Friday, November 14, 2008

i should tell you

I want to just go to sleep.
I'm really tired.
Luckily/Unfortunately, I can't.

It's computer multimedia once again, and after this is Improv. I'm not even IN improv. But I go, nonetheless. I love to watch improv, and I just couldn't be on the team this year. I have so much going on and I didn't want to be baggage to the team. I wish more people understood that I actually have a reason. I do think that I am okay at improv, I don't think that I am bad at it or anything, but I definetely have room to grow. Well, everyone has room to grow, but I have a LOT of room to grow. Don't make jokes about my height. Thanks.

I have a bunch of choral performances coming up, and I have a TON of black clothes to wear. I arranged my closet in such a way that each colour is together. There is surprisingly a LOT of black coloured clothing. I have a bunch of tops, a few dresses, some sweatshirts and hoodies, and then some skirts and pants. Oh, and tights. I don't have a pair of black shoes that are fancy though. I have my new pair of converse(YAY) and a pair of black flats. I also have the CUTEST EVER pair of flip flops. But they are fancyish? I don't really know how to describe them, except I'll just say that they have huge, shiny, black bows on them that make me smile.


I have a lot of dresses in my closet. I don't have much use for them. I wish I went to more fancy party type things. I have this one black and gold dress that I ADORE, but I haven't gotten a chance to wear it in SO long. It still fits me, and the cut is just lovely. Why am I talking about dresses?

So, my fanclub is growing. It's kind of weird to think that I have qualities that people like. And I mean REALLY like. It's a very strange feeling, but I'm all very chill about it. I don't know why I'm so chill. I guess I'm just a chill person.
The snow outside today reminded me of something. Can you guess what?
1. What is sampling rate?
A sampling rate is the number of times, per second, that asample is recorded.
That's the type of stuff that I am currently doing in class. There is still about half an hour left.
Erin Meagan
A Princess in a Fairy Tale

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beverley said...

it's amazing how many good things happen to you that you don't even acknowledge! and yes you are a princess, of course.