Tuesday, December 2, 2008

darling, i'll be yours forever

This is a tagging game thinger and thanks to monstersinminds for tagging me!

Seven Incredibley Random Facts
1-I think the word random is overused, yet I still say it sometimes.
2-I write letters to my friends.
3-I used to avoid hugs as much as possible.
4-Hippos aren't purple.
5-I had a piczo site that I was proud of. www.retro-kiwi.piczo.com
6-McCain Texas Chicken Thin Crust Pizza is really good. Try it.
7-I just ate four cookies.

Six Things That Make Me Really Happy
1-Wearing fun outfits.
2-Re-reading Harry Potter.
4-Dancing in the rain.
5-Getting text messages saying 'Good Morning' and 'Goodnight'.
6-The Parent Trap

I'm going to tag everyone who wants to do this, because I don't want anyone that wants to do this to not get a chance.

Please do me a favour and check this link out! It may take a while to read everything, but it is such an interesting project, I just love to read all of the letters.


READY, SET, GO! said...

I also love dancing in the rain and good morning and goodnight texts. The Parent Trap was my absolute favourite film when I was younger, and I still adore it now.
Your piczo site is really cool! I had one ages ago but mine was absolutely terrible haha xx

TATIANA said...

"7-I just ate four cookies."