person too, it adds to the "you deserve this" comment.

Well, I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip, which I totally forgot to "welcome back" you. hehe so...

Pictures posted is a must, which I hope will be the next post.
I will certantly(sp?)finish the tag that Tiffany tagged everyone to do, so I will finish it for both of you.
Nice answers by the way, and though I would love to comment and ramble more, since that is mmy specialty, I cannot because my session is running out.

Have a lovely weak dear.


P.S. the word verification code is Tarfor, which makes me think of whe people say "you're such a tart." It also reminds me, slightly, of Hardfor...that is someplace and I do not know why I know that.

Luna Supernova said...

i discovered your blog only a moment ago. i love your stories, you are amazing.