Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's utterly mind-boggling

i've began my notebook full of love. in it i write love letters, poems, lyrics and quotes. maybe even horoscopes or small pictures. who knows? anything that has to do with love. which is a lot. this first picture is the cutest. just in case you didn't get that vibe already.
what do you do when you have bad energy?
i love all of your suggestions for birthday party themes, but keep them coming! i would like tons of options to choose from. they are all fabulous.
these photos are from fuckyeahcutepeople on tumblr. i like cute people. if i weren't short, would i be cute? who knows. reading the script for chicago makes my anticipation level get raised about fifty feet in the air. it's hard to know what to think sometimes.

i painted my nails the other day. they are a light blue colour with snow, glitter, and snowflakes painted on top. i do my nails when i can't sleep.


(do any of you know what that means?)


JOWY said...


One Love,

in company with sparkles said...

Will you be participating in Chicago? Fun =) The chorus has been lovely so far; I was able to keep up and sing through the whole thing the first time which was encouraging. I know I'll learn so much through it!


Antonia said...

thanks girlie!! My hair took years to grow after lots of damage via bleaching, coloring, and flat irons/curling irons. I hardly even brush my hair now lol!! It's very low maintenance now that it's long, which is the opposite of what I thought would happen!!

Phoebe Rose said...

Such cute pics!

Anonymous said...

The notebook is a fantastic idea. Post some pictures of the pages?

Helen said...

i love that last girl's hair!

your private school bff said...

the last girl does not count as cute. if it is who i think it is she is a horrible person. She does not deserve to be on wonderful blog like this

jen said...

The comment above mine is super rude! It's obvios that you don't know that girl, you wrote that you found those pix on fycutepeople!

Anyways I want to see this notebook, gurli!

Gladys Lopez said...

cool images! i think i'll check that website out.
i hope your birthday party turns out great. :)

little shadow said...

Nyawwwwww so cute.
your nails sound fab, btw

LML said...

your nails sounds supercute! post some pics!

Chantelle said...

Hell ya annabel looks adorable!
Have a hotel party!
Bonfire on the beach party.
House party with a hipster theme - think cobrasnake.