Friday, August 8, 2008

reckless writing and dancing. and alyson.

Sometimes, writing brings things out in you. It can help organize your thoughts, thoughts that you didn't originally realize being there can appear. Everyone has something that makes them feel reckless, and it can seriously be anything. For many people, singing and writing are their outlets. I know some people who face the world through dance, and I'm not sure if I'm like that anymore. I mean sure, I love to dance, that is undeniable. But that feeling of opening up just isn't there with the style of dance that I can bring out. If someone puts on a hip hop song, I can just have to much fun with it. If someone hits play and the song is a lyrical dance type of number, I picture the dance in my head, but I can't bring it out in real life. For a slower dance, I need to get choreography, since I never took any type of ballet. Mostly, in ballet, you learn technique. Technique is something that is very important to have, and I'm sad to say that I do not have any. Actually, that is a lie. I took Jazz/Funk for three years, and I learned technique in that class. It isn't as if I learnt that much though. I mean, in Jazz/Funk, you learn moves to do across the floor that are classic, and you can incorporate them into a dance, like chaines and pas de bourees. It is totally different in hip hop though, because the style doesn't have much that you can reuse. Sure, body rolls, shimmies, sharp movements, but are those malleable?

I know a couple of walks, but the rest are just greatly choreographed sections of material. I once went slowly through a dance, and tried to see if there was any core material, anything derived from something that coud be put under the category of a well known dance move. Hip hop dancing is such a broad genre, so the teacher has more room for personal interpretation, and they can mix different styles, and make up their own moves. Maybe the reason I like hip hop so much is because you can find your own style within the style. I love being able to just let everything out and dance. For me, this is the style of dance that 'hits the spot'.

When people think of the word dance, they usually think of ballet. They think of the stereotypical prissy girl in ballet shoes. That is totally stupid on so many levels. For the record, I know more than a few girls who take or have taken ballet, and all of them are sweet and none of them are prissy, stuck up little princesses. They most likely work insanely hard. But anyways, back to what I was saying before..

When people think about dancing, normally hip hop isn't the first thing to come to mind. That is totally fine with me, that isn't what I'm getting at, not completely anyways. I just want people to think that hip hop if a form of beauty, not just some booty shaking or anything like that. For me, hip hop is empowering, and fun too. I like how you can express your funny or shall I say, random, side through this style of dance. You can be quirky, though, sexy, anything, and everything. I can't seem to stop writing about this, so I guess I have more to say on this topic of dance.

One of my dance idols is Alyson Stoner. You're probably thinking "WHAT? ALYSON STONER? WHAT ABOUT SOMEONE FROM SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, OR A MORE WIDELY KNOWN DANCER?" and you know what? Alyson is a widely known dancer, so shush. She is really like me in so many ways, it's kind of funny. She is a hip hop dancer at heart, but dances other styles as well. She acts, like me, except for me it is in school plays and musicals, and for her, it is in movies. We both like to sing, but aren't fantastic or epic or anything. We are both around the same age(actually just a month apart), and I've always looked up to her. I've always thought that it would be the best experience to teach dance to people in workshops. That would make me feel oh-so very important. She is also just such a bubbly person, and seems really down to earth. I also love her hair, and I'm jealous of her eyes, because mine used to be my best feature, but now they are blah. I also erally want to make videos on youtube, if you didn't already know, because I mention it quite a lot. The neat thing is, Alyson has a youtube channel, and I just recently found that out. I'm not a stalker, gosh! Haha, but seriously. All in all, Alyson is a really cool person, and you should check her out. Read her Wikipedia page or something. Oh, and for all you television watchers out there (pretty much everyone), or actually, anyone on a if you are reading this blog, i'm talking to you. She was in Camp Rock, which you've most likely heard of, or seen. I loved her character in it! You know what? I'd better end this now, because it is currently 3:38 AM. Yes, I know that it doesn't say that on the time stamp thing, but I'll let you in on a little secret. I am sitting in my room right now writing this out in my notebook in cursive. I like writing in handwriting, I think it looks beautiful, displayed on the page like a work of art. Sorry about the bad adjectives that are probably over-used, the paragraph style that is pretty much two long paragraphs. Unless of course I fix it up while I type this out. Wouldn't it be cool if I posted pictures of the original written out version of this?

I watched Girlicious today, and a bunch of songs are stuck in my head. I will be going to bed now. I was texting my friends while I wrote this, and we are planning on getting to bed soon. It is now 3:55. Goodnight readers, may I dream of awesome. Oh, and you too.
P.S. Do I even have readers?

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beverley said...

I am your reader! and Alyson is awesome!