Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i'm tired/it's only 12:46/i want more texts/oh wow, my eyelids are heavy/i want a lollipop/i really should read that book/my dream last night/hard to describe/i'm lying/no/erin, you know you want to be held/just want to be held/just want to be loved/oh that makes sense/you look loveable right now/nice shirt/i love it/yea right/eyelids are heavy/why awake anyways/lollipop/it's not like he'll text or call you/that sucks/it's the truth/shucks/ it's the cold, hard truth/shut up, i know this sucks/yes, it does suck/lollipop yummy, how good/oh, please hold me/i need somebody to love/why you/i've never had anyone/that's pathetic/it's pure/get out of town/what else do i say?/eyelids are heavy/it's not that difficult/if you care a lot/i do/then try/i am trying/oh yeah/i'm not the only one who should do stuff/it's not that hard/why is my cell phone being inactive in the recieving department/i missed the hills/lollipops are good/i miss a lot of people/i know, sweetie, i know.

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beverley said...

this is really cool.