Wednesday, December 24, 2008

harmonic cupcakes and cuddling

First off, I would just like to say that this blog post is going to include a lot of pictures. I got a tag from the great Chloe at, and it is a photo tag. The photo I am doing for that one is somewhere in this post, but I'm also just writing about other photographs that I would like to share.

In my last post, I mentioned something about bleeding. Well, now you will hear the story, and see a few pictures! The photos are small, so it isn't that gross or anything like that. I was recently performing in Seussical The Musical and in the song 'Here On Who' I have to climb down a ladder very quickly, and then go onto the main stage to do the rest of the song. It was probably my sixth or seventh time doing this, and each time I got down I would have a moment where I wave to the people on the other side in the wings, and they would give me a thumbs up or something of the sort. This time around, I went down the ladder and I skipped a few steps, but didn't take notice when I felt like I had scraped my knee, as I had done it that afternoon. I went onto the stage and kept on doing the number, and then when I had a chance to sit down at a part of the song, I saw a..sort of bubble on my knee, and I saw that I had a cut on my knee. There wasn't much I could do because the song wasn't over yet, so when we all stood back up, I quickly wiped the blood on the back of my hand and continued the scene. The song is longer than 5 minutes, and in the fourth minute I was standing downstage and I was singing out to the audience when I felt a warm liquid trickling down my leg. The cut was stinging a bit now, but obviously I just continued with the scene. After the song was over, I walked offstage and when I got there I quickly wiped the blood on the back of my leg where it would be less seen. I had a scene about 15 seconds later, so after doing that and two more songs, I walked offstage and the guy who was playing the Cat in the Hat got me some water and some wonderful girls got me some napkins to wipe my leg up with. After the show, when I got home, I saw that the cut was pretty deep. This only made my fear of heights worse. Below are three photographs of my leg. Aren't my heels just darling?

I really want fairy lights for my bedroom. I don't think I'm going to recieve any as a gift though. Oh well. My doorway looks nice in this photo taken this summer.

I always go on about how I love dancing in the rain, and here is a photo of my wet footprints all over after I had jumped around in the rain. My feet look so small! This was taken a while ago, probably June.

There are only two things to say about this picture, and that is International Music Camp, and emotional.
I went to Washington to go and see the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but I also walked around the State with my friends. I'm the one wearing the yellow top.
Now, for the photo tag.
The rules are :
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store yourpictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
This was actually the fourth picture in my Photo's folder, which is sort of strange, because this was taken a long while ago. I went to a restaurant with three girls, for a sweet sixteen. We ordered nachos for an appetizer, and when they brought it, they also included salsa and sour cream on the side. One of the girls, A, asked the waitress if she could have a lemon and a knife. It gave us all the giggles as the waitress brought back a whole lemon and a knife. A then proceeded to cut up the lemon and dip it in the sour cream. She ate it too. That was a fun night, what with the lemon and sour cream, and putting things in C's drink.
I am going to tag:
Have fun!
Check them out!
I must go now, dearies. I am going to watch RENT this Christmas eve. It really is a fabulous movie, and musical.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the tag, and i hope your leg feels better, dear ! I love rent as well, my school is doing that as our musical this year, I'm quite excited.

Merry Christmas, I hope you get everything you want !

Tatiana Phillips said...


chloe said...

i love this post! so much to read and enjoy <3
and i've given you an award on my blog! for christmas, hehe.
hope you are well, gorgeous girl!

Haley said...

those were my BEAUTIFUL bloody ancient aldo shoe pictures :)

BlueRing said...

Oh so that is what happended, I was afraid it would be more dramatic or well just worse.
Hope the knee heels weel.

Yes your shoes are so very cute. Yellow hells, what wonderful little things to wear. Are they yours or part of the costume?

Anyhoo...hehe your purple toe nails, I like the color. And, I too love to dance in the rain but here it usually thunders pretty badly when it rains so mother gets all freaky about how could I be out there, so I don't for her sake. Also my hair would turn into one huge frizz ball so I avoid rain

Converse are very cool, I just don't like how before they weren't that common or popular and then out of nowhere everyone, preps rappers rockers punks emos goths blonds, everyone started wearing them so I had to get new shoes.
The one that has scribbly gray things and some weird pink with black thing on her leg looks cool.
Also the one with yellow on one side and black stripes and pink on the other side, those are pretty cool.

Oh in the picture of you with your friends, the purple pants are awesome. Love popping out pants.

te-he that is kind of a weird picture, and a weird explanation too. I'm guessing I don't want to know what happend to that girl's drink, right?

Have fun watching RENT. though you prob alreayd did.

well, hae a lovely week.


BlueRing said...

sorry, I hadn't noticed you had commented on my blog. so i reply to your reply. hehe

yes, I guess for you it is nice to have this holdiay so you may catch up, but unlike most of you, I do not get a break, in fact I was doing homework a minute ago. It is very depressing that everyone, my friends included, are off but not me.

mine are usually far from home, like to Europe or South America. Canada and a road trip from Boston to Canada, also included in the lists of recent trips.

No, I have never seen snow. I know, total catastrophe, something unheard of, but sadly it is true. But not for long!hehe

thanks for the comment darling.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh you're such a trouper! I hate when you realise something like that onstage and you have to ignore it but you can't!

ps - I am a Rent freeeaaaaak. You ever see it on Broadway? Amaaaaazing. And I love the film too even though some of my hardcore Rent-fan friends hate it.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oooh that is a lovely tag!

great pictures, especially that of all the converses. hmmm international music camp eh? do you mind giving me the details?
i would love to know more about i myself am a music-lover!

speaking of which, your playlist is AMAZING! it exposed me to the awesome owl city...i love it! so much! to bits!

ok, got a bit carried away there, but hello seattle is like my anthem now...but anyways, i was wondering, do you mind trading links? love the blog and everything else about it!

tell me what you think (and let me know about the music camp)...cya

<3 lise

Mary said...

I love your little ywllow shoes!!! so cute!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

love this post, cool and fun photos! :)