Tuesday, January 6, 2009

you give me butterflies and sometimes even dragonflies

if i could fill my world with glittery sugarlumps and dainty china-sets..
if i could colour the stars multicoloured and tie-dye the grassy fields..
if i could bake the most wonderful cupcakes with icing mixed by fairies in small honeysuckle cottages..
if could spread love like peanut butter and never break..
if i could live with lovely woodnymphs in the secrecy of my own home, in the bright fuzzy lights of the city..
would i?
-a poem by me.

I was reading a bunch of blogs and I checked to see if there were any new posts on my friend, Ellie's blog. I read the most recent one and I LOVED her poem. She doesn't get a ton of readers, and I really think that she deserves some comments, so get yourselves over to her blog! http://raindropstoday.blogspot.com/

Those three photos were taken by April Lilly, a photographer from Michigan. I like her photos! They may not show up correctly, and be cut off or something, because my blog does that to photos sometimes. Google her though, she's pretty cool.
There were some questions posted on http://verityamani.blogspot.com/ and I am going to answer them here.
Is there something about yourself or you do that make you feel great?
I love to dance and write. Dancing also releases endorphins, which make me happier.
Something that make you feel slightly smug?
Actually, I don't really know any, to tell the truth.
Something you feel you're great at?
I think I'm pretty good at doing anything I'm passionate about. But only doing it to my best, not other people's standards.
Is there something you're the best at?
Probably not.
Is there something you're the worst at?
Something involving drawing or picking up heavy things.
What do you love about each?
That I can try!
The most wonderful Tiffany at http://thetiffanytree.blogspot.com tagged ME to do a tag, and so I'm very excited to do it! I love getting tagged.
The Rules
1. First, state the rules.
2. State four talents that you happen to possess.
3. State four random facts about yourself.
4. Tag four other bloggers and state why you tagged them.

1. I am pretty good with computers, especially for someone my age. Most people think that they are very good with computers, but in reality, all they do is use facebook, msn, aim, ect. HTML is fun!
2. I guess I'll say dancing as this next one.
3. Talking!
4. Improv? Is that a talent that I posess? If you know me personally, tell me in the comments.

1. I am going to a birthday party today, and I am giving the birthday girl a sponge to 'soak up all of the goodness'.
2. The song on my iTunes that has the most plays is Mama Who Bore Me Reprise from Spring Awakening.
3. I am currently wearing a black and white striped v-neck sweater! It's comfy!
4. My father is on a trip!

Instead of tagging four people, I'm going to tag whoever would like to do this, because it's quite fun!

I am going to be putting a link to my weheartit.com account on the sidebar. I get almost all of the photos I post on here from that site. Have a wonderful day!


BlueRing said...

what a pretty poem that was.
and yes, my week has been pretty wonderful.
hope you are having a onwderful time too.



I really like that poem! like alot :)

Fantabulous Katie said...

I know, isnt HTML fun?? :P
I used to have a piczo site, and it was really high-tec. I might go back to it, considering i had 200 hits a day. Hm.. something to think about.

Great post :)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oooh, i heard HTML is fun. i want to learn it though.

please sir said...

Interesting and great looking photos!