Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I feel like such a bad girl! I have been meaning to post but I haven't been in the right 'mood' to, and some things happened, and now I am leaving to go on a trip tomorrow, and I will be away until Saturday! I had so much to post about! And this needs to be very short and hopefully sweet, because I need to finish packing, and fixing my iPod(it's only a 4GB and all of my music doesn't fit on it so i need to select certain songs).

This is going to be the quickest new years post ever! I also got an award from chloe, the sweetest ever, but I'll write about that in my next post, because I don't want to hurry my mind!

Two Thousand and Eight. I never thought that this would happen, but I actually wasn't single for the entire year! I know! Gasp! The relationships didn't last too long, but it's okay. One of them just recently ended actually, at 11:20AM on the 28th. And no, I actually think that's what time it was. But, enough about that. This was actually a pretty good year. It's weird to think that I was in two different grades this year. Last school year seems so long ago! I don't have any regrets about this year. A girl I met at camp gave me such great advice, and she totally helped me out!

Thanks to Bev(icarryyourheart, a-bev-blog, check her out, her link is in the sidebar) for showing me the Kate Nash song 'Merry Happy'. It's fab and I love it!
I must leave now, father is making me go upstairs and finish packing. I hope you all have the most glittery new years ever filled with as much sparkage as you want, and make sure you stay safe! Oh, and thanks ever so much for all the comments! Sorry for the fact that this post is lacking in generally everything.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

have fun erin, and i hope you have the most wonderful new year ever!



<3 lise

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !! :D:D:D
Everything will be GOOD !!
"dont worry be happy"

Haley said...

hey erin, happy new years (;

beverley said...


Anonymous said...

happy new years!


ZeCapitane said...

Happy belated New Years...