Wednesday, April 1, 2009

there's nothing we can do, just wanna be with you

I went on a nice walk today with Beverley(a-bev-blog.blogspot). We walked a fair amount, and we stopped in Walmart! There was so much Hannah Montana merchandise, it was insane! I bought a Hannah Montana guitar shaped hairbrush. I couldn't help myself! I also bought a copy of NYLON magazine, the special anniversary issue! I haven't finished it yet, but I'm hoping to read it tonight after dinner.

Stefanie(accordingtostefanie.blogspot) and I had a photo shoot, and most of the photos in this blog post are from the photo shoot that we had. We both had a lot of fun taking pictures with each other. I felt like a princess standing on top of a giant cookie!

I was reading old journals from the second grade last night. My mother teaches grade two, and she said that my writing was very developed for a child of that age. Remind me in the comments to post some small snippets of what I wrote, because some of it was very funny! I might use the new scanner I got to scan a few of the pages. It is so interesting to read old things that you wrote, and felt. I mentioned food so much in my journal. I haven't changed one bit.

Did anyone see the Hannah Montana movie? If you have, tell me in the comments what you thought..but don't give any of the plot points away! I want to know if it is worth seeing(even though I'll end up seeing it anyways). Or, just leave some movies you think I should see! I love watching movies.

I am in a vocal jazz group at my school, and we are singing the song Everybody Wants Ya by S Club 7. I used to listen to them when I was younger, and I'm ever so happy that we are singing that song in vocal jazz. I want a solo, wish me luck! Even if I don't get one, I'll have tons of fun singing it. You should check it out if you haven't listened to it before.

Someone called me beautiful today. I think that was the first time I've ever blushed in my life. I never turn pink. Ever.

I made a tumblr account, and it is a picture playlist site. I don't know how much I will update it, but I like it! (seeyourvoice.tumblr)
My friends and I wrote a parody of a song and we were going to record it and give it to a certain fabulous Improv team that is going to be going to the CIG(Canadian Improv Games). Unfortunately, the microphone wasn't working with my computer, so we didn't end up doing it. I hope I can find another microphone in the near future.
My friend Tatiana(discoveryourstory.blogspot) went on a trip to Mexico, and she brought me back the most darling bobble head turtles ever. One is named Travis, and the other is named Sienna.

I want this.
Have a good weekend, everybody, and thank you for reading my blog!
P.S. If anyone can guess where my title is from, they get an imaginary cupcake!


beverley said...

OOH! I want that too!

anyways, it is a decent movie if you can tolerate the show! actually, its a lot better than the show, but has a ton of the same humour.

awww, turtles!

in company with sparkles said...

What a fun photo shoot! I like the first one; it was a creative idea.

Anonymous said...

i like your blog! Cute pictures.. ahhhthat big selection of cakes.... mmmm...
wanna trade links?

La Fée said...

all of your outfits are just lovely!

Belle said...

Oh man, Walmart and the overload of Hannah Montana! Shampoo really? The movie wasn't bad, the guy was super hot. I suggest you see it just to stare at him, if nothing else.
ps. I hope you get the solo

in company with sparkles said...

Frame walls really are clever aren't they?! I have a little one, and want to have a nice one in my house someday.

BlueRing said...

Oh what a lovely post, what with all the pretty girly pictures and the end picture was simply splendid though it made me envious of whoever owns that.

Oh and from HSM3, right? The title I mean. It is quite obvious though I have not yet watched it but am dying to.
Is it not funny how some people are emberrassed to admit they want/have/will watch that movie? I for one say it cause its true.

Anyways, your dress is quite lovely my darling. As is the color of your hair.

Oh how nice to be told that you are beautiful. It is such anice thing.
From someone outside my family...I do not recall being told so from someone else. How sad! Oh gosh now that is a sad realization.
I have had people call me pretty but that gets thrown around like an old dish rag from one person to another, whether its true or not so i do not trust it.

Oh and by the way nice playlist. I am very much pleased by it.

Anyways,l have a great day darling.


p.s. the word verification code is brosar which reminds me of some big bear, like the one from Nick and Norah;s Infinite Playlist the special parts.

REread said...

love the last pic of all the teacups

Charlotte Drene said...

You're awful cute.