Tuesday, December 9, 2008

people will surprise you.

STYLE! Sometimes I get compliments on my style, and sometimes I don't. Which I'm completely fine with. I just wear what I feel like. Here are some sets that reflect how I want to dress/how I dress/how you should dress(just kidding, of course).

This set is titled 'fruit cup' and I just love how the red and green pop with the otherwise more 'conservative' colours(except they aren't conservative at all). I also love the flash of animal print in the scarf!

The title of this set is 'the love isn't nearly as equal as i'd have hoped' and I can totally see myself wearing this with my hair straightened and just left down. I like bright colours, and those 3D glasses are a definete fashion staple. I just don't recommend you wear them in class.

The title of this set is 'you don't want to know..trust me" and I like it because I love the colours orange and purple, except those colours don't look so good on me. I have a tank top similar to that one, and I LOVE the clutch so much! Cupcakes are fantastic.

I named this set 'he's a sweet talker..and i'm breakable' and the earrings are adorable! I love food-based clothing and accessories! The shorts make the outfit pop, and the animal print is great! Of course, underclothes are a must, and I just love the colours of the bra and UNDERWEAR. Not panties. Or thong. UNDERWEAR. Yeah.

The title of this set is my name, Erin Meagan, and it is pretty much almost everything I own, or close to that. I own the shirt, and a yellow headband, brown hair extensions, that phone(or at least before it got run over), black bow flats, argyle socks and a kathy van zeeland bag. I wish I had yellow skinny jeans.

This set was dedicated to all of the Nerdfighters, and it is called 'won't you be in nerdfighterlike with me?' and I love so much about it. I love the orange and blues together, and how the colour of the tanktop is in smaller detailing in the skirt. The camera is cool because it is orange.

Who wouldn't want that t-shirt? This set is called 'it was all in your mind' and I just love how everything goes together nicely without looking set up.

I think that's enough for today. I've seen a lot of people do blogs like this and I just thought, why not me? So tell me your fashionista stories in the comments, or in a blog post. I'd love to hear them!
I'll see you on the other side of happy,


Tatiana said...

i LOVE your blog,
thanks for being awesome

Haley said...

i have yellow skinnies :)

Song of Style said...

my fav is the leopard pring cardigan with purple shorts.