Tuesday, October 7, 2008

best believe the roof off

Today is Tuesday, and I am not going to be at home until about 9:20. I have school until 3:30, and then I have rehersal until 6. Gee, I love rehersals. Yesterday Bev bought some cake for a bunch of us to share! It was actually a pretty good cake. I like to eat, if you haven't gotten used to me mentioning food every blog post. Food and Drinks are not allowed in the computer lab. Anyways, back to my day. After rehersal I have Honour Roll(how did I get on there???) and then I'm going straight from there to my hip hop dance class. Where are you going to eat dinner, you may ask? Well, at school. Before and after rehersal, I shall be snacking on all of my food. I brought a lot. I have a salmon wrap, a chicken burger, grapes(purple AND green), cucumbers, pudding(chocolate), applesauce, trail mix, and water! All that food makes for a fun-filled day! My first class was math. I'm not doing the best on the quizzes and tests, but I'm getting full marks on all of my work. The times that we get the quizzes are always right after we learn what to do(in a lot of people's cases) and I'm never very good at it. Of course, after we finish the quiz, a day or two later, I'm a master skilled divette at the topic we are doing. Why?!

Choir is sounding pretty good. I really want to hear what our songs sound like with the tenors and basses. We are singing His Love Never Fails, Shenandoah, Lacrymosa, and Kom!. We are also working on sight-reading skills. Of course, I sit behind the pole so it blocks my view of the overhead. In Kom! we are supposed to be very happy looking(tehe) and it's fun. I was smiling so much, I just got so giddy that I had to practically choke out my words. Being happy is cool.

You make me feel like a natural woman!

R sang that to me today and it has been stuck in my head ever since. Although, the other song that is stuck in my head isn't much better. You know, Watch How I Do This by KevBlaze. The song is featured in Fred's youtube videos. The lyrics are..different.

I am currently working on an animation where two guys are standing beside a pot of gold(with a rainbow behind them) and then one guy checks his watch and they both talk and blink. It is VERY complex. The guy in the grey says "You stole my girlfriend!" and the other guy checks his watch and says "Well, it's about time..". I'm brilliant beyond brilliant.


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beverley said...

that's SUCH a cool idea. Sounds like a fun day!
and I didn't buy the cake all by myself, though I did help out a lot by providing forks and the tax.