Monday, November 17, 2008

grade 5

I was looking through my hotmail emails and I came across this one folder that I have with three emails. The folder is entitled THOUGHTS. It's interesting to look back, because I sometimes remember thinking those things, and other times I just read it and go "WHAT?" So, heres some of the emails that I have in there. Some things have been altered so I won't give away where I live and stuff like that.

Winter Camp

Okay,here's the scoop:I want to go to Winter Camp at _____ and Jenna does too.We are going to pretend that we are sisters and trick everyone at camp.Annah and Leah are going again.I don't want Annah in my group but I don't know why.

When we go to wheelies,it will be less crowded so I will be able to skate better.I got a bit better today.

Rude Awakining:Will I ever get better at skating? Probably not.

I got to find out why everyone that goes to camp swims,well,just not as good as other people.

I think that entry was from grade 5. This next one is from grade 5 too, and it's longer and more emotional(ish).

Report Cards

I got a ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzziiiiinnnnggggggggg report card.

I got 1\2 in torah.
At our parent teacher interviews Ms.Hiller gave me my space project Back. I got.....98\100! izn't that good?

Rude Awakening: Why did both of the Jenna's get a higher mark than me? Why does Jenna N think that Jenna S didn't deserve an 100/100,LIKE HER.
I am SOOOO sad about baba. I was cryin' for a long time.
I hate when that happens only the last time it did i wwas 1 1/2 so i didn't understand as much.
Now i only hav 2 grand parents left.
B4 wat i wanted was to look beautiful and have longer hair faster but now that IT has happened(i don't like that word)I would take back wat i said and wished that mi grandparents will die when i die.
I am so sad.
Well who wouldn't be?
Well mi mom said that i am the Apple of her eye beacause i am the oldest and we always used 2 play 2 gether.
We are not sitting Shiva but we are all coming to our house after 4 bagels and stuff.
I bet daddy does too.
Cause he is her daughter.
He has no parents left!
I will go talk to him
I miss her,
It is almost the end of the school year.It has gone by so quickly.
I am SO SAD bout baba but i think that she would like us to remember her by the things that we used to do with her.
I miss having sleepovers at her house.

This next one is about the end of my grade 5 school year, and the title is the place I go in the summer.

______ will be so much fun .But I am wondering about the weather and whether or not sabrina is going to bug me .It's not that i don't like her its just that she bugs me a lot . Help me !!!!

Eventully Sabrina didn't come but guess what??? Jenna met her at humane society camp and made friends.There is about 2 weeks till school and i thought that me,jenna,jenna and Jessica or just Jenna and me could get together and have a little party and make a tradition that we , for now on , will always get together on the day/night before The First Day of school. Mabye some one will help me and phone me over
Write more mext time erin.

The next one was written when I was in grade 6. I am such a strange child.

Well Happy new year! My LAST year @ margerat park.
Rudee Awakining: Y does MRS._____ like illana so much?
I know y. cuz:
Illana is a good student
Illana is liked by ALL of the teachers
She dosen't swear in front of teachers.
She dosen't need to be tutuored by mrs._____
Illana looks perfect, is perfect and even talks like a popular stright A student. Or maybe even a Straight A+ student. lol i CAN'T ever be serious.
Mrs _____ did:
Gave Illana an extra mark in a social studies test.
Uses illana as the example ALL the time!
Dosen't get mad @ her
Gets mad at others
Says mean things like "What grade are you in? Chalkboard isn't a winter word even if you describe how it is" to everyone BUT illana.
Lets illana off easy.
Not for any body else!
Also she once tapped jenna and said: I can see your booby!
I mean who would do that.
She also helps illana in hebrew and lets illana interupt but not morgan,vlad,erin(me),jenna,jessica and myles.
She lets yuri illana and will interupt.But mostly illana,of Course.
I need to write/type more of this journal. Then i will publish it.
...tHeN aGaIn...maybe i will just print it out.
So bye! I need to type on a new topic..dancing!

wow. I remember writing that list out, and then discussing it with everybody. She really was a favourite student. Except shes like, totally awesome.
More soon!

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