Friday, August 8, 2008

fictional characters

If these following characters were real, I'd want to date them, or just be in love with them. Or have them love me.

Ronald Bilius Weasley
The Harry Potter Series
Oh boy, how should I even start off? Ron is a redhead, and freckly, and tall, and I love that. He can get very defensive sometimes, but I still like that for some reason. Many readers see him as the one of the trio who is pointless, and slows them down. The thing is, all of the characters have faults, and in a way they all slow the group down. Ron is such an awkward character, and he does get jealous easily. But he's had to live with competition his whole life, so don't get all mean. I like him. Hermione, the one he is in love with is such a perfect match for him. She is right for him, but also wrong for him on so many levels. I think that he just has something about him that is so loveable. He has insecurities and he shows them, and I like to see that in a person. Everyone is flawed, so you shouldn't try to hide your flaws. Ron is interesting because he sees himself as being amazing, but at the same time time, he sees himself as the lowest of the low. Ron obviusly knows how to make out (and other things) with girls, or else Lavender wouldn't have stayed around him for a long period of time. Also, there comes the topic of the bok. In book seven, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we see that Ron gets a book with tips and tricks, almost guidlines, for women. He uses tactics that are listed in the book on Hermione. People think that he has no real charm because he is just doing what the book said, but I don't agree. Where else would he pick up knowledge? Everyone picks up bits and pieces of information along the way in their lives, so why can't he apply the things he read in the book to his life? I love to read, and sometimes I will find an analogy of some sort that I agree with, and I carry it with me. I believe a certain thing about love from analyzing my feelings and watching other people, and hearing about their emotions and thoughts. So if he wants to use a book to guide him in his romantic life, then let him. At least he is doing something good. Also, where do you think other guys pick things up? Movies, people around them, books, previous relationships..they didn't just come up with all this stuff by themselves. It's the way they apply it to real life that shows what they are really like.

Another reason I like Ron is because I just love the whole Weasley family. Actually, I don't like Percy all that much. I gained some respect for him in the last book, but I still don't like him all that much. Besides Percy, the Weasley family rocks. Molly is a sweet mother. She is meddling at times, but all in all, she rocks. Especially with her killer line in the huge battle, she totally PWNED! They just all rock. I would think of more reasons Ron is a character that I'd crush on if he were real, but I've been talking about him for quite some time, and you are probably totaly agaisnt everything I said. So I'll end this now. Ron is amazing, and in the movie portrayal of the books, Rupert Grint is a fantastic choice. Both of them mixed together is a wonderful person for me to enjoy.

Oh no! I cannot think of any other character..

"What about a Twilight character?" you might ask. The truth is, I'm not all fan-girly over Eddy here. Jacob is definetly whom I prefer, but I still don't love him. Oh, and to make is clear for all of you, I don't think it should be Jacob and Bella, I think Edward and Bella are much bettter together. What I'm saying when I pick Jacob over Edward is that Jacob is just the one who appeals to me more, no matter how..erm..intense the love scenes can become.

What about Charlie from "The Perks of Being a Wallflower?
I was thinking about that, but if he were real, he just wouldn't appeal to me. I'd want to be his friend, though. There is also other characters from that book, like Patrick, Brad, Bob, and stuff, but I just don't love them, although Patrick is one of my favourites.

What about a character from a book by John Green, like Looking for Alaska, or an Abundance of Katherines?
Well, I don't have a reader-esque crush on Miles AKA Pudge, or the Colonel. None of the characters in An Abundance of Katherines catch my fancy. TOC is an absolute JERK! Hassan just isn't for me, and neither is Colin, except he is a loveable character.

What about Stephen King's books?
None of the characters are jumping out at me, calling to me saying "You had a crush on me, I was gorgeous, remember?" or anything of the sort.

Anyone else?
Seamus Finnigan. Don't ask. Please, don't.


beverley said...

Mike Newton?
and I am a total Harry and Hermione shipper. This sucks.

erin says: said...

Mike Newton=HATE.
no way. never. even jo herself said that was insane

beverley said...

whaaaa? really?
but Harry and Hermione totally had a thing at the beginning!


erin says: said...

No they didn't. They had nothing at the beginning.