Friday, August 1, 2008

twilight tonight

Tonight I am attending the release party for Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I am not the hugest Twilight fan, actually, I am obsessed with Harry Potter, but I want to go to a release party. Every time a Harry Potter book came out, I didn't get to go to any releases. Ever since book four anyways (since my mom read them to me and bought them since I was young). I was either on vacation, or attending some fancy party type thing. Anyways, this is my FIRST EVER release party! It is so exciting! Even if I may not buy the book. I didn't reserve a copy or whatever. But, all in all, it will be a nice experience. For all of you who were wondering (for my imaginary readers of this blog) I am team...
Edward? No.
Jacob? No.
Oh yeah. Even though I have a I ♥ Jacob necklace...
I don't like Edward. I mean, sure sometimes he says EXACTLY the right thing.
I mean sure, sometimes he is described as being gorgeous and all that.
And SURE, the main character is Bella who loves him.
But, that's just the thing!
We are seeing Edward through Bella's perspective, and hearing her thoughts, which merge into ours. Yeah, I know he admits to having flaws, and I don't care. I just don't like him.
That's not saying that I dislike him, but I don't like him.
I also don't like Jacob. I like him a bit better..but not much.
I think that Jasper should be all magical and get Emmett to ditch Rosalie, because Rosalie really wants a human boy and then Emmett and Bella will take off. Oh, and Edward will get a random teenage girl who is a fan of the books.
That is what is going to happen.
Sorry for the spoiler.
Haha, well I'm going to go eat and get ready, so check back for a report on how it was!

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