Wednesday, October 8, 2008

L is for the way you look at me

you need to realize that your 'friends' don't really like you.
you have to find a new pose for your pictures.
you should be a bit nicer to people. maybe they wouldn't be rude to you back.
you are so inspiring to my friends.
you are gorgeous.
you should stop being cool with kids younger than you, and try to achieve something useful.
you type in the most annoying way possible.
you need to turn around your life, before you are permanently stuck.
you need to stop drinking!
you really should stop staring.
you shouldn't be obsessed THAT much with a fictional character.
you are allowed to rant, but don't go bashing your friends.
you should stop being so mean to him.
you should try to stop smoking.
you make me extremely happy.
you have a great life going on right now.
you need to do something to change this whole thing up, because it's kind of ridiculous now.
you are a very sweet person.
you are connected to me.
you and i are both alike in so many ways.
you need to get your act together, man.
you are very unique and special, and don't let anyone make you think differently.
you don't need to change.
you should be mentioned again.
you don't talk to me anymore.
you have your chin up, and i'm jealous.
you have gone through a lot, and you are a strong person.
you are silly.
you are very rude, so show off the inside i know you have!

i didn't want to make the text the same colour as the background.

a bunch of people have done things similar to this, but props to emma anyways.


beverley said...
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beverley said...

I wonder which ones are about me... if any.