Saturday, August 2, 2008

breaking dawn release party

Oh man. I love release parties. I love how people can just walk up to you and start talking, and it is totally not weird! When we got there, other people were just starting to get there, so it wasn't that busy yet. We were just looking around and looking at the decorations and stuff that they put up. They had gravestones for everyone, but I only took pictures of three of them.

There was a bunch of things to do. There was mask and jewlery making, tarot readings, a fortune teller, henna tattoos, a food stand with things that had cool titles, ect. I got a rose henna tattoo on the left forearm, and so did the two people who I went with, Bev and Robyn. While we were in line waiting to get our henna tattoos, a girl began to talk to us, and we had a conersation for the fifteen or twenty minutes that we were standing in the line. Earlier, a girl walked up to us and was talking to us. She then told us that there was a contest to win a free book, through text messaging. We all entered, and it was a multiple choice question. We all answered C, which was the correct answer. More about this contest later. At the mask and jewlery making, I made two necklaces and I just took a mask. I didn't want to decorate it. Bev decorated hers, and Robyn did too. There was a board where it said 'Your Wishes For Bella' where you could put sticky notes giving your thoughts to Bella. I will post the picture of what I wrote and of what Bev wrote below.

I went to starbucks and got a drink. On the board where it said "today i recommend" it said Bella's Brew.

We got in line at 11:00, and waited. We sang, we talked, we just hung out. And then Robyn got a text message. The text message said:
Congrats You've WON! Go to the front of the line and show this message

We screamed, and Robyn left us to go to the front of the line. Bev was quite annoyed because she thought that she should have gotten first place in line. Robyn texted us and said that she got a free copy of the book! Lucky! There was a countdown and then two guys came out with some cart all taped up and they cut the tape(while Bev was saying "OH MY GOD THEY ARE CUTTING THE TAPE!!!" as if I couldnt see). They started handing out the books. When Bev got hers, she began sobbing. She was laughing, crying, screaming, the works. My friend Adrianna ran up to me and told me that she had won a tshirt, a free copy of the book, some DVD thing, and a bunch of stickers and pins! I knew two people who won books, it was so awesome! It was a great experience, and I wish I could have gone to other release parties, since this was uber-exciting. Two people said I looked like Bella..?

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beverley said...

best night of my LIFE!