Friday, August 8, 2008

so deal

caught up in it all, not knowing what
the right thing is to do
all of this reckless talk, and for what
since it is all just thrown away
at the end of the day
and by day, I don't mean i don't mean in a literal sense.
it's just one of those things
yet again
yet again
with everyone letting other people down
we get to the point where we
are just cigarette stubs, burnt out
on the ground.
no one bothers to pick us up
because we have a possibility of damaging the one who helps us.
we are also mis-trusting the one
who dares to pick us up,
because we have a fear of being thrown away.
away goes the version of our lives that we don't want to forget.
the parts we want to forget..
stick with us.

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beverley said...

and, how did you make your playlist player smaller?