Tuesday, January 13, 2009

city kid

I know that I don't normally put up photos of my face on my blog, I think I have never done that, actually. The thing is, I kind of NEEDED TO. Rae at http://cheapthrillsss.blogspot.com did a photoshoot and I was her model. Doesn't it look like my name could be Svetlana in the first two shots? Rae is such a talented photographer, I felt so privileged that she had asked me to model for her. It was TONS of fun, and I actually really like modelling. Go visit her blog while I go to my first dance class of the night. It will be fun, I promise.
P.S. Now you all know what I look like..ish.


StickyKitten said...

wow~you look great! they came out so good!

Twiggy Mod said...

Oh my golly gosh.

You are amazing. ♥

Margherita. said...

Great pictures. You look great!

HALEEEY. said...

comment. comment. comment.
these are fabuloso.

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous!
do you fancy excahnging links?
let me know,if you want to:)
much love

Anonymous said...

and yeah they are awesome arnt they:)
KICKERS.com and their reduced to twenty pounds(i dont know what that is in dollars!) and if you insert a code
you get twenty percent off!
so yeah if you would like to erm..exchange links..i would



chloe said...

oh wow, you are SO pretty! these pictures are so super freaking cool. i'm jealous you are so photogenic and awesome :)

La Fée said...

stunning :)

Luna Supernova said...

oh wow, that's YOU!? what a supermodel! the first picture is incredible.

Daisy said...

oh em jay ---> omj----> oh my Jonas LoL
Yea ok i didnt even know that was you...even though i've never seen you in my life...this girl... well you look like a high fashion super model... GORGEOUS
U look stunning like...wow
...this is really pretty
btw just found your blog about a day or 2 ago...LOVE it!

Slanelle said...

ur beautiful the photos are great !

CaptainAwesome said...

thats amazing.
you should totally be a nylon model.
raezavel too is pure talent.
awesome model+awesome photographer=awesome pictures