Tuesday, December 2, 2008

exaggeration hesitation

Today was all about exaggerating things. I did it at school(the musical) and at dance class. At school I had many laughs as I watched people overexaggerate. I wish I did better. I could have done much more. At dance class, I came in, knowing that since I missed last week, I probably missed learning new choreography, but I didn't. The only new thing we did the week before was make formations. I thought she would have just had empty spaces for where the missing people were, but for some reason she redid the whole formation. I was in the back. Normally I don't mind being in the back. It doesn't bother me, as long as the dance looks good and if we move formations instead of just stay in the same formation the whole time. Well, my dance teacher said that she didn't want to put this one girl in the front(she was missing today) and so she put her in the back. With me. I think that this girl is just fine at dancing, we are all good and bad in different ways. My teacher changed the choreography a bit to suit the formation, each position and angle balancing and things like that. There's one part where we all go into a line, and in my opinion, it is cramped. But, maybe it's because she makes me do a body roll into the line, where I clearly need to take about 3 steps to get to the line of people. She told them to body roll and move backwards, but it doesn't help much. She told me to do this whole other thing, and it looks a bit weird, but whatever. We did our second dance without formations, and we had to exaggerate and clean the whole thing, AGAIN. I am getting it, I just probably look stupid doing it, because I'm small and not curvy, and I was wearing no makeup and leggings. I really need to invest in some true hiphop dance clothes. End rant.
Thanks for all of the comments! I never get many comments, and I just love to read other blogs! If you know of a blog you think I'd like, send me a link or something!

I am excited for New Years. Shopping time! Yay! I need some money though. To see musicals and such. What are you doing this winter holiday season thinger?

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