Thursday, October 2, 2008

you rock, don't ever change

but i'm happy for you. you're doing the things that you love. and that's all that matters, as long as your living life to it's fullest, and doing something you love.

thanks kristen. you are a dear.

little fights.
little fights started from a simple sentance.
a simple almost 'meaningless' sentance to one person.
it builds.
it builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds.
starting from practically nothing.
it's pretty stupid if you ask me.

If someone makes a small comment, it usually is something that could be taken two ways. For example, somebody saying enough makeup? in a comment on a photograph. It most likely was typed in a joking type of way, but when it is read, it seems like it was just a rude comment. I'm sure that if they heard the person say something out loud that it wouldn't be an issue at all, which is why this is all so ridiculous.

Someone then goes on to bash the person who made that comment, and then it just goes on and on. I personally think that it is dumb to go from a simple comment like the one above, to writing paragraphs about how people are fat and whatnot. I mean, where in the world does that come from? These are actual comments, just altered a bit so that identities aren't spread everywhere.

kay wow. is this all you have to do in life. is sit and comment fucking paragraphs of shit on someones picture. like do you seriously have so few friends and no fucking life that thats all you do in your spare time. like fuck amy go to the gym if you're always this free. like do us all a favor and take the advice!!!. because...we all know you need it. :)

WTF ? are you trying to make me look bad . cause .. i know i didnt start the whole paragraph shit . jess did . like .. yennoh you should shut the fuck up because i dont even talk to you . and me doing something is none of your business . like .. fucking learn how to drop something . and i'll take your fucking advice when you learn how to not be bitch in life . like seriously . learn how to change .

ahahah. amy when will you learn. one, not bitching in life is advice that you should take. and two, you dont need me to make you look bad, you do that all on your own. and quite personally im quite fine with myself without changing, but you on the other hand, well thats a different story.

when are YOU gonna learn ? i left everything and admitted already that what i said in MAY , was rude . and i left everything with your cousin because i dont even know her . and you .. i dont even talk to you and you dont know anything about me anymore . and i dont fucking bitch at people . i know thats your job already . so you should take the advice your trying to give me . okaayy , i know im making myself look bad .. but so are you saying all these other stuff back . well .. if your quite fine with yourself like that .. well than thats good .. i dont care . but if its fine with you being like that .. its fine with me being the way i am . so dont tell me to go to the gym . im perfectly fine of the way i am . so dont tell me to do something .. and i wont tell you to .

seriously caitlyn, thats fucking rude to call someone fat, its not even your business . and seriously , if you don't want people to be commenting bad shit on your pictures, why even bother putting them up? and what do you do ? put on slutty make up and be a whore and start taking pictures of yourself? & yoo, you cant tell someone to do something they don't want to do, amy's perfectly fine the way she is . she's really nice you know , you don't know her that well because right now your being a bitch ass snob . amy's a person who tells things to people straight up, she's honest and you just have to live with it .

good. thats the way i like it. having to hear as little from you as possible!! so good riddance. im glad i had the chance to set you straight.

what the fuck . seriously, tell me HOW you had the chance to set me straight .

i dont see whats slutty about wearing make up or taking pictures of yourself personally and i dont think you do either because you do it to. so dont just randomly try and get into whats going on and then be a fucking hypocrate. like are you guys that fucking dense? and you say its none of my business but where the fuck did you come from. its not really your business either is it? so just stay out of what never involved you.

that goes on for pages.
I barely even know these people, but I'm older than them, and I don't even swear that much. Swearing that much just makes your comments look stupid. I'm not saying anyone is right in this whole shebang, but really. This is just terrible, and stupid. I don't want to talk about it anymore, but I felt like I really needed to put this out and get it out of my system. It is just so bad that people can be so rude over such little things and blow it totally out of proportion.

I am still sick. It's kind of sad. But the good news is, I FINALLY HAD PENNE! You all know that I've been craving it for such a long time, and I finally had it yesterday! They even put in some diced tomatoes. Oh, it was a dream for me. Except that it was real. I have a new mousepad. The old one was so cracked, it's weird to use this new one because it's so slippery compared to what I'm used to.

Oh, and apparently I was the most talked about person after school yesterday. Why am I so popular? Just kidding, because erm..I'm not. I know this one girl who thinks I'm pretty much the best damn thing that she's ever seen, and I'm sorry to say this/break it to her(if she reads this, iunno) or what ever would sound good in this sentance, but I'm not that cool. I mean, I am full of awesome, there's no doubt about that. NERDFIGHTERS FTW! But really, I'm not that awesome compared to all of my friends. They are the awesome ones.

My school got our yearbooks this week. My grade 8 yearbook looks pretty funny compared to this one. I'm not talking about the coverpage or the pages, I'm talking about the comments. In grade 8, I had really short, non-personal comments. All of them were just repeats of the last. This year, I have sincere and funny messages, and they are going to be good for when I look back on my year, because grade 9 was a good year for me. This year is going to be pretty fabulous.

A loved one.

P.S. The title is from Lizzie McGuire(best show ever) and Stephanie wrote that in my yearbook! How cool is she?


beverley said...

LOVED this blog post! haha, that was funny how we just got involved and broke up the fight... man, we should be the peacekeepers or something! :)

Anonymous said...


OMG ERIN , you were the most talked about!!

ANd yes ppl have gotten better at yearbook signing!!