Monday, November 17, 2008

grade 6

This is more of the THOUGHTS folder. The first line of the first post is the best thing I've read all day. is a good site. It tells about Tendons!
SO TODAY I DIDN'T EAT MY SANDWICH. Jenna gave me her pudding and i ate some of her soup.
This is a really dumb writing thing. I have better things to do.
I am going to write somting for the UPPER CASE news.
In my new dance class there is a girl who is such a show off. I thought that she was REALLY nice before but now she isn't As nice.
I like the other pplz tho.
Chantel Has BEEN missing A lot of classes.
She dosent no the new part of our dances.
I really liek our coustumes.
I hope there is friend day cuz i want jenna to see!
This is way later than i expected to finish wirting this.
The girl is actually really nice, but she does show off a bit.
today i got my dance pictures taken.I kept on calling it a photo shoot. My hair was twisted but it wasn't as good as some of the other people's hair. i am going to be dying my hair soon. It will be BLACK! Really.I already dyed it red. it is almost west hawk. So much has happend since i was in grade five. So much has there is a new girl in my class, her name is darya.She is really tall.
Tomorrow i am going to sadies house and i am going to meet her nices and nephews. Sadie read me her diary and it was pretty good. I sweared to never tell it to anyone, so i wont even type any of it here.
i wish i colud see fiddler on the roof.
I also wish that i would become faumous and become a singer and everyone would know me and i would make the world a better place.
If that could happen,

There was more in there about my baba but I'm not going to publish it.
That was grade 6, and now is one post from grade 7. It's pretty..umm..odd.

I havent typed out my thoughts in a long time.
Jenna is now @ _____, and i am @ _____.
I really like my school but... i wish ******* wasn't in my class becasue she thinks that i am rude and mean and she thinks i am mad at her. she even admitted that she didnt like me.
I also wish jenna was in my school. There is a little snag in the sweater though...
I am goning to be getting braces in november and i have to have them on for MORE THAN 2 years.AHHH! i havent even lost all of my baby teeth yet.

The phone rang just a momonet ago and it was the public library and
it was a recording.
I got invited to rossara's b-day party.
Jenna did too. the day we leave her party, the new episode of zoey 101 will be on. i think i am gonna miss it!!! oh no!
Me and jenna want to perfrom on halloween night.
The only problem is, where and how?
I need backup 4 this.

Rude Awakinging: Sometimes i think that i can become famous but sometimes i think i will never be, and dont even really want to be.
What will it be?
I know i can go after my dreams but what is my dream?
You know, if you are famous you will get followed and you can be worth
lots of money. and you can never spend a normal day.

OH MAN. I totally thought that I had a chance of being famous.

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