Thursday, January 15, 2009

two poems

stubble, a happy medium of rough and smooth,
he grazes my shoulder and that's all I require
no purpose, not really.
fascinating myself with the whole of him.
sitting at my vanity, i know about insanity,
this can't be it.
bare, on the outside
exposed, but deserving
do i dare impress?
will he express?
feelings; ruthless.
I always saw this as inconceivable
but now my serene mind has a specific destiny
at least for now.
authentic words, spoken in fifths
we relish in our glory
practically bursting at the seams,
chivalry is blossoming,
frolicking seems natural.
delicate defines all emotion
anxious excitement fills our pulsating veins
could this be it?
the words written down almost a forbidden power
as we speak in fifths and cursive tongues.
Immediately the warmth is replaced with longing,
my acapella mind without one to complete it.
again, I think of my carousel of colours, my whirlwind of a classic orchestra.
do you?
Wincing at a gaunt expression, I'm sitting there again.
sitting at my vanity, I know about insanity,
this can't be it.

Cobalt Crescents
just a gesture.
it's all I need from you to make this illusion of a fool.
sightseeing in Paris
you are calling my name
I can think of very few things that could reduce my juvenile grin.
we sit at a table,
one and a half feet apart,
there's a connection, is there not?
the crescents in your eyes make it impossible to refuse this oasis of panoramic entertainment.
we eat biscotti,
it's 2:35,
at a small estate of obscene tomorrows.
Hesitation creeps up on me and I suppress the urge,
your effortless attempt with a chromatic fashion works great.
just great.
We secretly yearn for frivolous casualties
as we sit, edging closer.
Our charisma and chemistry ricochets all around
Enchanted, as he tells his tales.
we stand to leave,
this stranger with cobalt eyes,
and I gasp.
"tomorrow," is all he says
and I meditate to those words as I walk away,
to morr ow
to morr ow

Those were two poems that I have written(both in geography class, I may add).
please feel free to leave comments with constructive criticism, or any comments at all about them.
Thanks for reading!



uhm i basically love them both.
keep writing in geo, its good stuff.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love them both...they are very good. i wish i could write like that :)

and i can almost swear that i posted a comment on you previous post with the photo shoot...but i wanted to say that i loved them. you look so great in those photos, as you photograph really well.

HALEEEY. said...

the first one isn't about your dad

Anonymous said...

i love them both!
very creative i must say:)
added you to my links,yay
keep up the AMAZINg style,friend!

Twiggy Mod said...

I love them lady cakes ♥

I also cant belive you have just told me you have kate hair, are you trying to make me jealous Erin!?


Anonymous said...

hey Erin!
dont know if youve been tagged already,but here you go
the rules
1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images
2. pick the 4th picture in the folder
3. explain the picture
4. tag 4 people to do the same

thankyou,link buddy!
(how weird was that)

J. Alex said...

That was really great.